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Stargate Continuum: My Review ... Thingy

So I haven't actually had the chance to purchase the DVD yet. Hoping I can skip down to Best Buy after work. But I have already seen it anyway and thought I'd offer up my review, for what it's worth.  Warning: As I am a Sam/Daniel shipper there may be some slight comments resembling ship, though I tried to keep them as friendship as I am primarily a friendshipper onscreen.

I'll come right out with it.

I enjoyed this movie. 

After what I'd seen of Ark of Truth, I didn't have very high expectations for this one.  I did think I would enjoy it more because RDA was going to be in it, and Brad Wright had said it was more "classic Stargate", but I guess watching season 10 has taught me to keep my expectations on the low side.

Overall I was not disappointed.

I actually wrote up my thoughts as I was watching it, and expanded upon them a bit later on.  So I'm trying to gather them into a review as best I can.

I don't know if it was just me but it seemed that they kind of dialed Vala back for this movie.  She wasn't overly silly, didn't have any pigtails...  it was nice to see her a bit more serious.  I'd assume the subject of goa'uld extraction is a serious one for her considering she'd been through it herself with Qetesh.  I liked the looks she shared with Cam.

I enjoyed Daniel's interaction with Jack. I've really missed that. And I loved how, when Jack got shot, it wasn't just Sam who went over to him, but Daniel as well.  They both looked upset.  I know Jack told Sam to go and she replied "not without you", and I know S/J shippers (w/apologies to those who are on my flist...not trying to knock you or anything - just giving my honest assessment here) probably see that as proof of the ship. But IMHO Daniel looked just as worried.  I guess anyone can see it whichever way they want. But I personally didn't see it as shippy. Not looking for any arguments or anything, please.

I loved seeing Daniel dial the gate like he used to.  They've used ships so many times in the most recent eps that I'd almost forgotten what it was like to see him dial it. ;) 

Some nice bits of "explorer Daniel" looking around the ship/sub they found themselves on.  I did notice that Sam and Daniel crouched down together after Cam threw the grenade. Oh, the possibilities. *grin*

Poor Daniel with the frostbite.  I really did feel bad for him.  I liked the concern Sam showed.  You could tell she and Cam really wanted to help him but Daniel insisted they leave, because the sooner they go and find help, the sooner they can come back for him.  I noticed Sam's voice caught when she uttered his name for the second time.  Daniel's "Bye" in reply shows how much distress he's in.  I've never had frostbite but I've reacted in similar ways when I've gotten injured (like the time I sprained my ankle a few years back... sorry, getting off topic...*g*). 

Daniel said, "Oh, SHIT."  Heh.  Yes, this definitely would not fly if it was on the SciFi channel.

When Sam and Cam were walking around in the ice, I didn't notice anything shippy between them. Their conversation seemed like one I'd expect between early season Sam and Jack.  Just my opinion of course. YMMV.

I noticed Sam grinning ear to ear when they found Jack, and I started grinning myself when he pretty much showed no interest in her. Heh.  I have to admit, I like this Colonel O'Neill a bit better than the General O'Neill we'd seen earlier.  As great as it is seeing Jack, the General version seemed a little too quip-happy for my liking.  I guess the secret to keeping the essence of Jack in its entirety is to leave him as a Colonel. LOL. 

I loved Sam and Cam's reunion with Daniel on board the sub.  I loved the smile on Sam's face and the way she went right over to Daniel. I loved how she reached out and touched his arm. *squee*

Loved Jack's "are there any more of you I should know about?" Loved the way he persisted in calling Sam an astronaut.  Loved Daniel's "in our reality I'm the closest thing you have to a best friend."  Loved that Jack said "my kid is just fine." So I'm assuming Charlie didn't die.  And I'm assuming (probably more like wishful thinking, but there is a possibility I think) that he is still with Sara.

I loved the fact that Daniel didn't seem bored or rolling his eyes when Sam tried to explain what's happened to them.  Maybe I am a little harsh, but I still keep thinking of that scene from Ripple Effect when Sam was explaining to Landry how to get the AU teams home, with Cam and Landry both looking confused and Daniel kind of rolling his eyes and shaking his head.  I liked how Daniel actually defended Sam when Jack found all of this to be nonsense.

The "interrogation" scene, where Sam, Daniel and Cam are questioned individually but we see them overlapping on the screen, was pretty good.  You can tell they were taking advantage of the fact that they were going straight to DVD. I mean ...

Daniel (to questioner): Seriously, who would make this shit up??

Sam (to questioner): I don't give a rat's ass....


Have to say this is an interesting timeline they've found themselves in.  Sam was killed, Cam apparently doesn't exist, Daniel is supposed to be in Egypt.  They all looked so sad when Landry told them they'd have to be separated and moved to different parts of the country, never to speak about what they do or to each other, etc.

And since I still haven't seen this on a big(ger) screen, I still don't know if this actually happened, but...  The wide shot right as Lanry walks out, before the scene cut to an airplane taking off, I could have sworn I saw either Daniel take Sam's hand, or Sam take his hand.  Can someone confirm or disprove this for me? It'd be nice if it does happen, and not just from a shippy POV, but from a friendship one as well.  These guys have known each other for so long, you'd think they'd be upset that they could never talk to or associate with each other again.

Sad seeing Daniel with the missing leg, but it looks like he is trying to carry on as best as he can, which was always a defining trait for him.

