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Well, no new SG-1 this week. Oh, well. Looks like some good eps are showing during the marathon (though I am tempted to just do my own DVD marathon)... 1969, Window of Opportunity (the golf scene is hilarious!), The Fifth Race, Moebius Part 1 (DARter, squeeee! *ahem* sorry)... Someone at GW posted a link to a sneak preview of Memento Mori, I think that AOL thing... can't remember the url, but it was up on YouTube.

Anyway that "date" thing that I was getting hives just hearing about turned out to be not quite as bad as I feared... read about it in the cut below.

Okay, first of all Daniel does not seem all that comfortable at times, and he makes it clear to Vala that he wouldn't call this a "date", just two friends going out for dinner. She says she's learned from TV here about dates with their "dinner, possibly karaoke, and then..." Daniel cuts her off and says it's "REALLY not a date" LOL... you can tell in his mannerisms that he's not as much at ease as he might be with certain OTHER female members of his team (hmmmm...). It was a short scene and she actually had one really stupid line at the end of it that made me snicker (yeah I'm serious!). After she said it and left, Daniel's reaction was like, "Oooo-kaaaay..."

So after seeing this I am feeling somewhat better about this ep. Hopefully it will not disappoint and that Daniel's interaction with his other friends will be decent. :)

And now onto the second part of this entry. I made some S/D icons/avatars the other day that I thought I'd post. One of them has just AT and MS together.

So that's about it for today. Have some fanfiction I'd like to upload if I get a chance tonight, if not then this weekend (if that loverly storm thing doesn't come too close and knock out our power somehow).

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