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Puppy!Sam Picspam #61 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone, guess who's back to celebrate the new season. *grin*

Episode #4x01: Lazarus Rising

Got a big, 90-picture spam this time. :) Obligatory spoiler warning, of course. My caps came out kind of crappy but hopefully they're not too bad. I played with some of the lighting and other options. But if you see anything you like, please take.

1. Hi, Puppy! Oh, he's in for the shock of his life...

2. Yes, Puppy is shocked. The PuppyEyes™ convey this so well...

3. When puppies attack!

4. Howling Puppy... can just hear him going "arooo!" ... or maybe not ;)

5. Whoa! Down,boy!

6. Puppy is shocked again... could this actually be Dean?

7. Awwww.... OvercomeWithEmotion!Puppy

8. Slackjawed!Puppy is taken aback by Kristy's insinuation

9. ... and now amused ..... hey, PuppyDimple!

10. ... and now seemingly embarrassed as he shoos her from the room

11. But still workin' that Puppy Charm!

12. Tee hee hee... cute embarrassed Puppy!

13. However, Dean is curious.. Innocent!Puppy tries to distract him with the PuppyEyes™

14. ... and PuppyDimples... gah, Puppy, could you up the cuteness factor any higher?

15. Confused!Puppy

16. Grrrowrrr! Angry!Puppy!

17. PissedOff!Puppy insists he did not make a deal for Dean, emphasizing his point with the PuppyEyes™

18. ... and the bitchface

19. Hm... Thoughtful!Puppy with a mini bitchface

20. Aw, Puppy looks sad now...

21. Look at those worried PuppyEyes™! *hugs him*

22. Exposition!Puppy lets Dean know what he's been up to these past months... sorta

23. Brewski!Puppy

24. He tries to keep Dean focused with the PuppyEyes™

25. Oh look the PuppyEyes
™ and ForeheadCrinkles team up to reveal mild surprise!

26. Huh... Puppy actually seems amused that Dean's found out about his secret life...

27. Heh, it's okay, Puppy. We forgive you! Your grief made you do crazy things

28. The PuppyEyes
™ hope that Dean understands, too

29. Curious!Puppy

30. Whatcha doing, Puppy? Are you gonna strip for us?

31. Ooh yes, he is!! *whistles*

32. D'oh, he stopped at the amulet! *sigh* Oh well, Sentimental!Puppy is still a sight to behold. And look, it's the Emo!T-shirt from ELAC/Funky buttoned shirt from CSPWDT ensemble! *g*

33. Aw... Sympathetic!Puppy

34. Hee hee... Expectant!Puppy is so hoping Dean likes how he... upgraded the Impala

35. Hee! He seems almost excited about it!

36. ... Although *somewhat* nervous...

37. This next series of caps is brought to you by the Cuteness That Is Puppy.  Here we see Innocent!Puppy... secretly disappointed that Dean doesn't seem to like his choice of music

38. PuppyShrug! With PuppyEyes
™ upping the cuteness factor

39. Hee hee!!! Oh, Puppy, you never fail to kill us with cuteness! *smishes him*

40. Hm... Shameful!Puppy. Perhaps upgrading the Impala wasn't such a good idea?

41. Or, thinking back to Dean's initial reaction, maybe it was.... heh...

42. *pushes strands of PuppyHair back from the PuppyFace*  *nipples PuppyNeck*

43. Facial Shrug Alert!

44. Aiming some curious PuppyEyes
™ in Bobby's direction

45. ... And greeting Pamela with the good old Puppy Charm!

46. MildlyConfused!Puppy

47. Facial Shrug #2!

48. Hee hee! DelightfullyAmused!Puppy ... at Dean's expense, of course

49. Oh, Puppy... you are doing such a bad job of containing your amusement...

50. Puppy's amused again. At Dean's expense. Again.

51. Some inquisitive PuppyEyes
™ for Pam

52. Puppy secretly thinks Dean's tattoo is so cool... he wishes he had one

53. Puppy in deep concentration...

54. OMG! Flaming trick candles make Puppy wet himself!

55. IToldYouSo!Puppy ... hm, I think he wants a kissy, too. Come here, Puppy, I'd be glad to help you out

56. And now it's time for the Amazing Disappearing ForeheadCrinkles! Now you see 'em...

57. ... Now you don't!

