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Watching Ghost Hunters Live now...

And lo - they managed to get another wrestler on this year.  Oh, how did I not see that coming...

*grumble* Amanda better be shown at least as much as he is.

Josh Gates, you are an imbecile.

He has on the guy who hosts this new show called Estate of Panic.  Josh quips that that is the slogan of the McCain campaign.

Wow.  And here I've been so sick and tired of $#@&* politics and just wish it would end. But no, thank you Josh for dredging it up again.  If you thought that was so hilarious and that everyone watching thinks you're the man just because you said that, you're sadly mistaken.  Thank you for sullying this happily apolitical show with your stupid unfunny political cheap shot.  You suck.

And not only that, but he reminds me of a smarmy smartass I knew in grad school, both in attitude and appearance.  *snort*

I know, I know, I shouldn't get so bent out of shape over this.  Hopefully this will get better as the evening goes on.... *sigh*
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