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Puppy!Sam Picspam #48 (Supernatural)

A Happy Friday to you all! Here is something to celebrate the weekend...

Episode #3x04: Sin City

Over 70 images, so not dial-up friendly. If you see anything you like, please take.

1. Hiya, Puppy... you're looking good this fine day...

2. Puppy seems excited as he brings news of demonic omens

3. Hee! PuppySmirk... directed at Dean, of course

4. Hm... Nervous!Puppy?

5. "What makes it tick?" Heh, look at that Puppy trying to look innocent as he yanks Bobby's chain

6. Aw... Cute apologizing Puppy

7. Hee hee... Puppy loves it when he and Dean double team Bobby

8. Hey, look, it's InsuranceAgent!Puppy, wearing the same outfit has he did in Something Wicked and Bloodlust! Yay for continuity!

9. Concerned!Puppy

10. Lots of interesting info Puppy has to consider here

11. Puppy finds Richie... interesting

12. Yeah, Puppy! Take it off...take it all off!!!!

13. D'oh, he stopped...   Thoughtful!Puppy

14. Puppy is surprised to see so many ladies of ill repute concentrated in one small area.  It freaks him out...

15. Puppy knows what that means... so he tries to keep a close eye on big brother

16. *Tsk* See what happens when you let him out of your sight for one second, Puppy?

17. teehee... Puppy is such a mother hen!

18. Richie amuses Puppy yet again

19.  "How much is 'forget about it'?" Hee hee... oh, Puppy, you're saying it wrong! It's "fuggeddaboutit"!! *tsk*.. silly boy!

20. Facial Shrug alert!

21. Aw... PuppyDimples!

22. Puppy is so amused by the fact that Dean drinks Hurricanes... and he files it away under the list of stuff he can tease Dean about

23. Whoa! Demonic omen playing itself out right under Puppy's nose!

24.  Ooh, the PuppyEyes(TM) of Suspicion!

25. Puppy can't hide his shock... he and Dean are heroes?!

26. Awkward!Puppy turns on the PuppyCharm

27. Hee hee... could he look any more awkward?

28. Puppy wants to leave.  Now, damnit.

29. And now he really wants to go after General Hammond ... er, Trotter... so he gives Dean the PuppyEyes(TM)

30. Sneakin'Around!Puppy ... he doesn't have time to ponder what Life of Wild is like...

31. Heh... BreakingAndEntering!Puppy snoops around ... and is that some PuppyMop that I see?

32. *gasp* Puppy! Nooooo!

33. Please, Trotter, let the Puppy and his pretty PuppyMop go... *begs*

34. Heh... Puppy means business

35. Hmm, perhaps this wasn't such a good idea, Puppy?

36. "Oh, God..."  Yep, I think he's realized it

37. Yep, Puppy's stepped in it

38. Heehee, look at that goofy PuppySmile!

39. Puppy is a bad dog...

40. But he still hopes the PuppyEyes(TM) will be more effective with the PuppyMop and get Trotter to not press charges

41. One last goofy PuppySmile before he slinks away with his tail between his legs

42. "StupidStupidStupid!"Puppy

43. For some reason, the prostitute is making Pupy nervous

44. Puppy means no offense, but he just wants to be left alone

45. And he's worried about his brother....awwww

46. He hopes that giving her the PuppyEyes(TM) will get her to back off

47. And he also gives the PuppyEyes(TM) to the bartende, hoping to get info on Dean

48. But they're not working! See Puppy what happens when you restrain the PuppyMop?

49. Heh... Peeved!Puppy ... "does everyone around here have their hand out??"

50. Poor Puppy is desperate

51. Ooh, Bitchface time!

52. Puppy usually can't be bribed... but desperate times call for desperate actions

53. Knock knock... Puppy delivery!

54. Puppy uses his keen Puppy senses to determine that something is very, very wrong here

55. Puppy's pissed that the bartender apparently lied to him

56. Poor Puppy... so much is going on and he doesn't know where to start

57. Ah, perhaps the Father can help... Puppy flashes the PuppyEyes(TM) at him

58. He really tries his darnedest with those PuppyEyes(TM)

59. Puppy's dismayed to learn that the Father isn't who he claims to be!

60. Owwie... HoodOrnament!Puppy

61. Badass!Puppy

62. Puppy is just spent after all that happened, but now he has to contend with the Stalking Fangirl again

63. Puppy's not too happy about what he did...

64. Sarcastic!Puppy

65. *pets Puppy*

66. A little more Bitchface, perhaps? Puppy's just about had it with the Stalker Fangirl

67. He's giving her the PuppyEyes(TM) of Shame

68. Puppy is at a loss for words

69. Defiant!Puppy sets his jaw and juts his chin up

70. ... and he challenges her with the PuppyEyes(TM) again

71. Puppy is worried about his future... aww don't worry, Puppy. We'll protect you!

And that's all for today. Back again on Monday with FaerieTaleTheatre!Puppy in #3x05: Bedtime Stories. Have a great weekend, everyone. :)
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