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Supernatural #4.08 Wishful Thinking (episode review)

Well, this was definitely an... interesting ep. *g*  A few thoughts. Apologies if I'm forgetting something or if they're too jumbled...

So glad it was just our boys in this episode.  No Dean off with Castiel, Sam off with Ruby.  Just the two boys, working on a case and attempting some heart-to-hearts... well, Sam attempting, anyway. ;)

So, Sam's talk with Uriel last episode was leading into something.  I liked that he wanted Dean to talk to him about what happened to him in Hell.  Of course Dean isn't going to share.

Aww. Sammy undercover as a journalist/author. And the title of his book? Supernatural.  Love it. *g*

And the weirdness taking place in the town unfolds before our eyes.  How cute was the scene where the boys approach little Audrey? "We're teddy bear doctors." Hee!!! I love their expressions as they flash their badges. 

And the giant teddy bear!!! "Close the frigging door!!!"  LMAO!

Wow, I expected this teddy bear to be on a drunken binge or something.  Watching the local news and crying about how awful everything is. *g*

Audrey's parents are off in Bali? So she wished her parents away and made her teddy life-size (and alive)?

And then the majorly depressed giant teddy tries to commit suicide and shoots himself in the head?! Maybe it's wrong but I was LMAO at that, especially when the bit of stuffing flew around  .... yeah, I guess I really am weird. ;)

The wishing well is in a Chinese restaurant.  Oh, Dean wishing for food.  Gotta love it.  Dean/food is still an OTP. *g* 

But the wishes turn bad.  As poor Dean soon learns.  Poor guy.

Ted Raimi!!! When I first saw him in the background in one of the earlier Chinese restaurant scenes, I wondered how big his part in this ep would be.  Quite decent, I'd say.  He's a poor loser who can't get women to notice him.  He gets his wish, although the girl ends up a wee bit too clingy...

The owner of the Chinese restaurant was funny.  The way he reacted when the boys told him he had a rat infestation, then didn't want them messing with his fountain and finally insisting the restaurant was very clean.  *g*

Little boy getting picked on becomes a bully himself and overpowers the other boys.  Now things really are starting to get out of hand.

Especially when he wails on Dean.  Crap.

Nooooo! Sammy gets struck by lightning by Wes' (poor loser guy) girlfriend, not wanting him to wish away their love!! You take that wish back!!!

I liked how Dean and Sam tried to convince him this wasn't the right thing to do.  Dean tells him about the whole "be careful what you wish for" thing.  I love how Wes imitates him (and Dean's reaction *g*), and then says it's easy for them to say that because they're good-looking and must have everything.  Poor dope. :(  The boys of course reveal that they don't have everything.  The moral here, kiddies, is that looks and other goodies aren't everything.  Oh, yeah... and 'be careful what you wish for.'

Looked like Wes came to his senses.  I was glad he did the right thing and removed the coin from the fountain and put an end to all of this (and thus Dean recovering from getting the life strangled out of him by the little bully, and Sam being revived).

So it looks like things returned to normal.  Little Audrey's parents came back and she reunited with them, clutching her now normal sized teddy. Wes' former girlfriend doesn't even know him.  Poor guy looked so dejected when he exited the restaurant.  And the look Sam gave him...

I didn't get to mention this before, but I liked the boys' exchange regarding the wishes.  When Dean asked what Sam would wish for, if he'd want his life back and become a successful lawyer.  Sam replies that he can't get all that back, that things are different now and he's a different person.  Oh, how right you are, Sammy.  :(  *wistful sigh*  Dean asks what he would wish for and Sam tells him, "Lilith's head... bloody on a plate."  Dean doesn't really comment on that.

It was cute how Audrey waved to Dean as she and her parents passed by. :)  When I saw Dean sitting on the bench alone I almost worried for a split second that Sam wouldn't be there and we'd see Castiel take a seat beside him.  Then I remembered I didn't see Misha's name in the opening credits.  Sammy comes up to him. 

We get a brotherly bonding scene!! *cheers*  Well... sorta. :)  Dean tells Sam that he's right, that he does remember what happened in Hell.  But he won't talk about it, even as Sam insists and wants to help ease Dean's burden.  Dean tells him that he can't, that it's "all up here" (pointing to his head).  And that having a heart to heart or caring and sharing won't help.  He gets teary.  Ohhhh, Dean. :(  *hugs him*  Jensen did a lovely job here.  And Jared did as well.  Poor Sam didn't know what to say.  He looked like he really wanted to help, but Dean just couldn't talk about it. 

I have to wonder if Sam will try pressing the issue, or if Dean will begin to share what happened or what it felt like, all on his own.  I guess time will tell.

This wasn't an overly serious or overly angsty (except a bit at the end), but I thought it was good.  The teddy bear thing still stands out for me... oh yeah, and then there was the young guy who made himself invisible so he could spy on girls in the shower... and managed to get hit by the Impala. *g*

Next week's looks intriguing as well.

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