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Puppy!Sam Picspam #55 (Supernatural)

Starting the new week with a new picspam :)

Episode #3x11: Mystery Spot

Over 100 pics, so not dial-up friendly. At all.  Tried to remove the ugly CW logo-Pussycat Dolls ad as much as I could.  Seriously, I hate that about the CW. I wish there was a way to make the screencaps without that ugly thing. Oh, well...
As before, if you like anything, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, still asleep, are we? Anyone want to help me rouse him?

2. There he is! Mornin', Puppy!

3. Hm, apparently it was a rude awakening.   Puppy is too tired to contemplate Dean's Asia obsession

4. Though he does find Dean's chipper attitude amusing

5. Puppy discovers he's fallen out of love with bubble gum flavored toothpaste.

6. You'd think after being on the road with his brother for over 2 years, sharing motel rooms, he'd be privy to Dean's hygiene habits.  Although Puppy's never gotten a view of Dean's tonsils before now.... that's something new...

7. Puppy's a wee bit impatient... he's reeeeeally hungry...and he reeeeally wants to go sight-seeing

8. And he's been known to bitchface when he's impatient

9. Puppy is entertained by the fact that Dean is being so adventurous with breakfast this morning

10. Puppy wants to kill capture MeanieThief as much as Dean... but where is she again?

11. Facial Shrug alert!

12. Puppy wants to play tourist and visit the Mystery Spot... so he gives Dean the PuppyEyes(TM)

13. Puppy admits that the Mystery Spot is no fun.

14. Oops, the owner overheard his comment and is taking it out on Dean! OMG!

15. Noooooooooo!!!!!!

16. *hugs Puppy*

17. Um....  oh, it was a dream? *phew*

18. Okay, Puppy is a wee bit confuzzled

19. Is he ever...

20. Aw, poor confuzzled Puppy

21. Again, Puppy doesn't know about Dean's morning hygiene routine? He must be busy doing other things at the time...

22. Yeah, it had to be a dream, Puppy.  *pets him*

23. But Puppy is still confuzzled

24. He really thinks *some*thing is up!

25.Um, Puppy, you better act now before you get a bottle of hot sauce exploding all over you...

26. Good boy! See, Puppy does quite a few tricks

27. Puppy is mystified by that golden seems to have taken quite a liking to him...

28. Pupy just totally canNOT believe what Dean just suggested

29. Facial Shrug #2!

30. Puppy wants to go to the Mystery Spot right now! Even if it's crowded! It'll be fun, wheeee! Look at that cheerful Puppy face, Dean! There's no way you can resist!

31. HolyCrap!Puppy ... oh, some PuppyMop too...

32. Noooooo!!! *gets upset along with Puppy*

33. Huh? ... okay, this is becoming a pattern.  It reminds me of a movie I saw quite a few years back... Ground.... Ground-hog something..... *g*

34. Oh, poor Puppy... you just know he's going to go nuts pretty soon

35. Again, Puppy is totally mystified by the sight of Dean gargling

36. Yep, Puppy's about to lose his mind, and he's bringing Dean along for the ride

37. He uses the PuppyEyes(TM) to get Dean to believe him

38. He really tries...

39. Look how he tries.... aw, Puppy...

40. Puppy doesn't wanna play this game anymore

41. Aw, Frustrated!Puppy

42. Look how Puppy worries for big brother.... *pets him*

43. Hero!Puppy

44. "You peed yourself."  Hee hee!

