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Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis reviews ... and some other stuff

Last night I wrote up some thoughts about these episodes...  if they're not coherent or anything it's because I was falling asleep (the meds I'm taking right now make me very tired).

First, Dr. Who...

At first I really thought that Donna and The Doctor were in China... but it turns out to be another planet? Just an interesting coincidence that everything look and sounds like China, lol

I thought it was an interesting "what if"/parallel universe type of scenario.  That one little change in events could trigger such different circumstances like a domino effect.  The act of Donna turning right instead of left in her car caused her to never meet The Doctor, and for Earth to be attacked and for the attacks to be successful. All of the attacks the Doctor averted that we'd seen in past episodes were not stopped.

Donna's granddad continues to amuse me to no end.  He was just adorable with the Christmas reindeer antlers and the sing-along when they moved into that "ghetto" with the Italian family. 

Nice seeing Rose again.  I was a little confused ... she is still in the parallel dimension, but I'd guess that hers is suffering the same fate?  I was glad that Donna was able to go back and stop herself from turning right again, thus sparing the world of all that insanity. 

Next week's episode looks very interesting, especially with all the "guests" that will be coming back for it.  I'm looking forward to it.

Now Atlantis...

Is it just me or did this episode seem vaguely reminiscent of SG-1's "Entity"?  Instead of Sam being taken over by some kind of organism/life form and it speaking through her, it's Keller.  And it also seemed a bit reminiscent of SG-1's "Zero Hour", when that plant grew out of control and was literally taking over the base. 

Heh, I thought it was cute that Rodney goes up to the stasis chamber holding Carson and conversing with him, then pretending that he's working on some diagnostics or whatever if anyone catches him. 

Argh, Woolsey starts off being his annoying overly bureaucratic self.  I'm glad that he didn't stop them from breaking any rules when it was called for.  It seemed that he was really starting to think about that at the end, especially about whether he could do this job.

Cute moment when one of the nurses called out to Carson and said "Doctor", and Rodney and Carson both answered in unison.

So how exactly did they get out of this one? Keller suddenly opens her eyes and the organism stops hurting Shep and Ronon?  I assume she suddenly gained control and made the organism stop? 

Why again is Carson going to Earth? I know they found some temporary fix that would stop his DNA from deteriorating but what was he going to Earth for again? He said something about seeing them all again soon, so I'm guessing (and hoping) that he will be back again.

Next week's episode sounds vaguely reminiscent of SG-1's "Enemies", where Teal'c had been captured by Apophis and brainwashed into thinking he was still serving him.  Seems like a similar situation with Ronon.  Hmmmm.....   Of course I won't say for certain til I actually see the ep, but that was the gist I got from the short preview they showed.

And finally other stuff...  They fixed our internet connection yesterday thank goodness.  Everything seems to be working fine which I'm glad for.

I seriously cannot wait until the election season is over here.  I hope none of  the fellow Americans on my flist mind if I abstain from discussing politics because I am just tired of it. I know virtually every one of you has vastly different views than I do (from the political-themed posts I've seen from time to time), and I'm not interested in getting into any arguments.  Maybe I will make a quick post after our election is over but that's it.  I tend to take things way too personally and some things that may not be intended as an attack can come off as one to me and I sometimes get the idea that people who have different views from me and like to argue about them think I'm an enemy.  I'll just say that I respect everyone's views even if I don't agree with them, and I'd expect the same level of respect from my friends.  I don't think that's asking too much and I hope that it isn't.  That's all I'm going to say. 

I hope I haven't pissed any of you off.  *looks around nervously*
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