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Chicago Con, Report and Pics Part 6

As if I haven't posted on LJ enough today... *g*

So, here is Part 6, finally.  This covers all of Saturday.

Saturday morning was a very interesting one in our hotel room.  The night before I'd taken a quick shower and when I got out, I noticed a bit of water on the floor at the back of the bathtub.  I'd had the curtain across, so it was looking to me like the tub leaking.  I warned my roomies.  Next morning, I took another shower, but when I got out I noticed the WHOLE FLOOR WAS FLOODED.  And there was water seeping underneath the door.  My slippers got wet and I had to dry them off with the hairdryer. :P  We put in a call to the front desk.  Later they had a couple of guys come up and look at it.  They were apparently convinced at first that it was the toilet that was leaking.  But they ran the water in the tub and realized it was the source of the leak.  They caulked it and luckily we had no more problems after that.  But, eek.  

Anyway, Samantha Smith was the first guest.  I think this was her first con, or first Creation con, at least. 

Someone asked her a question about a recent episode... (highlight for 4x03 spoilers) They said Mary had mentioned in ITB that she didn't want her kids to end up as hunters like she was, and how would she feel if she found out that that is what they become? Samantha said she would probably feel conflicted.  She was also asked what she thought of the actress who played young Mary.  She thought she was great - that there was a nice balance between her being nice and innocent, and being a fighter.  She also said that young Mary's deal with the YED made sense, that her grief over John's death overpowering everything.
 I think the coolest thing about her was that she admitted she not only acted on the show, but she's a fan of the show as well.  Most of the other guests would just say, "oh yeah, the only eps I've watched are the ones I was in" but she actually has watched all the eps and knows the show well.  I thought that was really cool. :)

Like everyone else, she was asked if the J's had pranked her.  She said no, but not to give them any ideas. *g*

She was also asked about her experience acting with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  She said it was great, but sadly there was no kissing.  She said "he was fantastic and charming... and tall."  Heh.

She mentioned she did have an encounter with Jared's dogs.  She has a 3.5 pound Yorkie, and Jared's dogs are rambunctious.  There was some incident where her trailer was open, her dog was in the door and Jared's dogs were running around.  It involved one of the dogs getting bitten on the nose... I can't remember if it was her dog biting one of Jared's, or one of his dogs biting her dog.  But still.  Ouch. ;)

She was asked if she would be back on the show and she said she wasn't sure - Kripke never tells her anything.  As for her favorite episodes, she likes the creepy and more ghostly ones more than the gross ones.

Someone asked her how she liked season 4.  She said that it gets better and better... (highlight to read vague S4 spoilers) Sam's dark side is an interesting twist, and Dean is always eating... *g*

Someone asked her which son would have been her favorite (hm... fair question?).  She said that if she answers that, either of the boys would play a nasty trick on her, so she decided to pass on it.

She was in the Transformers movie and someone asked her what it was like.  She said it was fun and she will be in the sequel.

Someone asked that if she was a writer, how would she end the show.  She kinda looked around and said "maybe it becomes all about Mary..." *g* Being serious she said that she'd like to see Sam and Dean happy and alive.  She also likes to think that Mary is still watching over them.

She was asked what was her favorite Dean death in Mystery Spot.  She couldn't remember any, but she said that Jensen made it so funny.

She was also asked what were her favorite male and female characters.  For male character, she said (highlight for vague S4 spoilers) "that angel" (aka Castiel...*g*).For female character she said Ellen because she's a strong character.  As for favorite villain she said the Trickster, that he was obnoxious but funny.

Someone asked how she felt about Sam sleeping with Ruby. She said it wasn't good as Ruby is a demon and we're not sure of her motives.
She said her favorite Sam and Dean moment was the scene Mary shared with them in Home.  She said she had to keep from crying during that scene (the one near the end where Mary appeared to the boys and told the nasty poltergeist-like menace to leave them alone).

Finally, she was asked which SPN character she would like to be stuck with on a deserted island.  She replied, "my husband." *g*

After Samantha's panel came Jason Manns'.  He of course was asked about the inclusion of his music in episode 4x01 (highlight for vague spoilers). He said he was "really mad" when his music came out of Sam's I-Pod and Dean smacked it away. LOL. No, he said he thought it was awesome, that it was cool to be a focal point in the scene for a few seconds.

He had talked to Kripke and Kripke had told him his music was going to be used.  He remarked that his music isn't really Dean's specialty. 

He talked about how he met Jensen.  He was in LA and Jensen said his music was cool, and they should jam.

He was asked if he watches SPN, and if he and Jensen ever talk about it.  He said yes, and he also watched Smallville... he joked that when Jensen got on that show, it ruined his suspension of disbelief. LOL.  He was also asked what his favorite episode of SPN was.  He said it was the one "where Dean goes back home" (WIAWSNB), and Hollywood Babylon as well.

Someone asked if he saw Jensen rocking out to Eye of the Tiger at the end of Yellow Fever.  He did and said it wasn't surprising, but he was surprised it aired and thought it was very funny.  He talked about Dean and said that Dean and Jensen are pretty close in character, that Dean is one of Jensen's aspects... his more rough, tough guy side.

I think he may have gotten some questions about his music too, but they escape me at the moment.

Charles Malik Whitfield (Agent Henriksen) was next.  Unfortunately I missed the very beginning when he first came out. I'd gone back to our hotel room to get something to eat since I didn't think I'd have enough time to grab lunch near the hotel.  I found hesaysokiedokie  and we chatted for a while. :) We went back down and I thought we had a few minutes before Charlie's Q&A started, but apparently not.  Luckily I only missed the very beginning.

