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SGA review coming soon...

Um, so I only got to watch the last 15 minutes of Atlantis last night. This was because I was watching the presidential debate (which I thought was okay - won't go into detail on who I think won, who was right about this or wrong about that, or who cleaned whose clock because I want to keep you all on my flist... *grin*). I did however record the ep so I'll be able to watch the whole thing in its entirety within the next few days. When I do I'll write up a proper review. But here are just a couple of thoughts from what I've seen...

It was pretty cool seeing Daniel in Atlantis. From what little I've seen, he didn't seem much like the Daniel I saw in Continuum, but more like the Daniel of season 9-10 of SG-1. But again, I can't really say because I didn't see very much of the ep. But I do have to say that what I saw of him with McKay was great. I liked the way they played off each other. I'll expand more upon it when I see the whole thing. But these are just a few preliminary thoughts.
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