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08 January 2007 @ 11:50 am
New Amanda Tapping Interview  
Amanda was interviewed during the GABIT AT2 con a few months back:


It's a good interview but she said something kind of noteworthy (well in MHO anyway):

GW: ...Now we know that Stargate's over, and anything that you wish had been covered. Any 'Man, I wish ...' or, 'hey, it's too bad ...'

Not really. Chris and I have always lamented the fact that there's never been a real exploration of the friendship between Sam and Teal'c. And yet there has, but it's been in small moments. Like you said, you treasure the small moments between the characters. And in the last episode we kind of paid homage to that friendship in a really subtle way that I actually think is quite lovely. Chris and I had a really, really nice time playing it.

I would have liked to have seen, to be honest, more interaction between Daniel and Sam in the last few seasons. I missed him. Sam missed Daniel in the last few seasons. Especially Season Ten was very much about Daniel and Vala. I missed Daniel.

People have noticed a lot of the time that Cameron and Teal'c go off…

Cameron and Teal'c, Daniel and Vala

And Sam…

Yeah. I felt very fifth-wheelish at times. So I lament that. I lament that there wasn't more interaction between us with the other two in the final two seasons.

Because they were such…originally, separated at birth.

Such a beautiful friendship between the two.

The wonder twins.

Yeah. When we did at the end of Season Eight -- "Moebius." When we did that we had so much fun playing together and doing those geeky, goofy takes on our characters. And so I lament that. I wish that here had been more scenes between Sam and Daniel.

I'm glad that they will pay homage to the Sam/Teal'c friendship in the last episode, but I guess they didn't do anything about Sam and Daniel's friendship...  And reading what she just said about it makes me sad.  It's good to know that she wishes there was more interaction between them as well.  And I agree with her, that she's seemed like a fifth wheel a lot of the time when we'd have Teal'c and Cam pairing off and then Daniel and Vala, and poor Sam by her lonesome. 

I feel so tempted to not even watch the rest of the season.  I know I obsess way too much over this, but it drives me nuts how TPTB seem to think that the only woman Daniel can interact with is Vala, how they feel so free to throw the Sam/Daniel friendship out the window.  They just totally overlook it.  I'm even getting a bad feeling about the final ep - and not just from the spoilers I've read so far but because I just know they won't have Daniel even talk to Sam, unless he argues with her or something.

And no, the Sam/Daniel interaction and friendship isn't the only reason why I watch the show, but it is a big part of it.  I just hate how the writers turned Sam into wallpaper and ruined their friendship, and I just don't see much reason to watch anymore.  I'm pretty digusted.

I hope I didn't tick anyone off... I'm just so pessimistic about this.  I'm glad to know that Amanda feels the same way, that she misses Daniel and the interaction, but that's just telling me that these characters will have nothing to do with each other.

For those of you who are still watching, I'd love it if you could give me some idea of how things are going, if we see any good team interaction, and (if you don't mind) ANY hints at all of a friendship between the "wonder twins."

Guess that's it.  Sorry for rambling on so much... :(
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Christine (aka) Pineapple >^..^<: DanSamchris4short on January 8th, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
*sigh* I about cried when I read that... and how many times can she use "lament"? heheh... Awww... I'm glad that AT sees that there was a lack of S/D interaction... wondertwins... nope, science twins... hey that would make a good website *wink wink*
jessm78: being therejessm78 on January 8th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah it is pretty depressing.... And poor AT, I did notice a lot of "lament" there - though I guess I cannot blame her. It is good that she sees it too... *sigh* Science Twins... oh I thought that sounded a bit familiar, heheh. I'd point her to it to cheer her up but don't want to toot my own horn...
Suzotchkasuzotchka1 on January 8th, 2007 10:06 pm (UTC)
I absolutely hate the way they treated Amanda! And she's way too classy to say anything negative about them which makes me like her even more! I really miss the team. I miss the interaction. Will I watch the rest of season 10? Probably. But I'm really not looking forward to it. Will I buy seasons 9 & 10 DVDs? Probably not. Will I buy the movies? Probably not. I'm not wasting my hard earned money supporting a once good show that is now a has been.
jessm78: geekjessm78 on January 9th, 2007 11:26 pm (UTC)
Same here! I couldn't believe the whole "we don't know what to do with your character" thing.... I really enjoyed her interview, she was (is) class all the way. :) Yeah, a lot of people are crowing about The Quest Part 2 already, but I'm not too impressed by what I've read. Seems to be great if you're a Daniel fan - but seems now that includes also being a fan of Vala and Daniel/Vala.

The show does seem to be a shell of what it once was. It's sad.
Nicoletrisana on January 10th, 2007 01:23 am (UTC)
My love for Amanda has grown. :D *sigh*
jessm78: hairsprayjessm78 on January 10th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
*sigh* Yep, isn't she great? :D I loved the interview, she didn't pull any punches.