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SGA #5.11 The Lost Tribe

I'm tired, it's been a long day and a long week, but here are some thoughts on the episode...

I know I didn't get to write up a proper review for the last episode. I just never had time.  I did mention that it was pretty cool seeing Daniel and Rodney interact.  I think that's about all I can say really...

On to this episode...  I kinda liked Zelenka's reaction to seeing the young girl working on the Travelers' ship.  He's obviously worried that she is going to burn out the ship or something... and there is nothing he can do about it.  Poor, helpless Zelenka. *g*

I know there are people who don't like Rodney and especially were tired of seeing Rodney and Shep as a dynamic duo or whatever, but I've always liked him (especially because he reminds me of a guy that I really liked in grad school... as weird as that may sound, lol).  And like I said it was neat watching him and Daniel interact in the last episode.  But this week, I dunno... sometimes it seemed like Rodney's character was somewhat exaggerated, or... I can't think of the right word... maybe a bit OTT.  Don't get me wrong, it was kind of funny when he and Daniel were in danger and he'd start babbling and whimpering... but at times I felt that they were overdoing it just a bit.  And Daniel just throwing back sarcastic remarks.  Again it didn't bother me at times but other times it seemed like a bit too much.  I can't really put my finger on it.  Not that it was all bad or anything, but sometimes it annoyed me.  Maybe I'm just being too nitpicky.

Asgard.  How did I know it'd be an Asgard?  When one of the guys in the suits started talking I thought, "Gee, that sounds awfully Asgard-ish." *g*  And I was right.  Heh.  But I think I missed something there.  Didn't the Asgard race commit suicide in Unending? Or were there some of them that were potentially hiding out somewhere and lived on? Or....? I probably wasn't paying attention there...  I liked Daniel's talk with the Asgard though and how he brought up Loki, how what they were doing reminded him of that.

And now for something completely shallow.... Daniel looked quite fit, didn't he.  Quite different from the bulked up Daniel of seasons 7 and 8 of SG-1 (mostly).  Yeah I know he's been fit for quite a while, but I was really able to notice it here. *g*

Looks like we learn that Ronan has some kind of feelings for Keller.  Well... true we did learn about that a few episodes ago when Ronan sorta admitted it to Rodney (which prompted his "May the best man win" line).  But oh boy, Ronan did not want her to give herself up to Todd, even if she wanted to do it to buy him some more time.  The way the camera lingered on him you could see how against it he was and he didn't want her putting herself in danger.  I guess this is going to result in some Ronan/Keller UST fics, especially in the way that Keller told him at the end she has feelings for someone else... looked like Ronan was hiding some feelings there....  but who knows.

Speaking of Keller, she annoyed me a bit at times on the Daedalus when she was going around with Ronan, asking why he was doing this and that... I don't know, she just seemed a bit more shrill at times, LOL. Almost like she was in that episode with Teyla last season (can't remember the ep title now).

Commercial break time delivers another political ad.  GAH!! Mayday, mayday!!

Sorry, I really am trying to escape from that annoying BS.  I see it enough on broadcast TV and the cable news channels, and now am seeing it on channels like SciFi?! It's not good for my blood pressure.

Oh, well, at least I spared the TV and didn't end up breaking the screen by hurling my remote at it :P

But back to Rodney and Daniel... I love how excited Rodney gets when he thinks he's arrived at a solution! Daniel has the dry comment about being mentally unstable, or something like that (can't remember the direct quote), and Rodney replies "unstable like a fox!" Heh.  Liked Rodney's reaction when Daniel gets hurt, all worried and stuff.  And then of course the scene in the infirmary.  Daniel tells him that he appreciated what he said about respecting Daniel. Aww. :)  Rodney of course won't admit it.  Heh... the awkwardness between them was kinda cute.  I'm not a slasher as you know but all around their interaction was nice.
That's about it.  Going to finish watching Sanctuary (pretty interesting ep so far) and then call it a night.  Have a good night everyone. :)

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