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Puppy!Sam Picspam #51 (Supernatural)

Happy Friday :)

Episode #3x07: Fresh Blood

Not as many pics this time, mostly because the lighting was bad in the dark scenes.  But still over 60 pics so not dial-up friendly. If you see anything you like, please go ahead and take.

1. Hi, Puppy. Hi, Dean.  How's the game of flashlight tag going?

2. Oh, look what Puppy found... and he's trying to reassure the wounded man with the PuppyEyes(TM)

3. Whoa... Puppy didn't quite expect big brother to offer himself up as bait

4. Interrogation!Puppy gives Lucy the Penetrating Puppy Stare!

5. So far the interrogation is going well. Puppy is pleased.

6. VERY pleased... It even warrants a PuppyDimple!

7. Puppy seems to be having second thoughts... perhaps he's being too harsh

8. So he changes tactics and gives her the PuppyEyes(TM)

9. Puppy's at a loss for words now

10. That huge tarantula on the ceiling is making Puppy a little nervous...

11. Sympathetic!Puppy

12. Decapitations still make Puppy squeamish

13. Aw... *pets him*

14. Puppy wants to let his hair down and have fun in this club! Why won't Dean let him have fun?? Meanie...

15. Hm... Apparently it's Wet T-shirt Night...

16. Dean: Aw heck, why not... let's stay awhile, Sammy
      Puppy: ....

17. Wheeee! Puppy on the run with bonus flying PuppyHair!

18. A pack of rowdy fangirls started to give chase. Have they cornered our intrepid heroes?

19. Oh wait, it's not a fangirl. It's Gordon! The psychopath who said Puppy's hair was evil once upon a time. Puppy has never forgotten...

20. Look, it's Squatting!Puppy

21. The fangirls promised they'd show up at seven... so where are they???

22. I think Puppy's got his hopes up...

23. "They said they'd show, Dean! They promised!" Aw, don't be sad, Puppy... we'll keep you company!

24. Dean gets a phone call. Unfortunately it's not a fangirl. It's MeanieThief. Puppy hopes his bitchface can be transmitted over the phone.

25. Puppy desperately wants to kill Gordon. See those PuppyEyes(TM)?

26. Facial Shrug alert!

27. He doesn't think Dean heard him.... so he tries again

28. And again...

29. Puppy can't help sympathizing with Dixon over Vamp!Gordon's killing spree

30. "Uh ... Dean ... can we go now?"

31. Further proof that decapitations gross Puppy out

32. Puppy is hurt that Dean won't let him tag along to kill Gordon

33. Puppy so wants to enact revenge on the bastard who deemed his hair evil

34. The PuppyEyes(TM) bore into Dean's soul, informing him just how much Puppy knows him

35. Puppy is desperate for Dean to understand him

36. Aw... look at that woobie little PuppyFace!

37. Some pretty PuppyHair, too

38. The PuppyEyes(TM) beg Dean to drop the show and be his brother again

39. Here come the Puppy Tears....

40. Oh, sweetie... :(

41. ".... Just 'cause." 

42. Awwww...... *hugs Puppy*

43. Poor baby...

44. It's FrugalGourmet!Puppy

45. Eeep! Puppy is trapped with Vamp!Gordon! *tries to protect him from afar*

46. It's Puppy in Vamp!Gordon Vision!

47. Oooh, Ninja!Puppy

48. Puppy! Noooo!

49. "No one... calls my hair...EVIL!" Puppy gives Vamp!Gordon the last bitchface he'll ever see

50. Yeah, work it, Puppy!

51. Extreme Bitchfacing is hard work sometimes

52. Whoa, the Bitchfacing did better than expected! It made Gordon's head explode!

53. Aw, Puppy looks like he's ready for a nap

54. He's still in shock that the bitchface worked so well... but hey, at least he saved Dean!

55. Hm, Puppy seems to be having trouble with that beer bottle... and look, it's the Salvation/Devil'sTrap/Crossroad Blues shirt!

56. Puppy thrusts some curious PuppyEyes(TM) in Dean's direction

57. Contemplative!Puppy

58. Dean wants to teach Puppy Auto Shop? Puppy finds this highly irregular

59. Facial Shrug #2!

60. PuppyDimples!

61. Whoa... now Dean wants him to work on his baby?? For some reason this amuses Puppy

62. Even though he's still slightly weirded out, Puppy can't help being a little flattered

63. ... until Puppy realizes exactly what Dean is implying

64. And he can't help feeling sad.... aww, Puppy... *hugs him*

That's all for today.  Monday we'll see Yuletide!Puppy in #3x08: A Very Supernatural Christmas. Have a good weekend, everyone. :)
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