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Thoughts on Jared's character in Gilmore Girls

Before I start just want to mention that I figured out what was wrong with my computer.  There was a lot of dust that had collected in the back vent that the fan blows air out of.  And once we'd removed the back and side of the tower, there was a lot of dust inside as well.  Video card seems to be busted, too. A couple of the capacitors were bulged, and one had leaked some gunky residue.  Removed it, went to Micro Center, told technician about it and they gave me a better one.  Going to replace it and hopefully I should be set.  In the meantime, I'm on my laptop.

ETA: Replaced video card and am now up and running! Everything is fine - I can play videos again and everything else. *dances*

Anyway, before all this carp happened, I was rewatching bits of vid of JP in Gilmore Girls, and I thought I'd post my thoughts on it.  Cut because somewhat long...

Okay, first off, I never really watched Gilmore Girls when it was on. I'd vaguely heard of it and it didn't sound much like my kind of show. From what I'd heard of it, it sounded like a soap-operaish, teeny bopper type of thing. My younger friend, who was always into those shows, used to watch it and she remembered Jared from that show. She watches Supernatural now too and is a big Sam girl like me, lol.
Anyway, after I got into Supernatural about a year and a half ago, I did online research like a lot of people do, and when I heard JP had been in the show I got interested. I saw promo pics and whatnot of him in the show on various websites like and so forth. I saw clips posted at dean_sam and had to dl them. Then I saw that the show was being shown on ABC Family (I think). I got curious and started watching it.

To be honest, it's a pretty cute show. Still not something that I'd normally watch, though. And to be honest I found myself identifying more with Lorelei than with Rory ... I guess it's the age thing, lol. The setting of the town seemed like any little New England town that's so small that all of the residents practically know each other's life stories, and you bump into them all the time. It reminded me just a little of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where half my dad's family lived. I'd spend summers up there as a kid and whenever I'd go walking in town or in the neighborhood with my great-aunt, she'd run into so many different people and just knew everyone. It was amazing how often you'd see these different people.

I loved Jared's character, especially in the first couple of seasons. Dean was such a sweetie and anyone could tell that he really cared for Rory. The way he made that bracelet for her, gave her that first kiss, made the car for her, told her that he loved her... and pretty much went along with everything Rory wanted to do because he cared so much for her. It was so sweet and I wished that I'd had a boyfriend like that.

I thought he and Rory were really cute together and I felt so bad for him when she started getting attracted to Jess and started avoiding him. I still can't totally get what is going on with Rory. I think about her family background ... she has a single mom who was raised by these snooty, upper crust parents (almost seemed like real blue-blood types) who wanted the best for their granddaughter, hence the grilling of poor Dean when he met them (and Richard giving him a hard time about the car when he'd finished it for Rory). They seem to have very high standards, and that is reflected upon Rory. She wants to do well in school and get into a great college. We could see that when she was doing all those activities and blowing off Dean because she just had to get them done. She gave Dean a hard time in season 4 when he told her he was taking some time off from school to work so he could afford a townhouse with Lindsey.

She and Dean have very different backgrounds. Like I said she comes from this prominent, upper crust family who has high standards and believes they deserve everything. Dean is more of a red-blooded, lower-middle class type kid who believes it's important to work hard in order to get what you want. He built the car for Rory himself. What he told Rory that one time, about going to college not guaranteeing you a job anymore, is very true. Despite their different backgrounds and different outlooks on life, Dean really cared for her and wanted to do the best he could for her.

I still can't figure out what attracted her to Jess. Was she getting tired of Dean and the "nice boy" persona of his? Did she become attracted to Jess because he was a misfit and did little things to make it seem that he was interested in her? I could see her being flattered - I mean, she seemed flattered (though perhaps a bit taken aback at first) that Dean liked her in season 1. I felt bad for Dean because he always wanted to get together with her in season 2, even though she was so busy with all those activities for her college application. I think part of it was that he was worried that he would lose Rory to Jess. I'm familiar with that type of attitude because I once dated a guy who was smothering me. He'd call every day and sometimes more than once a day. I found out he'd dated a girl for 6 years, was going to propose to her, and then learned she was with another guy.

I had to give major props to Dean for finally blowing Rory off in the episode with the dance off ("They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" from season 3). It was obvious that she was so hung up on Jess, even if she tried to make it seem like she was bothered by him hanging around. Dean was not stupid and could see through it. I was surprised he'd put up with it for so long. I thought it was awful when Rory and Jess went for a ride in the car Dean made her, totaled it, and Rory ended up breaking her arm. When Dean asked her "is he really gone?" I knew he wouldn't be. I think Dean should have been a bit suspicious of that. Maybe he was, I don't know...

