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Puppy!Sam Picspam #59 (Supernatural)

Happy Wednesday :)

Episode #3x15: Time is On My Side

Only 63 pics this time, but still not dial-up friendly.  I'm not sure why but I really had some problems with the lighting in most of these.  I tried to fix it as best as I could but some of these aren't too good.  Still if there's anything you want, please take it. :)

1. Hi, Puppy.... ooh, it's Attitude!Puppy interrogating another demon

2. Bitchface for the demon :D

3. The Puppy Stare of Doom

4. Hm... has Puppy got something up his sleeve?

5. Heh... Amused!Puppy.  And isn't that the Salvation/Devil's Trap shirt?

6. Facial Shrug Alert!

7. Puppy decides to up the cuteness factor for some reason...

8. Confused!Puppy

9. Awkward!Puppy

10. Detective!Puppy is a wee bit curious

11. Here we see him use the PuppyEyes(TM) to drag more info from the coroner

12. Diplomatic!Puppy ... aw, he's insulted that the coroner doesn't seem to like them very much

13. Sharing his frustration with Dean via the PuppyEyes(TM)

14. Huh... Puppy now seems to be a cross between amused and excited...

15. "Hi! I'm Detective Puppy and this is Detective Smartypants.  Could you give us an accurate description of the man who stole your kidney? Oh, and could you hold as still as possible so I can make an accurate sketch of you here?"

16. See what a good listener Puppy is?

17. Research!Puppy is very excited about the info he found regarding the MOTW

18. And he describes gross, outdated medical practices in such rich detail, much to Dean's discomfort

19. PuppyTongue :D

20. Puppy just can't contain his excitement

21. *drowns in PuppyEyes(TM)*

22. Aha! Puppy has finally taken notice of Dean's discomfort

23. And it pleases him so

24. *Tsk* Naughty Puppy...

25. Aw... Puppy tries with the PuppyEyes(TM) to make Dean understand why he wants to go after Doc Benton. Ooh look, it's the Carny!Puppy shirt from ELAC! *g*

26. "Chasing *immortality*!" Aw, he is so desperate to find a cure-all for Dean

27. Puppy is stunned.... stunned, I tell you

28. Let's go in for a closer view...

29. Poor Puppy... he really wants to help Dean so badly

30. UberFrustrated!Puppy

31. Adamant!Puppy. As much as he'd like to help Dean track down the MeanieThief, he's staying and that's that.

32. "How're you gonna stop me?"  Ooh, Puppy assumes a challenging stance

33. Puppy tries a different approach... the PuppyEyes(TM) of course

34. Aw, Puppy is sad :(

35. *pets Puppy*

36. Hm... for some reason, the way he has his PuppyHair reminds me just a bit of Pilot!Puppy (er...from the pilot ep, that is). I can't say why, maybe this shot reminds me of a promo shot from the pilot.  Which I can't seem to find right now, but hopefully you know what I mean... okay, I'll shut up now ;)

37. Puppy can't believe he's already arrived at his destination

38. *snerk* Some remnants of Yuppie!Puppy remain! Puppy really has too much fun with that little toy

39. Puppy's snooping around again... in fact why don't we just call him Snoopy

40. Hm, looks like the PuppyEyes(TM) have made an interesting discovery

41. All the damsels in distress wish they could be rescued by a big, cute puppy

42. Poor Puppy can't bear to see her suffering. He uses the PuppyEyes(TM) to assure her that everything will be okay

43. Yay for Hero!Puppy!!

44. Aw, Puppy really does all he can to make her feel comfortable.. He's so adorable with his constant "sorry, sorry"... hee hee

45. Oh no, Doc Benton is on the loose and tried to attack them!! Badass!Puppy snarls, attempting to mow him down ... *flails at sight of PuppyMop*

46. Ooh, PuppySneer! He means business.

47. Oh, Puppy is safe and sound back in their motel room... *phew*

48. Aw, he seems so excited as he tells Dean about his Doc Benton-related findings

49. *looks to the left* Puppy, look out!!!

50. Noooooo!!

51. Hi, PuppyEye(TM).... hey, what's going on there?

52. Yep. Puppy. Captive. Again.

53. Puppy is freaking out inside

54. I don't care if you think the PuppyEyes(TM) are pretty, Benton. You stay away from them!!!!

55. *phew* Big brother to the rescue. Aw, Puppy is amused by his attempt to wake Doc Benton up

56. Tentative!Puppy as Doc says he can help Dean

57. Puppy is desperate once again... he really wants to buy Dean some time

58. Sorry, Puppy... looks like you aren't going to change Dean's mind

59. Aw, poor Puppy sees hope slipping away...

60. Sad Puppy tries so hard to ignore the buried alive Doc's pleas....   hm...nice PuppyMop here

61. Curious!Puppy... is MeanieThief about to get hers finally?

62. Puppy contemplates what this could mean...

63. And actually appears a bit remorseful... don't, feel that way, Puppy! She shot you, remember?

That's it for today.  Stayed tuned for TheFinalCountdown!Puppy in the season finale, 3x16: No Rest for the Wicked.  Should be up Friday but there's a slight chance I might not get to post it until Monday.  I will try like heck to get it posted on Friday, though. :)

Stopped at Best Buy yesterday and picked up season 3 on DVD, along with the minature Impala.  *is very happy*
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