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Puppy!Sam Picspam #53 (Supernatural)

Again, apologies for not getting this posted sooner.  I've been dealing with far too much craziness over the past few days :P  I think things are beginning to settle down finally though.


Episode #3x09: Malleus Maleficarum

Only 60 pics this time (sorry about that... tried to get as many as I could) but still not very dial-up friendly.  There were a few lighting issues in some of the scenes, which I tried to fix, but they may appear kind of grimy or washed out.  As always, if you see anything you like, please take. Oh, and Dean makes some appearances here, too. :)

1. Hey, it's Detective!Puppy... whatcha lookin' for, sweetie?

2. Hm, maybe one of Puppy's toys fell down the drain, and he's desperate to fish it out

3. Puppy demonstrates once again what a good listener he is

4. And he informs Dean with the PuppyEyes(TM) that they should leave, preferably now.

5. Aw, look at that poor pathetic Puppy getting wet from the rain :( *grabs towel and dries him off*

6. Dean's witchism (as opposed to sexism, lol) amuses Puppy

7. Puppy seems a bit wary... are they being stalked by fangirls again?

8. Pretty PuppyEyes(TM), anyone?

9. It's BombSniffing!Puppy to the rescue!

10. Oh, I think Puppy got his arm stuck... hang on, Puppy, I'll help you...

11. Oops, never mind, he got it! Aw, another new toy that Puppy doesn't get a chance to play with before they have to destroy it!

12. Curious!Puppy ... he wonders if the PetsMart up the road sells any of these puppy toys

13. Facial Shrug alert!

14. Aw, Puppy's feeling a little sicky to his tummy now

15. Dean's rabbit obsession makes Puppy a tad uncomfortable

16. He tries to draw Dean's attention away from it with the PuppyEyes(TM)

17. Detective, Bachman is so eager to please!

18. Gotta turn on that PuppyCharm again!

19. No way she'll be able to resist a cute Puppy Detective.. she'll be putty in his hands in no time

20. The chances for Detective Deano... er, Turner, to misbehave are quite high... so Puppy keeps a watchful eye on him

21. Facial Shrug #2! (and some pretty PuppyHair :D)

22. Puppy wonders if the PuppyCharm will work on Mrs. Van Allen...

23.  Nah, probably not worth it...  he's too good for her ;)

24. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

25. A bit hard to see... but we have Facial Shrug #3!

26. Ruby the Fangirl Stalker appears totally out of nowhere! Puppy was NOT expecting that

27. Dean takes a real liking to Stalking Fangirl. Puppy is dismayed

28. Puppy's confused... why exactly IS Stalking Fangirl back?

29. Whoa... Stalking Fangirl warns them of other fangirls who are not very nice at all... okay, this changes everything. Puppy is getting very concerned

30. But Dean still hates her.  Oh, why does Dean have to hate?

31. It really frustrates Puppy.  See all the inner conflict reflected in those PuppyEyes(TM)?

32. Ooh, that's it... Puppy is NOT gonna let Dean take away his fangirl!

33. Okay,WhatJustHappened?Puppy

34. Shocked!Puppy.  "What?? I have a fangirl and you want to off her? What are you, jealous?"

35. "You will NOT hurt my fangirl, Dean! She's not evil, she wants to help us!"

36. "Now I admit the stalking thing was a little creepy at first..."

37. "At least she doesn't make me look foolish, like YOUR fangirl does to you."

38. Aw... Puppy now feels bad for fighting so badly with Dean

39. Dean's right, Puppy's not acting like his normal, fuzzy, cuddly self.... he's still cute, though :)

40. "I gotta be like you...."  Aw, Puppy...

41. *pets him*

42. Oh, no, the Evil Fangirls are hexing Dean!

43. Dean grabs onto the big, protective Puppy for support

44. Desperate times call for desperate actions... Puppy's gonna hunt him some Evil Fangirls!

45. Stickup!Puppy contronts the Evil, Obsessed Fangirls

46. He unleashes the power of the bitchface to make them comply

47. It seems to be working so far... never underestimate the power of the bitchface!

48. Oh, Puppy is so wonderfull badass!

49. Uh oh, the head fangirl is actually, really, truly Evil! She trumps his bitchface and badass!

50. Puppy! Nooooo!

51. Restrained!Puppy

52. Noooooo!! :(

53. Hm, Puppy is still in some distress... but he can't help but watch the Stalking Fangirl's odd revelation like a train wreck

54. Yay! Dean made quick work of the Evil Fangirl and has released Puppy from her grip! Puppy's a bit shaken, but glad to be free (and nice PuppyMop there!)

55. Ouch! Let me help you up, Puppy....  *gazes fondly at the PuppyMop*

56. Oh, looks like Dean has it taken care of.  Aw :)

57. Puppy's still confused... they've been through so much tonight, haven't they

58. Oh, yeah! Puppy washing up is a VERY nice way to end this picspam!

59. *wishes those were her hands running through the PuppyHair*

60. Feeling better, Puppy? I know I am... *g*

That's it for today. On Friday we'll be back with DreamWalker!Puppy in #3x10: Dream a Little Dream of Me.  Have a nice day everyone. :)
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