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MS approached for third Stargate spinoff??

Oh boy, this is... um... interesting...  apparently he was approached for the third series, which probably won't get off the ground until 2008.  Check out this site:

I know it's early but if THIS comes to pass:

The many fans of the sizzling chemistry between Daniel Jackson and the roguish Vala Mal Doran, played by Claudia Black, will no doubt be gearing up to lobby The Powers That Be at Bridge Studios in Vancouver urging Wright and Cooper to secure Shanks and Black as their male and female leads.

Then I have no interest whatsoever in watching.  And boy, is their bias showing much? Isn't the "sizzling chemistry" part subject to opinion? Not everyone who watches the show feels this way.  I guess the people who run this site and/or post the blogs are full-blown Daniel/Vala shippers.  I mean, in their banner on the top Daniel and Vala are larger and more prominent than the other characters and are right next to each other.  Wouldn't it be great to have a site that features all of the characters equally?  I notice the MGM site is like this too - tons and tons of pics of Daniel and Vala together, despite the fact that this isn't just the Daniel and Vala show.

Okay, I'll stop ranting about crazy website stuff now... *blushes* I have no doubt that a lot of D/V shippers will try to bug -er I mean- lobby tptb this way.  The way I see it though, it'll be a Farscape redux.  Vala is Aeryn and Daniel is Crichton.  I like Farscape but it should remain Farscape and no one should try to copy it or rip it off, including the Boys at Bridge. 

I want to see a whole new show, with a new cast.  If they want to do what they did in Atlantis where Daniel and Jack made guest appearances in the first episode, then that's fine.  If they want to take a minor character from SG-1 and stick them in the new show like they did with McKay then fine.  As much of a MS and Daniel fan as I am, I don't think I could watch this, especially if it's just Daniel and Vala.  I hope no Daniel fans think I'm a traitor.  I love the character (well a bit less so in recent seasons) and I love MS but I'm not a fanatic, meaning I'll watch every single thing he does even if I know I'll hate it.  So, I hope no one's put out by that.

Secondly, from the recent interviews I've read I thought MS was ready to move on.  He said he had no interest in appearing in Atlantis.  I gathered that he wanted to spread his acting wings a bit and had mentioned moving his family "south" (aka Cali).  I personally don't think he would just commit to something that probably won't happen for almost two years, especially something like this.  I think he definitely is game to do the direct to DVD movies, but he'll probably be doing a lot of other projects after that.  I'm not him and I don't know him personally so I'm not trying to put words in his mouth but I'm just assuming from all I've heard from him so far.

I know it's quite a ways off and it's mostly speculation now, so I guess there is no real reason to worry, but if it goes this way I don't think I can watch.  Sorry guys, and if there are D/V shippers reading this I hope I haven't offended you at all. :(
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