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Supernatural #4.03 In the Beginning (episode review)

So, my Rich Text editor is still disabled... *sigh* I guess this means I should upgrade to Firefox 3 :p

But here are my thoughts on tonight's ep, as best as I could organize them...

ETA: So I just realized what an insanely stupid big-mouth I am, and might have mentioned a few vague spoilers for upcoming episodes. And didn't put a spoiler warning. *headdesk* I'm sorry to all of you whom I've spoiled. Geez I'm so stupid. Feel free to rant in your LJs about idiots who spoil you, including me. But please don't hate me. I promise I'll be more careful in the future. :(

*kicks self for being a stupid, thoughtless idiot*

As much of a Sam girl as I am and as much as I was disappointed he wasn't in the ep much, I have to say that Dean rocked and Jensen did an awesome job.

But Sammy is scaring me a wee bit. That stone serious look on his face as he leaves the motel room and meets Ruby. And Ruby's "Ready?" and his "Definitely" reply. We know he is up to something. I'm still meh on Ruby. I'm not too crazy about this setup, but I hope it will be justified in the end...

Castiel is being all kinds of mysterious, telling Dean he needs to "stop it."

Disoriented!Dean in 1973 is made of win. Asking where he can get reception on his cell, only to have Dad answer "the USS Enterprise".. hee!

Yay, we got some more rock and roll! Okay not much of it, but still cool to hear. :)

Dean's reaction when he realizes he's talking to Dad. OH, Dean...

Loved how he talked John into getting the Impala.

And then his reaction when he saw Mom. His FACE. Oh, man. Loved the "Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is hot. And I'm going to Hell... again." LOL!

Well, Kripke said we would learn more about Mary this season, and goodness, he was right. Mary is a hunter, from a family of hunters.

I liked how Dean tried to be so careful in not revealing his identity right away, and got them to trust him. So it would seem that Sam *was* named after his grandfather.

Dean posing as a priest! Haven't seen that since Nightmare, have we? Loved this exchange:

Grandpa Samuel: Father... you beat me here.
Dean: Yeah, well, the Lord is funny that way.
(paraphrasing of course... but that scene still made me giggle)

Mary tells Dean tearfully that she wants to get away from this life and live a normal one. Hmm, sound a bit familiar? Kind of like Sam trying to live a normal life by going to school and having a girlfriend? I think we see here how Sam is at least somewhat like his mom.

OMG, I really wanted to hug Dean when he told her to remember something, about not getting out of bed on that night in 1983. Jensen did such a great job there.

We did learn quite a bit of background info on Sam, and the YED. I was a bit surprised to see Samuel possessed by the YED at first, but I realized something seemed a bit off about him when he told Dean that he believes him. I was so worried that Sam really wasn't John's son, but I think this ep has reassured me somewhat. The YED kills John (which I really wasn't expecting, and to bring him back he makes a deal with Mary. But not for her soul - for her children. So Mary and John have Dean, and then Sam. And then that fateful night, the YED visits and drips the blood into baby Sam's mouth.

The last couple of minutes of this ep, back in the present, were pretty chilling to me. Dean is regretful that he couldn't stop it from happening - the deal Mary made with the YED, that is. Castiel tells him not to blame himself. But this sent a chill up my spine:

"Your brother is headed down a dangerous path. You have to stop him, and if you don't, we will."

OMG. I think this is really setting us up for something big. I guess we're going to have Dean pitted against Sam? Is there going to be a big showdown between the brothers, resulting in Dean killing Sam, or vice versa? Will Dean find himself unable to stop Sam (or kill him if he has to), and leave Castiel to do it? I'm on the edge of my seat now, and I'm starting to get a bit worried. I hope things eventually work out and that Sam does eventually use his powers for good so both brothers will be fighting on the same side.

All in all, very interesting episode. Answered a lot of questions I had - the questions about Mary, about Sam and if he really is John's son. I thought Mitch Pilleggi did a very good job as their grandfather and the YED. One thing I don't quite understand, though. Grandpa is supposed to be dead, right? But he's supposed to show up in a later episode. I'm guessing he was revived somehow at some other point? Hopefully we'll find out.

So those are my rambling, incoherent thoughts. *g*
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