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Puppy!Sam Picspam #57 (Supernatural)

Happy Happy Friday, all!

Episode #3x13: Ghostfacers

Not many pics this time (about 48 actually) since he wasn't in it much and the way it was shot didn't get many clear pics.  But still, here he is.  Some shots are rather dark too, but hopefully not too bad.  Oh, and Dean is also in most of these, too.  It's just the way it worked out. *g* If there's anything at all that you like, please take.

1. Hey, Puppy.  Bit camera shy, are you?

2. Aw, it's Credits!Puppy :D

3. Not to worry, Ghostfacers ... it's not the cops, just a Puppy passing through the night...

4. Heeeerrrre's Puppy (and Dean)!

5. Hee, Puppy's cute when he's pretending to be a cop, all tough-like *g*

6. Hm... looks like Puppy finally recognizes the Hellhounds guys

7. ..And he aint too happy to see them! Heh... it's Censored!Puppy

8. Puppy is just *appalled* that they had the good fortune to run into these guys again!

9. "Remember those two [bleep!]bags, Dean?"

10. Puppy's irritation is boundless

11. Still, Puppy is curious as to just what the hell these guys are doing here

12. Oh, Puh-leeeeeze!Puppy

13. Puppy tries to get through to Ed to let him know they're in danger

14. And he uses the PuppyEyes(TM) to emphasize that point

15. A closer view of the PuppyEyes(TM) in action

16. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

17. Puppy uses the PuppyEyes(TM) like headlights to light the way for the Ghostfacers

18. *tsk* Puppy's being a potty mouth again!

19. Puppy's not too keen on being filmed while there's crazy stuff going on

20. Hm, looks like Puppy has an idea

21. Professor!Puppy lectures his students about death echoes

22. And uses the PuppyEyes(TM) to make sure they're paying attention

23. Oh, Puppy's followed his nose to an interesting discovery!

24. Puppy is a bit perplexed about their findings

25. Although, those are some pretty eager PuppyEyes(TM)...  nice flicky PuppyHair too :D

{Oh no, Puppy's disappeared!!!}

26. Puppy's last known whereabouts...

27. Ooh.. Bondage!Puppy

28. Puppy in CreepyCorpseCamVision! Poor puppy....   You evil bastard! You hurt Pupy and you'll have to answer to us!!

29. What the... ? Oh, cute, Puppy gets a birthday hat.  Cute...but still weird

30. Yaaay, big brother to the rescue! Oh, Poor Puppy :(

31. Yep, Puppy is *not* happy.  Why oh why did Dean talk him into this, and why did he think it would be remotely compatible to the Grand Canyon??

32. Puppy is touched by Ed's attempts to get through to DeathEcho!Corbett.. but he's a bit weirded out, too

33. Aw, Poor Puppy's got a bruised backside.... *g*  Oh, look, some nice PuppyMop too!

34. Pupyp and Dean want that camera out of their faces... they're emoting, for cryin' out loud.

35. Yep, Puppy's feeling a litle owwie... anyone wanna help me soothe him?

36. Aw, aint that cute... Puppy wants to be penpals with Ed

37. Puppy hopes no one saw that,or he'll never live it down... the promised teasing from Dean is bad enough

38. Uh ... wait... so, Puppy and Dena were watching themselves on tv... we were watching them watch themselves... heh...

39. Mini Facial Shrug alert!

40. Puppy admits he's a little less than impressed

41. And feeling a wee bit awkward... look at that funny Puppy Face! Hee....

42. Curious!Puppy

43. Amused!Puppy... aw, what a cutie

44. And he's feeling awkward again!

45. Very much so.....  hee hee

46. And back to being amused... those guys actually think they'll sell their pilot... but Puppy and Dean have duped them again

47. More PuppyDimples! And nice ForeheadCrinkles too

48. Content!Puppy... maybe they would've given the Ghostfacers a break if they'd promised him and Dean a cut of the royalties... *g*

Well, that's it.  Puppy!Sam picspam will be taking a week-long hiatus starting Monday because I'll be going on vacation. Not sure if I'll have internet access, and if I do I probably won't have time to go online.  But do not fear, we will return next Monday (the 25th of July) with Yuppie!Puppy in #3x14: Long Distance Call.  Until then, I hope you all have a great week. :)
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