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Supernatural #4.04 Metamorphosis (Episode Review)

Yay, looks like the Rich Text format is back! (and I didn't upgrade FF yet)  :D

Here is my review.. hopefully it's somewhat coherent *g*

OMG.  Well, I knew there would be a clash between the boys.  Sure happened quickly, didn't it.

Sammy is off asking some random possessed guy where Lilith is.  New!Ruby is with him... meh.  Have I mentioned that I haven't warmed up to her yet?  I don't know why... but I just can't make myself really like her.  Sammy does his freaky power thing and exorcises the demon.  I really got a chill when New!Ruby asked him how he felt.  When he said it made him feel great, I honestly thought that the guy was dead and hearing Sam say that scared me.  But then he checks the guy's pulse and the guy wakes up.  *phew* Okay, Sammy, you're off the hook.

But, oh boy.  We see Dean looming in the distance, watching all this.  Oh, prepare for a showdown.

What I found interesting was that when Dean went off on Sam, he mentioned what Castiel told him - that if he didn't stop Sam, they would.  He then said something like "see, even God is worried!"  But I thought Dean was pretty dead set against the existence of God and all that... I guess that has started to change?

Dean punched Sam! And not just once, but twice! Flashbacks to Bloodlust (although that was just once).  You can tell Dean's actions here are born out of fear.  He is still reeling from what Castiel has told him about Sam.  And poor Sam starts apologizing for not saying anything about this sooner. Aw. :(  He says that he is saving people by exorcising them.  Dean tells him to use that knife, but Sam says that kills the person.  Sam really wants Dean to see that he's doing this for a good reason. 

Then comes the call from Travis about this Jack guy acting all weird.

I liked Travis.  Nice scene in the beginning between him and the boys.  And I liked when he was telling them about the Rugaru (Dean: "That sounds made up." Heh).  Then Sam tells him about the research he did on them.  Dean's reply cracked me up... the whole "Sam loves research. He keeps it under the bed with his K-Y.  It's a sickness."  *giggles*

Travis insists that they have to kill Jack by torching him.  Sam doesn't want to be so trigger happy.  He wants to see if they can talk some sense into Jack so that he won't feed and become this monster.  It's easy to see why he's pushing this.  He sees a parallel between himself and Jack.  That there is something nasty inside of him and he can't give in to it.  If he doesn't he'll be okay.  Travis asks Dean if there's something up with Sam and Dean replies that he doesn't want to know.

Okay, the scene where Jack started shoving that raw meat into his mouth really squicked me out.  It shows his out of control hunger really well, but... eh, I was all squinty-eyed there. :P  And a bit so when he was in the bar and broke the wrist of the big guy that was tormenting that random girl.

Whoa, another big argument between Dean and Sam.  Sam makes Dean stop the car, or he will.  Eek.  Sam tells Dean that he can't understand what he's going through.  He hates the way Dean looks at him.  He knows he's a freak.  Aww :(  My heart started breaking a little there.  He knows he has demon blood, but he wants Dean to see that he's trying to use his powers for good.  It's understandable that Dean is wary of this given what Castiel has told him, definitely.  But poor Sam really thinks he's going good and he really wants Dean to see that.

Well, Sam, talking to Jack didn't work, obviously.  And then Travis heads over to his place anyway.  For some reason his going in half-cocked reminded me of Isaac and Tamara from The Magnificent Seven. 

I love when Dean and Sam were doing their stakeout and burst into the place when they thought Jack was going to go after his wife.  Love how they kicked the door open, the wife screams, and Dean sputters out "Hey, we're here to... uh, save you, I guess." *snicker*

Oh, man. Jack breaks Travis' casted arm... and begins to feast on him.  :P

Okay, how did I know that a commercial break was coming as soon as Jack started attacking the boys?

Sammy comes to in a closet.  Dean is unconscious.  Sam tries to talk to Jack, tries to convince him not to hurt Dean.  To fight it.  Again he's thinking of his own situation.  Telling Jack that there is something inside of him, but he doesn't have to be a monster.  He doesn't have to fall into that pit.  He can fight it.

But, no, Jack apparently can't. He's going to attack Dean.  Until Sam escapes from the closet (I'm assuming by using the wire hanger? He didn't use his powers to do so like he did in Nightmare, did he?) and turns Jack into Crispy!Jack.  Yay, he saved Dean. :)

Poor Puppy... er, I mean, Sam... ;) ... is quiet during the drive back.  He tells Dean he was right about Jack.  Dean is still worried about Sam and his powers, and then Sam tells him he's done with them.  What?  Dean hopes so.  Sam apparently doesn't want to become a monster.  I think that seeing what happened to Jack, that he kept slipping further and further away, and kept getting hungrier, and in the end there was no way to save himself (or for anyone to save him).  I think Sam is starting to get scared that this could happen to him.  Perhaps he could endanger the lives of those he loves. 

Or maybe he's lying to Dean.  I really don't want to believe that.  Maybe Sam will ease up on using his powers.  Maybe not.  But it seems that what he saw gave him a bit of pause about this whole thing.  I guess we will see how it plays out.
All in all, very nicely done ep.  I'm really looking forward to next week's. *grin*

And watching the show has cheered me up... after feeling kinda crppy before I've forgotten all about it.  I love that this show can do that for me. *smiles*

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