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Puppy!Sam Picspam #45 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone. Sorry I'm a little behind in replying to comments, but my internet was down again yesterday afternoon/evening. :P  Anyway it's Friday and someone is here to help us celebrate...

Episode #3x01: The Magnificent Seven

Over 70 images, so not dial-up friendly.  If some of them look a little weird, it's because I tried to edit out the CW logo.  I think it worked okay for the most part, but just giving you a heads up if some things look a bit strange. In some cases I couldn't edit it out without it looking too messy.  Anyway, you know the drill... if you like any of these, please take.

1. Howdy, Puppy... doing more research?

2. I guess so... wow, Puppy's really engrossed in that book

3. But something catches his attention.  The strains of BTO.... hmm, Dean must be up to no good again ;)

4. Amused!Puppy

5. Puppy is in deep concentration...

6. Puppy wants Bobby's assistance... and wonders if the PuppyEyes(TM) will work over the phone

7. Are they working?

8. Guess not... Puppy looks defeated

9. No, Puppy! Don't you see you're barking up the wrong tree??

10. "Oh, God."  Heh... Puppy feels he is scarred for life now

11. PissedOff!Puppy demands some brain bleach

12. Aw...but he puts his extreme discomfort aside and admits Dean needs a little...recreation.  Good boy, Puppy

13. Confused!Puppy

14. Look! Look!!! PuppyTongue!

15. PUPPYMOP!!! Oh, how we missed thee!

16. *grins insanely and reaches out to pet PuppyMop*

17. D'oh, he's restrained it again.... *pouts* ...  Puppy scopes their surroundings for demonic signs

18. Puppy is a bit grossed out by the conditions they encounter... but still as curious as ever

19. HandsUpAndSpread'Em!Puppy (and Dean... *g*)

20. Again, Puppy is grossed out... but also sad to see a nice little family reduced to a bunch of mummies

21. Hee, Puppy is amused by Isaac and Tamara's antics!

22. Puppy is uncomfortable with the revelation that Dean loves Appletinis... come to think of it, Bobby is too

23. Curious!Puppy

24. Nothin' to see here, folks... just a cute, stray Puppy walking around

25. Concerned!Puppy... he wonders what all the hype is over this "Beauty and the Geek" show that is blocking part of his person

26. *tsk* Dean's flirting on the job again... Puppy is so disappointed in him...

27. Dean wants to know just what Puppy has been doing this whole time.  "Workin'...."  Hee, you tell him, Puppy!

28. And he concentrates the PuppyEyes(TM) on Dean to make him quit fooling around

29. Puppy's dumbfounded.... he's never seen Bobby so spiffy looking

30. Sympathetic!Puppy

31. Thoughtful!Puppy

32. Facial Shrug Alert!

33. Puppy is soooooo bored...

34. Hm, Puppy suspects he is being followed...

35. Could it be another fangirl?

36. He is mildly worried... he remembers the last time a fangirl stalked him...

37. I know it's hard to see, but Puppy is having fun scaring the crap outta Dean again... tee hee, you silly Puppy!

38. Puppy is somewhat concerned that he went overboard with his Dean Scare... and so offers him the PuppyEyes(TM) of apology

39. Aw... the PuppyHair is delightfully mussed and damp from the rain

40. Puppy spots trouble... and he informs Dean and Bobby with the PuppyEyes(TM)

41. Puppy is totally frustrated by Dean's behavior... so it's Bitchface time

42. Tamara is getting on his nerves too, so he offers her a Bitchface as well

43. Dean's arcane pop culture references leave Puppy dumbfounded (and Bobby...and Tamara)

44. And very confused....   see that cute way he cocks his head to the side like most puppies do when they're trying to figure something out? *g*

45. Ah, Puppy is on to something...

46. Interrogation!Puppy

47. Puppy does not feel sorry for Envy at all.... nosireeeee....

48. "Fun?" Heh... Incredulous!Puppy

49. Puppy objects to Dean's suicidal plan... and lets him know via the PuppyEyes(TM)

50. "If we're going down, we're going down together." Awww, Puppy....

51. *pets Puppy*

52. Oh, Puppy hears something... see how his PuppyEars perk up? Well... if we could see them, they would be perking up. *g*

53. Nervous!Puppy

54. Pride, meet Puppy.  He's charming, isn't he?

55. Doesn't look like the charm is helping, so Puppy gives Pride the PuppyEyes(TM) instead

56. Puppy! Noooo!

57. *runs to help him* Ooh, we get some more PuppyMop here...

58. Hm... so Puppy was saved by a fangirl.  This is an interesting development. Usually they like to tie him up and do ... other things to him.

59. Puppy looks endearingly confuzzled... and Yay, more PuppyMop!

60. "Well I just saved yours, too."  Aww... cute Puppy, wanting credit where credit is due

61. Nooo! Puppy's fangirl just vanished! She didn't even give him her name!

62. He is shocked... and saddened! Come here, Puppy. You have lots more fangirls right here!

63. SaltShaker!Puppy..... and more PuppyMop :D

64. Dean taunts Puppy, but he just good-naturedly laughs it off. And wants to rub the fangirling in Dean's face (though Dean himself also had a fangirl visit...)

65. Facial Shrug #2!

66. Puppy can't believe his ears.  "'Nah'?" Hee hee...

67. Puppy doesn't understand... doesn't Dean want his help?

68. Facial Shrug #3!

69. Poor Puppy... he now understands, but that doesn't mean he has to like it

70. And he feels Dean deserves a Bitchface... okay, maybe not so much.  We'll go with a Mini Bitchface

71. One last look at the PuppyEyes(TM) before we drive away!

That's it for today.  See you on Monday when we come back with Confessions of a Puppy Stalker in #3x02: The Kids are Alright.  Have a good weekend everyone.
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