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SGA #5.12 Outsiders

I'm exhausted and heading to bed in a minute or two, so not a very detailed review... but a few key points.


Carson & Rodney FTW!!!

Okay, that's the extent of my review. *g*

Heh. Not really...  But seriously I *heart* Carson.  He's so adorable.  I loved his "I'm afraid I have bad news... looks like you will be going back to school tomorrow" to the little girl in the beginning.  You sweetheart :D

Bwahahaha... the Balaran(sp?) girl upon meeting Rodney asks if he is Rodney of the funny stories.  Oh, I can just imagine the funny stories Carson has to tell.  Clueless!Rodney is a delight.

Was it my imagination, or did Paul's Scots accent start to slip a little here and there? Especially in the beginning?

*shakes fist at weasel Balaran guy who gave away Carson's position to the Wraith*

Rodney and Carson captured and held on the Wraith ship, and Carson forced to research for Wraith.  I loved when Rodney asked if he was okay because he has that "Beckett face."  Heh.

Teehee, Panicky!Rodney makes me giggle.

Ooh, yeah.  Carson won't back down! Love it.  Got all kinds of scared when the Wraith started attacking him and then we go to commercial.  But Carson showed them.  Whooo! Carson: 1, Wraith: 0.

Ending: Awww, how cute.  Rodney seems very disappointed that Carson won't join him for lunch because he's preoccupied with his research.  But then Carson admits he's "feeling a bit peckish."  Hee :D  Asking if Rodney met anyone new... Rodney denies.  "You're quite the liar" Carson returns. 

Squeee! I love Carson!  Carson and Rodney rock!
That's about all I can come up with.  So tired.  Hitting the hay.  Hope you all have a good weekend!
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