45. Reporter!Puppy desires to know the secrets of the Mystery Spot... so he gives the owner the PuppyEyes(TM)

46. Puppy tries to appear amused, but you can tell he is starting to crack

47. The owner is being uncooperative... time for the bitchface! No more Mister Nice Puppy!

48. Yeah, work it, Puppy!

49. Heh... Fuming!Puppy

50. Desperate!Puppy...   *hugs him*

51. Puppy's kinda unsure about Dean's suggestion... but he really wants this nightmare to end

52. Aw, he looks so young here...

53. ... And so lost :(   (and is it cruel that I had to laugh at the sight of Dean as a Sidewalk Pizza with his legs sticking out? *giggles*)

54. Here we go again...  Pretty PuppyLashes, though

55. Puppy's had enough excitement for one day...

56. Aw, he looks so tired... and sad :(

57. Dean thinks ordering a different side dish will change things... Puppy tries to look brave

58. Well, we see how long *that* lasted....

{cue Puppy waking up again}

59. Yeppers, Puppy has lost it.  Not that I blame him...

60. Aw.... *offers more hugs to Puppy*

61. Puppy hopes some of the good ol' PuppyCharm will help Doris in the long run

62. Puppy's getting a wee bit irate now

63. Bitchface time again

64. "You think you're being funny but you're being really really childish!"  tee hee :D

65. "Sam Winchester cries his way through sex!"  Ooh... is that true, Puppy? ;)

66. Poor baby... he looks so broken :(

67. That mussy PuppyHair demonstrates his mental state so well

68. Puppy? Whatcha see?

69. Oh, I think he's got an idea! Clever Puppy!

70. Why the bitchface, though?

71, I guess it didn't work... sorry, Puppy. :( 

72. He's a Puppy on a mission

73. Badass!Puppy threatens the suspicious man from the diner!

74. Who turns out to be that fun guy from Tall Tales! More bitchfaces ensue

75. Hi, Pretty PuppyEyes(TM)! *peers under annoying CW logo/ad* Hi, PuppyMole!

76. Puppy just LOVES Wednesdays

77. See?!

78. Aw, Puppy is so endearing when he's excited!

79. He's still a bit unsure if this is for real, though...

80. Nice PuppyProfile... and PuppyMop. *g* But where's Dean?

81. Uh oh... gunshot! Puppy's on high alert!

82. Yep, the poor boy is getting scared!

83. Oh, no...

84. "I'm supposed to wake up..." 

85. Aw :(  *hugs Puppy* *cries for Dean*

86. Nope, not America's Top Model, but it's Cold!Puppy months later...

87. Ohhh my... let's be shallow for just one moment...

88. Okay, two moments... *dies*

89. Look how hardened Puppy has become...

90. Those PuppyEyes(TM) seem almost dead.  He has no one to use them on :(

91. Even in Bobby's presence, Puppy seems so detached...

92. Puppy breaks Bobby's heart... and ours, too. :(

93. Desperate!Puppy will do anything to bring Dean back

94. Poor thing... but would he *really* kill Bobby?

95. Noooooo!!!

96. Now Puppy is worried... he was so sure this wasn't Bobby...

97. Oh, it's wasn't him... *phew* Naughty Trickster.  Puppy wasn't expecting that...

98. He turns the PuppyEyes(TM) all the way up to make the Trickster undo all of this

99. See how he pleads?

100. Aw, Sweetie... :(  *hugs him again*

101. Confused!Puppy... must that Trickster speak in riddles all the time?

102. Uh oh.....

103. *kicks Pussycat Dolls ad*  Cautious!Puppy... which day is he on now?

104. A cursory glance at the clock reveals that it's Wednesday! Puppy is so relieved!

105. Awwwwww!! See, when a big puppy walks up to you and hugs you, you can't help but oblige! *hugs Puppy when he's done hugging Dean*  *then hugs Dean*

106. Yep, those PuppyEyes(TM) and PuppyLids are heady with relief!

107. That poor Puppy has been through such hell, and it shows

108. Still, he is sad... look at those watery PuppyEyes(TM) ... *pets him*

109. You've been through so much, Puppy. But you're going to be okay. For now, anyway.  *hugs him one more time*

And that's it.  Come back on Wednesday for Showdown!Puppy in #3x12: Jus in Bello.  Have a great day everyone. :)
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