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Puppy!Sam Picspam #58 (Supernatural)

Okay, so after a longer hiatus than I originally intended, guess who's back *g*

Episode #3x14: Long Distance Call

Over 100 pics for this one, so definitely not dial-up friendly.  There were some lighting issues I tried to fix, but I think a lot of them came out looking pretty blah. :P Still, if you see anything you like or want to use, please take.  And Dean manages to sneak his way into a number of these as well.

1. Hi, Puppy. You look kind of down... what's the matter?

2. It's Incredulous!Puppy ... and Blurry!Dean... heh...

3. Now he's just MildlySurprised!Puppy

4. Confused!Puppy, with bonus ForeheadCrinkle action!

5. Oh, Puppy... don't you see that if you keep making that expression, your face will freeze that way?  Heh... Dean's revelation surprises him, to say the very least

6. Look at those penetrating PuppyEyes(TM)

7. Aw, Puppy looks a wee dit disappointed...

8. ... And now he's PissedOff!Puppy.  Look at how he bares those PuppyTeeth!

9. Nope, Puppy is *not* a happy doggie!

10. Aw... Contemplative!Puppy

11. Hm... is that a Bitchface I see?

12. See Detective Puppy's face? It's his "I'm listening" face...

13. ... Followed by his "No, seriously, I'm really listening. Go on..." face

14. "You don't believe me? Can these PuppyEyes(TM) convince you that I'm listening?"

15. Dective Puppy has some pretty PuppyHair, doesn't he ... *longs to run her fingers through it*

16. Using the PuppyEyes(TM) to drag info out of the poor widow

17. Teehee... looks at that cute, curious Puppy!!

18. Wow, he's really cranking up the PuppyEyes(TM) here

19. *snicker* See? Even insects are attracted to TWTIPH (The Wonder that is PuppyHair)!

20. Puppy can't help turning up his PuppyNose ever so slightly at the squalor of Stewie's work environment

21. Puppy nonetheless seeks info from Stewie... so he brings out the big guns (aka PuppyEyes(TM))

22. I guess the Facial Shrug Alert is no match for SuperSmirk!Dean ... but still, there it is

23. Hm... Puppy seems a bit tentative with this information... can they trust Stewie?

24. Heh... DuckFace!Puppy

25. Hey, look! It's Yuppie!Puppy! *g*

26. Hee hee... Yuppie!Puppy just loves his Yuppie Rental Car's little toy!

27. "Hi! I'm Representative Puppy from the phone company"

28. Hee... Awkward!Puppy

29. Oh, Puppy ... could it get any more awkward?

30. "OMG... I just realized I really gotta use your bathroom ... Would you mind?"

31.  Hee hee... Puppy just loves that toy! Bless him...

32. Gee, a girl taking great interest in the Puppy.  Really, is anyone surprised?

33. Especially one that has such pretty hair?

34. Heh ... nope, Puppy admits he's not surprised

35. Oh, Puppy! We love it when you play coy!

36. *squeeee* What a cutie!

37. *squeeee* Part 2

38. Oh, Puppy, please don't stop!!

39. *dies*

40. *shoves Lanie out of the way, inserts self* ... ah.... much better......

41. Hmm... cross between a DuckFace and Facial Shrug?


43. *tsk* I don't see a hands-free device there, Puppy!

44. Puppy's in total disbelief at the idea of Daddy communicating with Dean across the veil

45. Pleading to Dean with the PuppyEyes(TM) to get him to see his point of view

46. Aw... he really wants to believe Dean is right...

47. Facial Shrug #2!

48. "Hello?"  Tsk, Puppy, you can't give a better answer than that?  Heh...

49. Hey, it's Research!Puppy

50. Caught in the act of looking at more porn, apparently.... tsk tsk....

51. Hm... something's got the attention of the PuppyEyes(TM)

52. "Hilarious."  Gah, you're doing that killing-with-cuteness thing again, Puppy!

53. Heh... Puppy looks almost ashamed here... guilt for being caught porn surfing?

54. Puppy really wants to see the Thomas Edison phone.  He begs Dean with the PuppyEyes(TM)

55. Aw, see how excited he is? You can just picture his tail wagging like mad

56. Guess the excitement wore off... Puppy looks bored, and like he's about to fall asleep at any moment

57. Yep, Puppy finds the tour guide *incredibly* annoying.   Hm... very nice to see the PuppyHoodie again!

58. He is *so* not impressed with her shtick

59. "Heh... think we could leave now, Dean?"

60. Facial Shrug #3!

61. Poor Puppy... so disappointed they came all this way and the place is a bust...

62. Awwwww, Slumbering!Puppy ... he looks so precious as he sleeps... *has urge to join him under the covers* heh heh....

63. Shocked!Puppy

64. Doubtful!Puppy

65. Poor Puppy at a loss for words...

66. Aw, Sad!Puppy

67. Heh.... "YouAreSooooooLame!"Puppy

68. More pretty PuppyEyes(TM)

69. Aw... Desperate!Puppy

70. PuppyEyes(TM), may I drown in you, please?

71. Puppy really doesn't know what to do... poor defeated Puppy :(

72. UberFrustrated!Puppy

73. Aw.... *pets him*

74. Look how that poor confused Puppy cocks his head...

75. Wow... how does he do that... managing to look so *young*?

76. Yay, it's Hero!Puppy!

77. Oh, to be in little Simon's place right now...

78. Tsk... see, Puppy, if you lived where I do, you'd get pulled over for not talking hands-free!

79. Puppy theorizes that Bitchfaces can indeed travel over the phone line... and he decides to test that theory

80. Nothin' to see here, folks... just a cute lil' puppy snooping around the bowels of the phone company...

81. Eep!! A noise from within startles the PuppyEyes(TM)!

82. Oh, no... steam frightens Puppy - just think of the havoc it'll wreak on that lovely PuppyHair...

83. There, there, Puppy. Don't be afraid. Come over here with us... it's safer here... *g*

84. Ooh, Badass!Puppy thinks Stewie has a little 'splainin' to do!

85. OMG... look out, Puppy!

86. Tsk... oh, Puppy, captured again... hmm... getting some naughty thoughts, here. ;)

87. Puppy bares his PuppyTeeth again... Rrrowrrr!!

88. MajorlyFrustrated!Puppy

89. Puppy wishes he hadn't eaten a large chili dog before being made to watch Stewie's untimely end

90. Bitchface for the crocotta!

91. Worried!Puppy

92. Ah, yes, proof that even MOTWs can't get enough of the PuppyHair

93. Puppy does not appreciate this molesting of his hair... now, if a *fangirl* had done it, that would be a different story...

94. When Puppies Attack!!  Yeah, go get 'em, Puppy!

95. Do *not* mess with Puppy!! Or PuppyMop!

96. Wow, Puppy's shocked that his Puppy-Fu methods worked so well...

97. Aw, Puppy's so concerned over Dean's state that he almost totally overlooks big brother's little jab at his own appearance

98. Wow... between the PuppyHoodie and PuppyEyes(TM), he looks so young here...

99. Aw, baby looks like he's gonna cry. :(

100. "And me."  Awww...... *sniffle*   *hugs him*

101. "You want a poem?" Hee hee....

That's all for today.  We'll continue on Wednesday with TimeCheating!Puppy in #3x15: Time is on my Side.  Hope you enjoyed this one. :)
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