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Puppy!Sam Picspam #64 (Supernatural)

Sorry I'm late with this one. Had so much to do and not enough time to edit screencaps.

Episode #4x04: Metamorphosis

Over 80 pics, so not dial-up friendly. If there's anything you like, please take. :)

1. Hi, Puppy. Oh, you're busy. Should we come back later?

2. Smartass!Puppy, dimples and all *g*

3. And here's a little something we like to call ...

4. ... Parade of Bitchfaces!

5. *bitchface*

6. *bitchface*

7. You see, it's the Bitchface Method of interrogation, for which Puppy hopes to achieve a patent.

8. Ah!! MegaBitchface!

9. Bitchface Extraordinaire! When that shows itself you *know* not to mess with Puppy

10. Hm... remorseful!Puppy?

11. Aw!! New!StalkerFangirl gave Puppy an A+ for that interrogation and exorcism. Puppy is pleased!

12. He's about to hang a small sign on that guy saying "Another Successful Exorcism performed by Puppy. Call 555-DANG-IM-CUTE for more information." But an intruder interrupts and he quickly becomes OMG!Puppy...

13. Aw. Puppy is in abject fear of big brother... he enlists the PuppyEyes™ to help soften the blow

14. PuppyEyes
™ begging for mercy!

15. Puppy has been verrrry naughty... but still ...  *pets him*

16. Look at that poor little abandoned Puppy :(

17. Brooding!Puppy

18. Noooo! Dean hit the puppy! Bad Dean!

19. Poor Puppy...

20. Just look at that hang dog expression :(

21. Such desperation in those
PuppyEyes™... he really wants Dean to see he's a good puppy, not a bad one

22. *hugs Puppy*

23. Wow, really upping the
PuppyEyes™ here...

24. Now Puppy just looks tired... *fixes up doggie bed for him*

25. Emo!Puppy is now emerging...

26. *gently kisses Puppy's forehead*

27. "You were gone... "  Awww :(

28. Oh, no, Puppy's gonna cry.  *sniffle*

29. Look at that woobie little face...

30. *smishes Puppy*

31. Such remorseful

32. And now he's Concerned!Puppy

33. Worried!Puppy.. aww he really looks like a little kid here

34. "*sniffle* *ahem* Yes, this is Puppy..."

35. Eep! Puppy's got a nasty case of brain freeze!

36. PuppyMop!! *squeee*

37. Surprised!Puppy amazed that Dean went back in time and met Mommy

38. And is perhaps a bit jealous that he didn't get to go as well

39. Looks like Puppy wants a kiss now... okay boy, if you insist...

40. Watchdog!Puppy gawks in awe at the elusive Rugaru

41. Aw, Happy!Puppy sharing a light-hearted reunion with Travis

42. Hee... Embarrassed!Puppy wants everyone to forget he was a "Math-lete" when he was a mini-Puppy

43. PuppyDimples!! :D

44. Some curious

45. And some ForeheadCrinkle action going on too *g*

46. Research!Puppy returns to present his findings

47. *goes weak-kneed*

48. Hee! Look how eager he is to share the info he obtained! He's brimming with enthusiasm!

49. Although trying to hide it... but it's not working... *g*

50. Whoa! Travis wants to use the Puppy knowledge unwisely! He must be stopped! Out come the

51. Yep, Travis has indeed succeeded in pissing Puppy off... this is not good...

52. Poor Puppy... you tried.

53. Uh oh... now Dean's attitude is dismaying Puppy...

54. Aw, it's a mini PuppyPout!

55. Puppy has to run out and use the facilities, but Dean isn't listening.  Puppy is desperate, and howls his demand to be let out of the car

56. Puppy is dead serious... if Dean doesn't let him out, he'll ruin the Impala's upholstery (Puppy fights dirty).

57.  Ooh... Snarling!Puppy!!

58. Poor misunderstood Puppy hangs his head... :(   Oh, some more nice PuppyMop...

59. Aw.... *pets him*

60. Puppy appeals to Jack with the PuppyEyes and ForeheadCrinkles

61. Puppy hides his extreme disappointment that Jack doesn't like him with a bitchface

62. Puppy and Dean to the rescue! Oh, to be greeted at my door with this.....

63. Hm... Puppy seems a bit fearful....  and look, it's the BUABS/AHBL shirt! :D

64. Oops, a mistake was made... still, lucky girl...

65. I love this cap... Puppy shares his apprehension with Dean

66. Oops... they've stumbled upon the Travis scraps... Puppy's feeling a wee bit sicky...

67. OMG!Puppy as Rugaru!Jack drops in unexpectedly

68. Puppy! Noooo!

69. Napping Puppy...

70. Rise and shine, Puppy... *wipes his bloody nose*

71. Aw, Rugaru!Jack thinks Puppy is a bad boy and had him locked in a closet!

72. Puppy begs to be freed, hoping the power of the PuppyEyes can penetrate the door

73. Dang, it isn't working...

74. But wait... Puppy seems to have an idea...

75. Clever Puppy! Using a good old fashioned wire hanger instead of the scary Puppy tricks!

76. Puppy's free! And he's pissed... uh oh

77. He looks upon Rugaru!Jack with the PuppyEyes of Shame

78. Pyro!Puppy

79. Aw, it's Hero!Puppy. Good boy!

80.*pets the sad Puppy*

81. Quiet!Introspective!Puppy

82. Aw, poor Puppy is convinced that he's been a bad boy and vows that he'll be the best puppy he can possibly be.... or, will he? *hugs him in the meantime*

That's it for today.  Next week I should have SilverScreen!Puppy from 4x05 Monster Movie ready to present.  Hope you liked this one. :)
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