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Puppy!Sam Picspam #63 (Supernatural)

Hey everyone. Didn't think I was able to do it, but here is another round of

Episode #4x03: In the Beginning

As Puppy was a mostly no-show in this episode, we could call this a mini picspam. There are only 14 pics, but at least it's something. *g* If you see anything you like, please take. :)

1. First, let's go down memory lane. {Cue Flashback} Oh look, it's Baby!Puppy...

2. Hi, Baby!Puppy!

3. Flash forward 23 years.... Hm, Puppy is disgusted by Nanny!YED's choice of baby formula

4. *Flash backwards about 6 months* Ooh...Angry!Puppy hitting Dean with a large dose of PuppyEyes™

5. *Flash backwards about 6 more months* Aw... Incapacitated!Puppy is sad upon seeing Spirit!Mommy sacrifice herself for them

6. {Aaaaannnd End Flashback} Ah, there's Puppy.  He looks pretty somber.  What's wrong, boy?

7. Yep, Puppy's obviously got insomnia. Come here, Puppy, I'll fix you some warm milk...

8. I... oh, see that look of determination on that PuppyFace? I guess he doesn't want to go to bed after all...

9. I'd say that Puppy envies Dean for being able to sleep so soundly... but, again, it doesn't look like his goal is sleep

10. Silhouette!Puppy

11. Uh, Puppy? Where you goin'?

12. A hard-to-see PuppySmirk.... *g*

13. "Definitely."  What are you up to, Puppy? You get back here this instant! Bad, baaaad boy!!

14. Have to admit that Puppy is starting to creep me out... *shivers* See what you're doing, Puppy? You're scaring fangirls.  Bad dog. :(  (and that Stalker Fangirl isn't exactly innocent, either... she's corrupting sweet, cute puppies....  bad influence)

So, that's about it.  Hopefully next week will result in a bigger picspam (aka more Puppy).  Still I hope you liked this one. :)
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