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Puppy!Sam Picspam #65 (Supernatural)

Sorry about the little hiatus... I was sick for a few weeks and then got really busy at work. :P I hope this makes up for it...

Episode #4x05: Monster Movie

77 images, so not dial-up friendly. If there's anything you like please take. Oh, and there's also some Dean'age in there. *g*

1. Hi, Puppy... ooh, it's Puppy in Black & White :D

2. Hm... SomewhatAmused!Puppy

3. Doubtful!Puppy

4. Suit!Puppy!! Aw... his tie is chafing him again

5. Aw, Suit!Puppy is so cute and handsome :D

6. And I think he knows it *g*

7. Puppy enjoys a good old fashioned Puppy Treat

8. What's wrong, Puppy? Is the Puppy Treat not as good as you'd hoped?

9. Hee! Puppy's amused again

10. "Hey, Sheriff. Agent Puppy here. I need to ask you a few questions..."

11. Puppy's ears... and eyes... perk up as the sheriff gives them some interesting info

12. Curious!Puppy

13. In an attempt to get more info out of the Sheriff, Puppy begins Operation Kill With Cuteness

14. Facial Shrug Alert!

15. Maybe the patented PuppyEyes™ will help

16. Now putting on his Cute Puppy act for Jamie

17. And trying to tell her in the subtlest way that he wants a kissy

18. Ah yes, Dean's antics are amusing Puppy

19. Confused!Puppy

20. How 'bout a smidgen of ForeheadCrinkle action?

21. Puppy and Dean demonstrate the fine art of listening intently

22. Awkward!Puppy

23. MildlySurprised!Puppy, with a side of MildlyConcerned!Dean

24. Lipstick blots on cocktail napkins confuse Puppy

25. Sarcastic!Puppy disapproves of Dean's chauvenism

26. D'oh! Jamie's reaction was not what Puppy hoped for...

27. His sarcasm fell flat, and he is ashamed.  Thus he hangs his Puppy Head in shame

28. Surprised!Puppy

29. PuppyTongue!

30. Aha... Puppy is made the butt of jokes again. The Bitchface can't be far behind...

31. But instead he gives us Facial Shrug #2

32. Incredulous!Puppy

33. Puppy again demonstrates what a good listener he is

34. Hm... Mini Bitchface?

35. Facial Shrug #3!

36. GrossedOut!Puppy, at the sight of a werewolf victim

37. Yep, he is gonna puke at any given second... *gets wastebasket for him*

38. Using the
PuppyEyes™ to make Dean give up the rest of his beer-battered onion rings

39. Yep, Puppy really wants them

40. "You know you can't resist... hand them over."

41. Heh... Duckface!Puppy

42. Aw, sneaking around in dusty old museums in the middle of the night makes Puppy uneasy

43. But wait, he's found a clue! Good boy!

44. Buckets of dry ice confuse Puppy

45. Facial Shrug #4!

46. Puppy is hungry again.  See how he stands at the table and begs?

47. Ugh... shapeshifter skin makes Puppy queasy. He is no longer hungry

48. DelightfullyAmused!Puppy :D  and is that the Provenance/Bloodlust/DALDOM shirt??

49. Bored!Puppy wondering if he can sneak in and catch the midnight showing for free

50. LockAndLoad!Puppy

51. PUPPY HAIR!!! *ahem* Sorry... back to our regularly scheduled picspam

52. Wide-Eyed,Curious!Puppy

53. Pupyp can't decide which is more disturbing... the possibility of Ed being Shapeshifter!Ed, or the fact that he's a Casio freak

54. When Puppies Attack! In Film Noir!

55. OMG!Puppy... Ed is *not* Shapeshifter!Ed after all!

56. Puppy realizes he's made a grave error in judgment

57. Hee Hee... Silly Puppy!

58. Puppy cocks his head in confusion... till he figures out the plot device! Good boy, Puppy

59. Rescue!Puppy sneakin' around again

60. Puppy finds Lederhosen!Dean's resemblance to Hansel amusing

61. Hey, look! PuppyMop! :D

62. Puppy! Noooooo!!

63. Aw... VanHelsing!Puppy meets his maker. *helps Puppy up*

64. Heh... look at that impatient, yet amused Puppy in the background ;D

65. These next three caps are brought to you by TCTIP (The Cuteness That Is Puppy).

66. And Puppy attempts Operation Kill With Cuteness again...

67. *dies*

68. Alas, Dean and Jamie seem to be immune... which bothers Puppy

69. Facial Shrug #5! (and looks like Dean is attempting one as well)

70. Shocked!Puppy

71. Facial Shrug #6! (is that a record?)

72. Some PuppyDimples shyly saying hello

73. Know-It-All!Puppy exposes Dean's Porkys II obsession to the world

74. Puppy's killing me again...

75. I so need to make an animated icon with these two caps...

76. Hee... Puppy knows big brother so well

77. Puppy basks in the glow of being right

And that's it for today.  This will be the last Puppy picspam until I return from the Chicago con.  Hopefully I will have the one for #4x06 Yellow Fever ready for next week. If not, then definitely soon after.  Hope you enjoyed it. :)
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