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Supernatural #4.07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (ep review)

I had a long day and am exhausted, so apologies if I don't sound too coherent or detailed in this review...

We open on a naughty husband with a sweet tooth. Wanting to help himself to the Halloween candy.  Of course he's going to go right for it as soon as his wife leaves the room. Yup. 

Tsk. That's what you get for eating the candy. Reminds me of the whispers about kids finding razor blades in Halloween candy or apples (don't remember) many years ago.

Boys in suits!! FTW!!!

Hex bag alert!

And now we cut to a bunch of kids having a Halloween party.  Okay I have to say I saw the whole drowning-while-bobbing-for-apples thing coming...

Hmm.  Is Dean/Candy now a canon 'ship? Up there with Dean/Impala and Dean/Pie? *g*

Dean thinks witches are so skeevy.  Yeah. Charred bone of an infant? I can't disagree.

So we finally meet Uriel.  Seems to be an enigmatic character.  Definitely not as benign as Castiel.

Liked the scene where Dean was looking at one of those awful masks and seemed to have flashbacks to Hell.  Then Sam comes in and says something to the effect of, "Brings back memories, doesn't it?" This gets Dean's attention and Sam elaborates about being a teenager with all the angst.  "What did you think I meant?"

Okay, I thought that something seemed a tad off with Severus Snape... er, that teacher/professor/whatever he was whom they were talking to about Tracy.

Loved the interaction between Dean and the little boy dressed as the astronaut. 
Kid: Trick or Treat!
Dean: This is a hotel. We don't have any candy.
Sam: Yes we do, in the...
Dean: We don't have any candy.
Kid: I want candy!
Dean: I think you've had enough.

Oh, he's gonna get it later, isn't he. Loved their little stare down.

Going back to Castiel and Uriel... they mention the witch who is going to raise Hell and that Sam and Dean need to leave this town.  Castiel and Uriel are going to destroy it.  Sam and Dean refuse.  

Sam later tells Dean he thought the angels would be different.  It does seem a bit odd that if they are angels as they say they are, they would want to destroy this town and all the innocent people living there.  They make the argument that it's only a few thousand people (or whatever it was in that town) against six billion.  But something just didn't seem right.  But still the fact that Sam is against sacrificing the lives of these people says to me that he hasn't totally embraced the dark side.  And that makes me happy.

Ah yes, Dean did pay for that little argument with the kid.  Egged!Impala! Dean screams, "astronaut!!" LOL.

Okay, we then see, professor guy doing some weird incantation thing with Tracy tied up.  Could there be a twist in that *he* is the witch and not her?

Not quite.  Although Sam and Dean take no chances and shoot him.  Tracy pulls the innocent act but we can see right through it.  This is not good.  She raises Samhain and he possesses Snape.  I was a bit confused at first when Sam smeared his face with the blood and then told Dean to do likewise, but turned out it acted like a mask and kept them "hidden." Good thinking Sammy. :)

We see that Dean is still very wary of Sam using his powers. He reminds Sam that it's like playing with fire.  Sam doesn't seem to be really making any promises that he won't use them, though. Even after he takes the knife from Dean.

Ha! When we see the kids outside going trick or treating at night, some of the scary sound effects like the laughing was taken from the Fun House scenes from ELAC! Yeah, I'm weird like that...

Um... is it me or is it somewhat odd that those kids seemed to be having a Halloween party in a crypt/mausoleum/whatever that was?  Samhain!Snape locks them all in and the dead are raised.  The stupid kids are doomed, till Sam and Dean arrive and shoot off the locks on the door.  Sam orders Dean to save the kids and not worry about him.

Kickass!Sammy has a showdown with Samhain!Snape!   The demon "ray gun" has no effect on the NewImproved!Puppy.  They go for some hand-to-hand for a while, before Sam brings out the big guns to bring Samhain down.  Ooh boy.  And Dean is catching an eyeful of this.  Sammy is really struggling for a while. Aw. :(  But he manages to do it.

Final scenes involve Sam with Uriel, Dean with Castiel.  Let's start with Sam and Uriel.  Uriel does not like that Sam is using his powers. He was told not to use them again.  Sam maintains he did the right thing and mouths off, saying "Dean was right. You are dicks."  Uriel threatens him, saying that they're keeping him alive because he's useful (whoa...), but next time he says anything, Uriel will turn him into dust.  He finishes by telling Sam to ask Dean about Hell.  This has to be setting us up for something.

Then Castiel with Dean...  So Castiel admits he doesn't really know what's right and wrong.  That he was going to do what Dean wanted - that this was all a test to see how Dean would act under pressure.  Hmmm....  So is Castiel saying he would follow Dean? Almost like that one demon girl who was ready to follow Sam (or so she said) in Sin City?  I probably have that wrong. But that scene was food for thought.  And then Castiel ends by telling Dean he has a lot of weight on his shoulders and he would never want to be in that position.

So is Sam going to ask Dean what it was like in Hell? Is Dean going to share any of that with Sam?  Sounds like it, from the way they were talking.  I guess we will see. I do hope so.  I think it would show more of the boys together and not so distant/apart from each other.  Which has been bugging me a bit this season.

Next week's episode looks interesting too.

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