Seeing Sam with glasses reminded me of her Moebius counterpart, only with long hair. *g* I suppose S/J shippers can take the bit where she picks up the box of Froot Loops at the supermarket as ship, but I personally don't. However, please feel free to enjoy your ship as you see fit, and I will enjoy mine. *smiles*

I liked the scene where Daniel picks up the book that was written by "himself." I loved his smile as he was leafing through the book. And I have to say, the pic of "him" on the back cover looked just like the AU Daniel from Moebius but with short hair (looked like he was wearing the same glasses).  The scene where he calls "himself" and tries to offer words of encouragement I found quite poignant.  It almost reminded me of early season Daniel - I could totally see him doing that.  And the "other" Daniel hanging up on him ... heh, poor guy.

I found the scene where Cam went back home a little odd.  I didn't think the guy who was there would just let him into the house, even if he said he knows them.  But who knows, maybe the guy is just very trusting, or thinks Cam bears enough resemblance...

I loved how Sam called Daniel when she saw the gliders in the air.  It's so hard for me to think that they went all that time without calling each other. She obviously has his phone number.  I loved Daniel's reaction when he got the call from her, his "I was just thinking about you guys." Which I guess would indicate that they hadn't spoken in a while, but still, maybe it wasn't the whole time.

I LOVED all the Goa'uld System Lord appearances! Call me old-fashioned, but I loved the Goa'uld and felt so bad that they were all done away with in season 8 (except for Ba'al).  Apophis, Nirrti, Cronus, Camulus, Yu ...   I even loved how CB played Qetesh.  She had some great scenes not only with Ba'al, but with Teal'c as his First Prime.

Nice seeing Hayes again.  I liked seeing him in The Lost City.  I noticed Daniel was channeling Jack a bit with his "Death...slavery... more slavery, more death" line. But with him knowing and hanging around Jack for so long, it's to be expected, eh?  But he didn't overdo it in this movie.  There were times in S9 and 10 where I found it to be a little OTT and I thought part of  the reason was that Jack was gone and they had to inject his humor into someone else.  But what we saw of it here in Daniel wasn't too bad at all.

I almost broke down in tears when I saw DSD. :(  Especially this exchange:

Sam: Sir, it's good to see you again.
Hammond: If you say so.

RIP Don. :(

I liked how Teal'c was still committed to the freedom of his people, even in this timeline.  It proves it's a real cornerstone of his character.

When Sam was explaining how they could get back to their timeline, I was glad (as I said before) that Daniel didn't look bored or cut her off.  I noticed it was actually Cam who cut her off which would make sense given he's a military guy and just wants the answer point blank - not some rambling explanation.  I also liked how Daniel caught on to what she was saying and brought up solar flares.  It reminded me of their exchange in the cartouche room back in COTG. *grin*

The scene where they got shot reminded me of the similar scene from 2010 where they were trying to get that message back to their earlier selves. Especially in the way it was filmed.

Some smoldering scenery featuring Qetesh and Teal'c. To wit: "Teal'c, you are the most... stubborn... Jaffa I have ever known." Gotta say that was sizzling.  Though Teal'c manages to put one over on her anyway.

I was a bit confused at first as to what was going on with Cam.  So, he went back to 1929, waited ten years for Ba'al and his guards to come through the gate on the ship (which would make sense given the beard he has), and stopped them from their nefarious plans.

Then we go back to the extraction ceremony.  I noticed Jack inviting everyone to lunch or drinks, or something like that?  Vala says she'd like to stay behind and help Ba'al's host through this (hmm, Vala/Ba'al's Host 'ship? *grin*).  Daniel gets in a dig about her with, "he's in for an interesting afternoon." Hah!

I liked the final scene.  I think it was just enough to have it between Daniel, Teal'c and Cam, considering they had been the most involved (so to speak) in the alternate timeline. I mean, Daniel lost the leg, Teal'c was Ba'al's First Prime and wanted freedom for his people, and Cam ended up stopping Ba'al in 1939.

Interesting that it seems that the subtle change in the timeline comes down to a picture on Cam's locker of him with his grandfather in 1939.  I was kind of confused about this at first.  If Cam was around 40 years old in our time, went back to 1929, then aged 10 years to 1939, he'd be around 50 at that time.  So if he was 50 in 1939, he would have been around 90 in 1979, and well over 100 in our time. So he would have died anyway.  But would he have been around when his grandparents had his father, and then when his parents had him? Wouldn't there be two Cams?  I think I've been agonizing over this way too much.  Anyway, I'm glad the subtle change in the timeline doesn't seem to include ship (unless you want to create a Vala/Ba'al's Host ship... *g*), and that Daniel's lost leg wasn't made permanent.

A few general comments:

Was a bit disappointed that Jack wasn't in it all that much.  I was expecting him to be in it at least a little more.

As I mentioned a few times above, I was glad that Daniel wasn't snarking the whole time and wasn't too OTT.  I love when he's in scientist/explorer/researchy mode, and like I said his call to "himself" in the other timeline seemed reminiscent of early Daniel. 

I loved the Sam/Daniel interaction.  It wasn't totally on par with the very early seasons, but what was there was nice.  Sam's worry for him when he got frostbite and her happiness/relief when she and Cam were reunited with him on the sub.  I liked the looks they shared from time to time, and the finishing of sentences and grasping onto each other's thought processes. Even though it didn't happen very often, it was still there and was nice to see. :)

I loved the Jack/Daniel interaction. I've always enjoyed their banter and interaction even from the early days and I missed it in seasons 9 and 10.  So it was very nice to see here, even though there wasn't very much of it.

I'm not a Vala hater by any means but I was glad that she wasn't joined to Daniel's hip in this movie.  I liked the fact that she was more serious.  I enjoyed her as Qetesh. We could really see how much the goa'uld was out for herself with the way she tortured Ba'al.  I like how she offered to stay with Ba'al's host after the extraction and help him through it.

Apologies for the very wordy review.  Once I get going I can't seem to stop. LOL.

But I did enjoy this one and I'm going to run out to get the DVD asap.
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