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Ship and Let Ship (or...not?)

Okay not sure how to start this... guess I will start from the beginning. I post at's forum. Very recently I've been having some trouble with a Daniel/Vala shipper. She hopped onto one of the threads that I sometimes visit (an anti-Daniel/Vala thread if I remember right) and announced that because some people (of which I am one) had the audacity to post in the anti-Vala thread, she was putting us on Ignore. Okay, fine, whatever. You don't need to announce it, but I don't care. For the record, this thread is for complaints and misgivings about the character and I personally wasn't on there screaming "OMG I HATE HATE HATE Vala! She is a $%&@#$$!! And anyone who likes her is a @#%& @!#$&!!" Anyway, some time later she posts in the anti-Daniel/Vala thread again and tells someone else that they should leave the thread because it's total crap. I really wanted to say something to her, but she obviously wouldn't see it since I'm on "Ignore" (allegedly anyway), so I told the person she addressed to tell her that if she thinks the thread is total crap, why does she visit? It looks like she's just looking for trouble. That person agreed with me and kindly asked her to knock it off.

I guess the D/V shipper did NOT have me on Ignore, because suddenly the next day I see a thread called something like "Daniel/Vala is NOT a threat to the Sam/Daniel friendship." I think it was obvious that she was addressing me with it, because I had brought up in the anti-D/V thread that I thought a relationship between those two could possibly threaten Daniel's friendships with the others, especially Teal'c and Sam. Anyway her first post did not reflect the title because she says that "some people" (aka me...and maybe a few others) see the potential (and "hopeful") romantic relationship between Daniel and Vala as a threat to Sam and Daniel's friendship. She then launches into the old "Sam and Daniel are brother and sister, and besides, Sam loves Jack" thing and then finishes with something like "why won't you let two people who are just made for each other but don't realize it yet, enjoy their nice relationship?"

Um, did that really make sense? What does the romance angle have to do with friendship? The thing about Sam and Daniel being brother and sister, and Sam loving Jack, falls under ROMANCE, not friendship, which is what I was talking about. I don't care if she is a S/J shipper as well and sees Sam and Daniel as brother and sister. The point is that they are friends as well, and I was talking about the friendship being threatened. Geez. A couple of people jumped on the bandwagon and agreed with her, but a few people posted opinions similar to mine (yeah I know, I shoulda just stayed out of it but I felt she was addressing me and I couldn't let it slide. I did stress that everyone is entitled to their own opinions though).

I thought that was it, but no. I checked my reputation and saw that she'd given me some green rep and said something like "spreading the D/V love :) Hopefully you will open your eyes to this wonderful relationship." Maybe I am paranoid, but it seems an awful lot like she is trying to convert me and I don't like that. And that's where the title of this entry comes in. I always believe in Ship (or not) and Let Ship. I'm not going to go out and convert people who ship differently from me or not at all. Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that. I live with it. She needs to learn that I am not a fan of the D/V ship and needs to respect that.

I just can't stand people like that. I think they give Ship (and the fandom in general) a bad name when they froth at the mouth and demand that everyone else follow them. Sorry, not cool. Luckily I haven't had any problems with this person so far today but I'm not holding my breath. I don't want to stop posting on GW because of her, because I still do enjoy it. I just wish people could be more tolerant of other opinions sometimes. *sigh*

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