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Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis

Not a very detailed post because I'm exhausted and have to get some shut eye. But here are some random thoughts on tonight's episodes of both shows on SciFi.

Um... wow.  This was a very interesting episode.  First the allure of the sapphire waterfall or whatever it was supposed to be.  Good on Donna for not tagging along this time. She saved herself some trouble. ;)

The chaos ensuing in the beginning when the hostess presented the passengers all their different choices for entertainment gave me a chuckle.

This episode seemed almost like a Twilight Zone episode to me.  Almost like The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (I think that was the title), where the neighbors were all accusing each other of being the aliens that were messing with the town when it turned out none of them were and the aliens just sat back from a distance and watched their paranoia like sport.  Not the same exact concept here but it kind of reminded me of that, if just vaguely.

I kept wondering at first how the being got into that Skye woman, but not as much as I was wondering how it leaped from her into the Doctor.

How brave and selfless of the hostess to sacrifice herself along with Skye in order to free everyone else on board of the torment.  And how sad that, after they realized what she'd done, none of them even knew her name.

Next week's looks quite interesting, especially with Rose coming back.

Oh, Atlantis. It is nice to see you back after all this time.

Michael is being his usual, effervescent self.

I really liked how devoted they all were to rescuing Teyla. It shows how strong their bonds are for one another as a team.

Interesting beginning there. When we saw John having a drink with Teyla and her thanking him for rescuing her, I was like "huh?? Did I miss something?" I thought there was no way it could be that easy after how things were left the end of last season.  Then suddenly Teyla changes to Ford. Ooh.  Okay, so John was hallucinating/dreaming and comes to next to Ronan with all the debris on top of them.

Rodney is hysterical whenever he's thrown into a situation in which he has no experience whatsoever.  When he's left with Teyla and she's in labor, talking about the pain, he brings up the time he had a kidney stone and how painful it was. *g* AND then mentions his CAT had one at the same time...... poor Rodney just rambling away.... *snerk* I love it.

And of course he gets all panicky when the baby starts coming. She asks him to catch the baby! LOL.  I love how excited he gets that he "caught" him and his interaction with the baby was cute.

So, Teyla has, in part, named the baby after John. Aw. :)

Nice little scene between Teyla and Ka'non the father of the baby.  So I assume he didn't give away their position and helped them escape.  Teyla was right to trust him I guess.  I'm not sure what happened to him after that though.  I guess he's still with Michael and his crew?

I knew Sam was on her way out.  Yeah I cheated and read spoilers and con reports from months back so I knew, but I didn't know they'd start with this episode.  I liked her scene with Rodney.  Most people who know me here know that I don't ship them, but I thought it was sweet how he said she did a good job in her command. 

And it seems that this episode takes place right before Continuum since Sam mentions the "thing" with Ba'al (don't want to get too specific so I don't spoil anyone about the movie). 

All in all, a pretty nice episode.  But these are just my thoughts after the initial viewing and I'm pretty tired now so I probably skipped over a bunch of things I wanted to talk about. Maybe my opinion will be modified somewhat after I watch it again.
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