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Puppy!Sam Picspam #47 (Supernatural)

Here is another tri-weekly dose of

Episode #3x03: Bad Day at Black Rock

Super duper picspam this time. Over 80 images, aka NOT dial-up friendly.  Played with some of the color settings in Photoshop too.  Anything you like? Please take.  There is also a smattering of Dean in these caps. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. Hi, Puppy... Oh, you're busy dithering with Dean.  Okay, we'll come back later...

2. Annoyed!Puppy

3.  Nope, Puppy isn't getting anywhere...

4. Defiant!Puppy

5. Pissy!Puppy glare

6. Confused!Puppy

7.  Puppy is so not in the mood.... Ooh, look at that flicky-outy PuppyHair!

8. Puppy is suspicious

9. Puppy shares his confusion with Dean

10. But he still wants to visit Daddy's secret stash, so he gets out the PuppyEyes(TM)

11.  Puppy lights the way.  Wow, could that PuppyHair possibly be any flicky-outier?

12. Stakeout!Puppy is practicing the PuppyEyes(TM) so he'll be in top form when they confront the thieves who stole Daddy's special box

13. StickUp!Puppy

14. OMGDidIDoThat??Puppy

15. Puppy! Nooooo! Hm, bad guys really have a thing for Puppy's neck, don't they

16. Tsk! How could anyone shoot such a cute puppy?

17. Tee hee... Awkward!Puppy

18. Uh oh, this guy is in for it... here comes the Bitchface

19. Whoa, this turn of events really surprises Puppy

20. See? Awww...

21. Puppy contemplates the sheer efficacy of his new toy (that just happens to be Daddy's old toy)

22. And he begs Dean with the PuppyEyes(TM) to let him keep it

23. Puppy is disappointed that the newfound toy is enabling Dean's gambling habit

24. Facial Shrug alert!

25. Puppy finds another new toy.  Oh look, PuppyMop!! *grin*  Meanwhile, Dean wonders if they should set their DVR to record King Arthur ... if they had a DVR, that is

26. Puppy is thinking that his new toy isn't so great now

27. Puppy is hungry... he wonders if he can use the PuppyEyes(TM) to get a discount on their meal

28. Wow, they worked better than expected! Puppy sure wasn't expecting this!

29. Wheeeee! Puppy is in awe of pretty streamers and confetti!

30. ISoDon'tWannaBeHere!Puppy.  And OMGYAY!Dean. Hee hee...

31, Research!Puppy really wants Dean to share his ice cream

32. See how he really wants it?

33. PuppyDimples!

34. Puppy takes kindly to the helpful waitress... she can't possibly have ulterior motives...

35. Right?

36. The waitress flirted with him! Puppy's feeling pretty good about himself right now

37. Huh, what's that face for, Puppy? See something you like?

38. I guess they both do...

39. OwwieOwwieISpilledHotScaldingCoffeeonMyself!Puppy

40. Whoa, Puppy is suddenly very accident-prone!

41. And it worries him

42. 1.5 seconds till PuppySpill!

43. Pancake!Puppy

44. Ouch... *gets Puppy some Bactine*

45. Awwwww.... *pets Puppy*

46. Puppy, meet lamp

47. CanIComeOutNow?Puppy

48. Poor Puppy... he really needs an actual good luck charm.  Or a cabal of fangirls to follow him everywhere and protect him.  Anyone up for the job?

49. A lil' Puppy just standin' around, minding his own business... surely no mishaps can befall him now

50. *tsk* Spoke too soon.  Hmm, are those Puma sneakers?

51. Oh, Helpless!Puppy - now what has happened to you?

52. *PuppyToes wiggle*  Oh.... man, look at that... how often does that happen?

53. "I lost my shoe"... Awwwwwww, poor Pathetic!Puppy! *hugs him* *buys him a new pair of shoes*

54. Facial Shrug #2!

55. Puppy objects to the insinuation that he's a jinx

56. Dean won't even let Puppy scratch his nose? Puppy finds this highly irregular

57. Itchy nose, Puppy?

58. Guess so.... ah, the power of suggestion

59. *tsk* Just couldn't wait, could you Puppy?

60. Puppy is sooooooo bored...

61. Wow, as if the day couldn't get worse... now Puppy finds that the air conditioner is out to get him

62. Whiny!Puppy ... heehee

63. Fidgety!Puppy realizes he should do something to placate the angry appliance (and I love the music in this scene... I know it's no rock and roll, but for some reason it totally fits to me and makes the scene even funnier... yeah, i'm weird like that *g*)

64. Wow, the air conditioner REALLY hates Puppy... now it's spitting fire at him!

65. Only SmokythePuppy can resolve indoor applicance fires

66. Or not..... Boy, Puppy's had an exhaustive few hours here

67. Whoa, Puppy is HOT... Literally!!  *grabs fire extinguisher*

68. Ohhhh, Puppy.... :(  Well, at least he's not a Crispy!Puppy

69. Aw... Captive!Puppy

70. Puppy is quite dismayed that it isn't a fangirl's doing this time ... unless there is something about Kubrick we don't know about

71. Puppy is not happy to learn that Gordon still wants his head...and that he still apparently finds Puppy's hair evil

72. Poor Puppy... really is not your day, is it

73. Aw... Limp!andWet!Puppy

74. The PuppyEyes(TM) plead for his captors to let him go.  And oh look, the PuppyMop has come to his aid as well!

75. "Look, I don't care what Gordon has told you, my hair is not evil! See?!" He'd gesture to the PuppyMop if he wasn't tied up

76. Aw, look how that helpless little puppy pleas to be set free!

77. The PuppyEyes(TM) really do work better in the presence of the PuppyMop. See? Puppy should take note of this for the future *g*

78. *gazes fondly at the PuppyMop*

79. Not again!! You bad, bad man! Leave the poor little puppy alone!

80. Yay, it's Dean to the rescue! Puppy is impressed by his brother's stroke of luck ... and aim

81. "Right... You're Batman." Heh, deep down Puppy is amused

82. Nice PuppyEyes(TM) here (though sadly he's banished the PuppyMop again...).  Oh look, he's wearing the Meg!Jacket from BUABS!

83. Puppy just wants Dean to burn the evil toy already

84. Noooo, the Waithress-Thief shot Puppy!!

85. OMGYouBitch!Puppy

86. Aww.... *nurses Puppy's shoulder*

87. Puppy smirks through his pain, pleased at the Waitress-Thief's newfound misfortune

88. Though he is strangely amused that she has stolen Dean's precious booty (er... booty as in prizes.. or means of collecting prizes... heh).

Aaaand that's it.  Tune in on Friday for Crusade!Puppy in #3x04: Sin City.  Have a good day everyone. :)
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