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Supernatural #4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester (ep review)

Yay. I've just learned that livejournal has disabled the Rich Text Editor for users of Firefox version 2.0...whatever. Meaning me. So I've got to do my entries with the nifty, lovely HTML editor. Yay, making LJ cuts by hand is fun. Writing out all that HTML by hand is fun. Not.

And they "hope to re-enable it in the future." I guess the nasty buggers *are* gonna get me to download the piss-poor Firefox 3 after all. *fumes*

Anyway... calming down enough so I can post my review, for what it's worth. Hopefully this will work...

Loved the opening montage! Yay, more classic rock! I couldn't place the song, though... it sounded very familiar. I must have heard it before, but I can't think of the title.

Is it me, or did both boys look especially HOT in this episode?!

Hm, I think Dean/Pie is trying to give Dean/Metallicar a run for its money as the OTP Dean 'ship. *grin*

Sam thinks that Castiel is serious business. Dean still very much highly doubts the existence of God. Again, in character. Bobby doesn't want to touch that with a 10 foot pole.

As soon as Sam exited the car at the gas station and Ruby showed up again, I kind of went, "oh, no...where is this leading..." But it was a very quick scene. Ruby thinks this is serious business, too.

Pretty freaky with all the hunters being targeted, and then killed. Sam coming face-to-face with Henriksen in the Men's Room... *shivers*

What's up with the two little girl spirits going after Bobby, though? I wonder what exactly their history is with him. I know all the spirits that showed up were those of the people they couldn't save. But I wonder how Bobby knows them... just two random little girls whom he couldn't save, I guess?

Spirit!Meg! She really is looking quite different... not bad actually. Heh, so the demon that had taken her over made her cut her hair like that. And her little sister committed suicide after they learned Meg was dead? Oh, my... Was interesting though, when she met up with Sam and mentioned Ruby. It looked as though Sam was starting to think about that - before blowing her away, of course.

I knew Ronald (er... Spirit!Ronald) was going to show up... too bad he wasn't in it very much.

Love Bobby's little safe hideaway there. Dean's right - he's awesome!! And the Bo Derek poster on the wall? Ha! Oh, Bobby. :D

When he was doing that chant to get rid of the witnesses, it almost sounded like he was speaking Hebrew...

This whole witness deal is a sign of the Apocalypse? Oh, boy. And Castiel confirms this to Dean. Dean is still of course skeptical about God's existence. I liked how Castiel told him he wasn't like the fluffy kind of Angel - that he's a warrior or soldier. And about how this is one of the seals that was broken, and the last one to be broken would mean Lucifer would take over (if I'm remembering correctly). Looks like Dean's ears perked up upon hearing that. And let's not forget about how he told Dean he was the one who raised him up from Hell, and he can send him back there.

And then when he woke up and had that little conversation with Sam, about how it's okay for Sam to believe that God is out there. And that if he believes in God, would he believe that the Devil exists, too. I'm not really sure what to think of that.

I wonder if Dean is getting worried that Sam might end up fighting on the side of the Devil. I know I am just a bit. It almost seems like they'll have brother pitted against brother. Whatever happens, I just hope that both boys will end up fighting on the same side. But I'm probably thinking too far ahead. Meh, it's kind of late and I'm not thinking too clearly. Should probably retire to bed now...
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