We didn't see much of Dean with Lindsey, but I had my suspicions on whether Dean loved her as much as he'd once loved Rory. At times it almost seemed like he'd gotten together with her to get over Rory, that perhaps he wasn't 100% in love with her. Even though I wasn't that crazy about Lindsey, I think she genuinely loved Dean and I felt bad when she found that letter and learned that Dean had slept with Rory.

I liked how Dean remained friends with Rory after they broke up. I have to give him a lot of credit for that. A lot of people when they break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, are so upset or angry about the whole thing that they just don't want to see them again.

I wasn't a big fan of Jess. I guess I'm not into the bad-guy-who-needs-someone-to-help-redeem-him type of charcter. I just found him very annoying and I thought he treated Rory pretty badly most of the time. I loved how Dean told Rory "I'm sorry that Jess treats you like dirt" at the end of season 3 when he told Rory he was marrying Lindsey. He was right and the lame way Rory said "Jess doesn't treat me like dirt!" showed that even she didn't believe it.

It seemed that they started ruining Dean's character in order to make Jess' character look better. I'm not exactly sure when this started, maybe towards the end of season 2? I've been on some boards and forums for GG, and it seems that many anti-Dean fans complain that he was too possessive of Rory. I never noticed that. Most of these people were pro-Rory people and Rory/Jess shippers though.

You could tell that Dean still had some underlying feelings for Rory, even when he was about to marry Lindsey. When he ended up at Luke's with the other guys during his bachelor party, and kept repeating Rory's name in his drunkenness, I felt bad for him. When Luke put him up for the night and he settled onto the bed, his "why didn't she love me" broke my heart. I think Luke should have said something to him about it, not try to keep Rory from attending the wedding. I was pretty ticked off with Luke there.

Then we didn't see Dean again till late in season 4. I think they totally trashed his character when they had him sleep with Rory. If this had been the Dean of season 1/2, he wouldn't have slept with someone if he was married to someone else. I wonder if his fighting with Lindsey that we saw was that they actually clashed, or if he did it because he was looking for excuses to not make the marriage work with Lindsey. He told Rory that he couldn't make the marriage work, that he wasn't happy and there was nothing they could do. Lindsey seemed committed to the relationship, though, so I wonder if Dean was exaggerating to Rory or if he just didn't want to make it work on his end.

And then after they sleep together, Rory just up and leaves the country with her grandmother, not even talking to Dean beforehand. [and insert shallow ponderings here: was I the only one who found it a bit funny that in the finale of season 4, Dean had that stubble and slight mustache, but in the season 5 premiere - which takes place at the same time the s4 finale did - he was clean shaven? Heh. And another pondering ... why did Dean's hair change so much from episode 1 to 2 of season 5 (long and shaggy to quite short)? I know, I obsess over minor details too much, lol]

I liked that Rory and Dean started doing things again, but I knew it wouldn't last when they both started getting really busy and couldn't find time to spend together. I felt so bad for Dean in "The Party's Over", when he goes to pick Rory up from the party and sees her come out with all the guys. He didn't expect this and I think it make him realize how different he and Rory are, and that Rory really isn't looking for someone like him.

The thing that bugs me about Rory is that she does things like this and just expects Dean to roll over and accept it. Like a guy who's dating or married to a girl who goes out with (or sleeps with) other guys and expects her boyfriend/husband to think it's okay. I've always wondered if Rory is really the type of girl to settle down. Look at her mom. She's single and has had a few flings during the show, but from what I've seen (I didn't really watch the shows after Jared left much) she never really ended up with anyone. Rory had Dean, Jess, and that guy Logan. And I heard that in the end she decided against being with Logan because she wanted go along as a journalist on some presidential campaign, or something to that effect. I think both she and her mother have that liberated, feminist mindset that they really don't need men. They also might be flattered by the attention a guy gives them, but in the end they don't want to commit. That's just the impression that I got. Dean seems to be the kind of guy who is looking to settle down in a committed relationship.

As for Dean, I hated the way they just had him in "The Party's Over," then brought him back again about 10 episodes later, seeming like a bitter type of jerk. He was right in what he said to Luke, though. They (meaning Rory and Lorelei) don't want something like this (meaning a working relationship). I just thought it wasn't a good ending for Dean's character. They could have ended his story in a graceful way, but no. I thought I'd heard that they'd had thoughts of bringing him back for other appearances, but by that time Jared was too busy with Supernatural.

But in the beginning I thought Dean was such a sweetie and I thought he and Rory were so cute together. He even had some cute interaction with Lorelei throughout most of the series.

So, those are my rambling thoughts. I just wanted to voice them, and I don't feel comfortable joining any GG boards because it seems that most of the people on them bash Dean.
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