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New Picspam: Bitchface Through the Ages (Supernatural)

I said I was going to do this, and voila, I've done it.  A little something to tide y'all over until the Puppy picspams resume after season 4 starts airing...

aka The Best of the Bitchface.  What I've done is gone through every episode of Supernatural - to date - and have picked what I consider to be the best representation of Sam's classic "bitchface." There's one picture per episode, so 60 in all (aka not dial-up friendly).  In many cases this was not easy, but nevertheless I hope you like it. 

1. Pilot

2. Wendigo

3. Dead in the Water

4. Phantom Traveler

5. Bloody Mary

6. Skin

7. Hookman

8. Bugs

9. Home

10. Asylum

11. Scarecrow

12. Faith (okay, so this one isn't quite a bitchface, but it was the closest thing I could find to one in this episode)

13. Route 666

14. Nightmare

15. The Benders

16. Shadow

17. Hell House

18. Something Wicked

19. Provenance

20. Dead Man's Blood

21. Salvation

22. Devil's Trap

23. In My Time of Dying

24. Everybody Loves a Clown

25. Bloodlust

26. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

27. Simon Said

28. No Exit

29. The Usual Suspects

30. Crossroad Blues

31. Croatoan

32. Hunted

33. Playthings

34. Nightshifter

35. Houses of the Holy

36. Born Under a Bad Sign

37. Tall Tales

38. Roadkill

39. Heart

40. Hollywood Babylon

41. Folsom Prison Blues

42. What Is and What Should Never Be

43. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1

44. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

45. The Magnificent Seven

46. The Kids Are Alright

47. Bad Day at Black Rock

48. Sin City

49. Bedtime Stories

50. Red Sky at Morning

51. Fresh Blood

52. A Very Supernatural Christmas

53. Malleus Maleficarum

54. Dream a Little Dream of Me

55. Mystery Spot

56. Jus in Bello

57. Ghostfacers (yeah I know, not really a bitchface here either ... but come on, he was hardly in this ep... I had to find *some*thing, lol)

58. Long Distance Call

59. Time is on My Side

60. No Rest for the Wicked

I'll probably add more pics to this after season 4 airs.  Hope you liked - and if you want to use any of the pics for icons or anything else, feel free to take them. :)

Heading off to bed now... it's way too late here and I have another long day at work tomorrow :P  Night, all.

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