58. Ooh... UltraSarcastic!Puppy

59. Indignant!Puppy

60. Aw... PuppyPout!

61. Whoa, the PuppyEyes
™ are back on high beam

62. He so knows he can still manipulate Dean with them

63. Demon!Waitress makes Puppy nervous

64. Demon!Waitress threatening Dean makes Puppy maaaaad! Time for the bitchface!

65. Let's see that from a slightly different angle, shall we?

66. Do not, I repeat, NOT, piss Puppy off.

67. Aw look, pretty flying PuppyHair!

68. *tousles PuppyHair* *nips at PuppyNeck*

69. Where ya goin', Puppy? Look at that determination... he's Puppy on a Mission!

70. Hello ... Yes, Puppy speaking...

71. *nibbles PuppyNeck again* Sorry, Puppy. You just leave yourself open to it! *nibbles PuppyEar*

72. Oh look, it's Sneakin'Around!Puppy

73. Puppy! Noooo!

74. Yeah! Get her, Puppy! Ah, he's flashing a bit of PuppyMop here :D

75. Hmm... Intimidated!Puppy?

76. He won't admit it... but deep down her melty eyes are grossing him out

77. Ooh... anohter bitchface for MeltyEyes!Demon!Waitress

78. Yep... she has indeed provoked the wrath of Puppy. There is no turning back now.

79. What the... ? Is Puppy attempting a mind meld?

80. Oh, I see... he's concentrating all his PuppyPower in order to unleash a huge can of Puppy Whoop-Ass on her!

81. Oookay... no offense, Puppy, but you're starting to creep me out just a little here...

82. *sigh* How he's grown... he's no longer our cute, innocent little Puppy! :(

83. Aw... but then he looks all remorseful about what he's done... yep, he's still our Puppy. *smiles*

84. *pets Puppy*

85. Facial Shrug #3!

86. Some Puppy cuteness to take us back to season 1! ... Okay, maybe not that far... let's say season 2! *g*

87. Hm... it would seem that New!Stalker!Fangirl isn't immune to the infamous PuppyEyes

88. Aw, Puppy looks sad again :(  *pets him again*

89. Worried!Puppy

90. And some random Puppy prettiness to end on :)

That's it for today.  Hopefully I'll be back next week, same day (or that Friday the latest) with the picspam for the next episode. 

Something else I have to mention... I had a weird SPN-con-related dream last night...

Okay, I dreamt that I was going to some random convention. It wasn't a Creation con, it wasn't EyeCon, it was just some nondescript, small-ish con.  Jared was supposed to be there.  I remember it raining pretty hard outside. I was in the main lecture hall type room where he was supposed to do his Q&A.  There was some kind of mix up about the seating.  There weren't any reserved seats, it was all first come, first serve.  But some people did have reserved seats because they got tickets early. I was one of these people, but no one could tell me where I was supposed to go.  And then some woman that worked with the con stuck a chair at the end of one of the rows for me.  Weird thing is that it was a motorized wheelchair type of thing.  I told her I didn't need anything like that, I can walk just fine.  She gave me some kind of argument and I just found an empty seat up near the front.

Okay, we're all waiting for Jared to come and he shows up a bit late, looking pretty exhausted and even sad.  He makes some kind of comment apologizing and saying things were crazy the past two days, and mentioned something about "Winston" dying.  Everyone in the audience went "aww" and he said "the guy was in bad shape, he had severe arthritis." I was so confused and was wondering if he had another doggie.  Jared seemed very sad and sounded as if he was trying to keep from crying.

I don't remember much about the Q&A, only that he was very subdued and that it was weird.  I was getting a photo op with him but one of the con people told me they were taking a break and would do the rest of the photo op session later.  But then she said I had a choice, did I want to wait or did I want to hurry and do it now. I was kind of nervous but I said I'd do it now.  When I went up to him he shook my hand and I said I was sorry to hear about Winston dying, that I'm a big dog person and I've been through it quite a few times myself. He looked taken aback and said that Winston wasn't a dog, he was a pot-bellied pig (yeah, odd, I know :P).  He then turned to the photographer and one of the other con people and said "do we have time for this?" But he sounded annoyed and even a bit rude.  I got the photo op taken with him but was pretty disappointed.  Then they actually developed the photos later and gave them to me before I left. They ended up taking three shots and the photos weren't that big.  In the first photo Jared was actually looking down at his cell phone, in the other two he was looking at the camera and they were better, but again I was disappointed that he didn't seem as friendly as I'd expected.

Dream ended right there and I woke up.  That's about all I remember of it... it was so weird because he didn't seem as warm and friendly, even enthusiastic as he seems to be in all the con reports, video footage, interviews, etc.  Such an odd dream :P  Have no idea why my mind is trying to mess with me, lol.  I guess I'm just thinking more about this con...
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