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Puppy!Sam Picspam #50 (Supernatural)

Wow, I can't believe this is #50 already... anyway, Happy Hump Day everyone :)

Episode #3x06: Red Sky at Morning

Despite the fact that poor Sam didn't have much to do (or much of anything *interesting* to do) in this episode, I still managed to get more than 70 pics.  So no, definitely not dial-up friendly. As before please take if you see anything you like. And there is also some Dean for your viewing pleasure. *g*

1. Hi, Puppy.  Oh, you've got that "yeah I'm trying so hard to look confused, but I'm really not and I've got something to hide" face ...

2. Oh yeah, he really is trying hard to appear clueless

3. Heh... not working is it? Dean suspects something

4. He hopes Dean will forget about it. One flash of the PuppyEyes(TM) should do the trick

5. Facial Shrug alert!

6. *tsk* looks like the PuppyEyes(TM) didn't work.  It's Busted!Puppy

7. Sorry, Puppy... you're gonna have to share now

8. Aw, Sad!Puppy

9. Turns into TickedOff!Puppy

10. Detective!Puppy offers his condolences with the PuppyEyes(TM)

11. "*Mizz* Case..."  Heh... Awkward!Puppy

12. More sympathetic PuppyEyes(TM)

13. Surprised!Puppy

14. Curious!Puppy

15. Hm... Mizz Case seems to have taken a liking to Puppy...

16. And that makes him uncomfortable...

17. ... Reeeeeeeally uncomfortable...

18. "Dean! Help!!!" scream the PuppyEyes(TM)

19. Puppy wants to go walkies... and appreciates the scenery

20. Aw... DelightfullyAmused!Puppy

21. Puppy is on the scent, hunting for Dean's baby ... but sadly he comes up empty

22. Puppy gives Dean a much-needed helping hand

23. What a good, loyal Puppy!

24. Oh... they find the culprit. And Puppy gives her the Bitchface

25. Sarcastic PuppySmirk for the MeanieThief

26. Bitchface Round 2!

27. "You SHOT me!" Aw, Puppy... heh

28. Bitchface with added smirk!

29. Concerned!Puppy ... hey, he's wearing the Something Wicked/Bloodlust suit again! :D

30. Puppy disapproves

31. Hm, what's got Puppy so amused?    .... hey, PuppyHoodie is back!  *squees*

32. Here he uses the PuppyEyes(TM) to make Peter understand he is in danger

33. With the touch of a hand, Puppy tries to heal the poor man ... with those healing PuppyPowers of his...

34. Alas, he is too late

35. And now he is sad.  Awww.... *pets Puppy*

36. Hm, Puppy is curious again.   Oh look, he's wearing the Madison!Shirt from Heart!

37. Oh, MeanieThief is back.  Puppy brings out the Bitchface again

38. Puppy is just shocked... MeanieThief wants to HELP them???

39. Aw, Puppy looks so prim and proper ... but nervous. And with good reason ;)

40. Nope, Escort!Puppy aint too happy with these arrangements

41. And he lets Dean know with the Bitchface

42. And the PuppyEyes(TM)... and the ForeheadCrinkles

43. Ooooh... you can just tell that Puppy is gonna get Dean for this... probably will embed porcupine quills in the Impala's driver seat...

44. Puppy gets no kick from champagne ... but considering the circumstances this evening...

45. ... why not?

46. Drink to forget, eh, Puppy?

47. Oh, yes... MOST definitely.

48. Poor, uncomfortable Puppy...he really needs to be saved. Anyone wanna help me?

49. Whoa!! Gert's got spirit in her, doesn't she!

50. Puppy is busy wondering how soon he can file a sexual harassment case

51. And now he is wondering if he could possibly get more repulsed

52. "Eeeewwwwwww, Old Lady Breath!"

53. He tries to tell her in the nicest possible way to back off.... til she gives him an interesting, case-related tidbit

54. Puppy's bowtie is chafing him

55. Puppy really hopes the sexual harassment he received wasn't for nothing

56. He emphasizes this point with the PuppyEyes(TM)

57. Puppy really wants the pretty, antique glass bottle ... I mean, Nooooooo! Duped again!

58. Slack-Jawed!Puppy

59. MeanieThief returneth.... time for the Puppy Glare of Death!

60. Smug!Puppy

61. Seance!Puppy can't help noticing those ominous storm clouds...

62. Aw, he uses the PuppyHoodie for protection from the rain!

63. Brave!Puppy continues the summoning ritual in the torrential rain... look at that PuppyHair getting damp

64. Aw, the PuppyMop is getting soaked!

65. Poor Puppy is going to turn into a drowned rat if he doesn't be careful

66. Hm...looks like Puppy has forgotten about the rain for a moment and stares in awe at the dithering spirits

67. Puppy really hates baths...and being out in the rain is like one big bath.  *hands Puppy towel and blowdryer*

68. Whoa, Puppy's never seen this much money before! He contemplates the number of Puppy Treats he could buy with it

69. PuppyDimple! And look, he's wearing the sweater from Heart too :D

70. Hm, Puppy really seems down... anyone wanna help me cheer him up?

72. Puppy has just had it with Dean's glib attitude

73. Puppy is stumped... he really can't figure Dean out

74. Poor incredulous Puppy .... *pets him*

That's it for today.  On Friday we'll see Puppy the Vampire Slayer in #3x07: Fresh Blood.  Have a good day everyone. :)
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