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Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis episode reviews

Just some quick thoughts on both shows as I'm exhausted and going to hit the hay soon...

Wow, you guys who'd seen it previously and posted about it here on LJ weren't kidding with your "OMG"'s. 

I stayed away from spoilers and I have to say my jaw dropped at the end.  Wow.

But first... It was so cool seeing everyone again. The Torchwood gang (esp. Captain Jack and Ianto), Sarah Jane and Luke, Martha and her mother, Rose ... and even Harriet Jones. Wow.

Maybe I need to watch this one again but what exactly was going on? The planets were being stolen by... who again? Was it the Daleks? I know they were preparing to take Earth over.  I loved how Donna's granddad attempted to shoot one of them with bazooka thingy.  Was that an egg he shot at the Dalek? Too funny... esp. the way the Dalek proclaimed that his vision hadn't been affected, only to have his head blown off by Rose.

I liked how everyone was trying to contact the Doctor and how Harriet Jones established a connection between them all (and loved how they all said - even the Daleks - "we know who you are"... *snicker*).  Shame that she had to lose her life, but it was in sacrifice for the planet.  Poor Rose felt left out when she wasn't able to get connected to them, and especially to the Doctor.  I like when she asked Donna's mother if they had a webcam and granddad replied that he's not allowed one. LOL.

Huge OMG when the Dalek shot the Doctor, especially as he's about to be reunited with Rose.  Glad that Jack took care of that nasty little bastard.  But the Doctor has started regenerating now.  I'm assuming this is going to stretch into the series finale, yes?  I'm really looking forward to seeing that and I'm glad that SciFi is showing the full version of it.

So that's about it as far as my thoughts are concern. I'm sure I have more hidden in there someplace but I'm too tired to think very coherently.  If I remember anything else I'll edit this, lol

Okay, let' s get right down to it. 

Did anyone else think that this ep seemed ... oh, vaguely reminiscent of SG-1's Exodus/Enemies/Threshold arc?  In which Teal'c is captured by Apophis and brainwashed into thinking he's still on Poppy's side and against SG-1?  Not that they copied the whole premise word for word, but I couldn't help noticing similarities in the general idea.

Starting off the episode with Teyla and Ronon walking through the forest.  Some nice interaction between them until Ronon gets captured by .... Tyre.

So Tyre has an arrangement with the Wraith?

I'm liking how Woolsey is fitting into Atlantis.  I liked his scene with Teyla regarding her deciding whether to return to active duty or not.  She asks him if he has children and he replies no, but he had a Yorkie ... who ended up going to his wife when they got divorced.  Aw.  Very nice that he says he doesn't empathize with Teyla's situation, but he sympathizes.  I also liked his interaction with Teyla's baby boy when she suddenly handed him off to him and headed for the cafeteria.  How cute.

Teyla and Shep discuss her decision to return to the team.  Noticed some tension there, especially when she asked him why he didn't tell her they were going after Ronon.

In the scene between Teyla and Ka'nan, she expresses doubts about returning to active duty because she's worried something could happen to her and her son could grow up without a mother.  I liked how Ka'nan convinced her that she would be defending everyone including her son.  Nice scene.

Tyre realizes the Wraith duped him into thinking he was getting a reward. Perhaps the Wraith aren't so good after all, eh?  I had a hard time trusting him at first after the enzyme disappeared from his body and he insisted on going with them to show them where Ronon was being held. 

Our intrepid team confronting the Wraith and Ronon reminded me of when SG-1 found Teal'c and realized he'd been brainwashed.  Although Ronon's recovery was much less complex than Teal'c's was, of course.  And when they were watching Ronon going through the withdrawal, you could see by the looks on their faces how they felt ... nice concern coming from all his teammates.

Rodney and his Archimedes spiel.  And then we see him at the end of the episode having a bubble bath while reaching for his computer. Heh.

So looks like Ronon is back and himself again.  Funny when he was in the isolation room and Rodney was babbling away, then told him he'd hit him if he didn't let him go and get him some food.  Yeah, back to his old self again.

And Teyla ends up returning to active duty as well.

So, apart from the fact that this ep seemed eerily familiar to the SG-1 arc I mentioned, I thought this was a pretty good episode.

Exhausted.... falling asleep... need to go to bed now. :P Have a good night everyone.
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