Anyway, he mentioned how much fun it was working with the guys.  He said his favorite scene was the one in Jus In Bello when he was ripping the boys about their dad.  He talked about the origin of the character and said they originally wanted Henriksen to be older (I was almost amazed at how young Charlie looked in person).  He said Henriksen shoots from the hip and is probably a character that a lot of people identify with.  He says what he means, even if it isn't right.  He said the reception he's received from the fans is a blessing.

He said he read the scene with Henriksen getting his head shoved into the toilet (again in Jus in Bello) and he asked if it was a special effect. *g*  He told us it was a real toilet, the water was cold, and he was really hoping that Jared and Jensen wouldn't do a prank. LOL.

He talked about meeting the guys and hanging out with them, and said they'd bought him cigars before his birthday, or something to that effect.  He said everyone on the SPN set is really nice, and they've had some really great times.  

His story was pretty inspiring.  He said he'd grown up in the Bronx, had gotten into doing drugs or selling drugs, but he had a mentor that got him into acting. 

When he first looked at the Henriksen character, he said that it wasn't for him, but his agent was a big SPN fan and said, "go."  Then he looked at the character again and said "this is a lot of fun."  

He credited Gregory Hines and James Earl Jones as his mentors.

Next up was Chad Lindberg (Ash).  They brought his nephew onto the stage, and Chad put one of those mullet hats on him to make him a Mini Ash. *g*  It was adorable. :)

He said that he doesn't buy that Ash is dead, because all we see is the watch.  He said "he's on the open road in his jeep, with an arm around some babe."  He talked about Ash's mullet and said Ash wouldn't let anyone cut it off, he might put it up in a bun or have braids.  Hee.

He was asked if he was going to be back on the show and he said he didn't know.  He was also asked if he had any fears.  He said he's afraid of life in general and clowns.  He said he's seen many ghosts and has had lots of experiences.

Someone asked what were his favorite things about coming to conventions.  He said, "hanging out with you guys." Aww. :)  He was asked what his favorite curse word was, his most favorite word in general, and his least favorite.  In that order they are the F word, "momentum," and "preggers."  *g*

He was asked what he has in common with Ash and he said his spunk.  He was also asked about the funniest behind the scenes story.  He said it was in Simon Said when Ash was nude, that the guys had a hard time keeping a straight face.  He talked about Ash's relationship with Ellen and Jo and said it's like a brother/sister vibe, and that Ash is protective of them.

Someone asked what his favorite Ash quote is.  I'm sure you can guess the answer. *g* (oh, okay... "All business up front, party in the back." from ELAC)

He was asked about the story behind his tattoos.  One was a version of a Breast Cancer ribbon.  He said his mom had breast cancer and his whole family got the tattoos to celebrate when she got better.

Sadly he didn't have any stories involving Jared's dogs. Heh. 

He mentioned he'd just done an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and talked a bit about the My Big Break Documentary.

Someone asked him if Ash would fight Sam or Dean, and how.  He said he'd fight Sam and would probably say, "Sam, what's that?" and then kick Sam when he wasn't looking.

He was a riot and he even modeled the mullet hat that he'd put on his nephew earlier.

After Chad's talk was the autograph session with him, Samantha, Jason and Charlie.  I think Samantha was first.  She was pretty sweet and signed my pic "xoxo Samantha Smith."  Next was Chad who looked at the post-it they'd given me with my name on it (we had to stick it on the photos for them to personalize), said "Hi, Jessica, having fun?" I told him I was and he signed my pic.  Then I gave Charlie my pic to sign.  He didn't really say much, but was all smiles.  I didn't have anything for Jason to sign (I had considered getting his CD, but I didn't know if I'd have enough money left over and a couple people told me that they weren't crazy about it... yeah, I know, I should have bought it anyway... *sigh*), so I bought a large pic Creation had made up with all the stars on it.  He was at the very bottom, so he signed by his picture.  I noticed that he was left-handed and had to make a big deal out of it. *g*  I told him "oh, you're left-handed, another leftie" and pointed to myself.  He kind of smiled and said "yeah, another leftie!"  

His concert was supposed to start at 9:30pm, but the autograph session ran long so he didn't end up starting until around 10.  I thought he did a very nice job.  He did perform "Crazy Love," and he *did* mention that he'd love to do it as a duet with a certain someone (*cough*Jensen*cough*), but sadly they were held up at dinner (one of the Creation people mentioned that Jensen and Jared had made it into Chicago and were about 45 minutes away at the time).  So he performed it solo.  No matter, he still did a nice job. :)  His concert ended around 11 or so. 

The Dessert Party was supposed to start at 10:30, but because of the auto session running late everything snowballed.  The party didn't start until after 11.  They had some pretty good stuff to eat there... ice cream, cookies, pastries/pieces of cake.  I really can't eat too late at night though so I just had a cookie.  They called us up by table to get food, pretty much at random.  Our table was one of the first, so there was a good selection of stuff still there.  A bit later, they announced the guests coming in.  One by one, Jason, Charlie, Gabe, Richard, Chad, and Samantha came in.  For about 5 minutes or so they stood at the front of the room (where Jared and Jensen stood for the breakfast) and let us take pics.  The lighting was crappy but my pics didn't turn out too bad.

Most of the guests were on the other side of the room.  Samantha came to our table and was asking how we were doing.  She asked if all of us had been to one of these cons before.  I told her it was my first one.  She asked if it was all I had expected.  I told her, "oh, yeah, I'm having a lot of fun."  After a minute or so she went over to another table. 

None of the other guests came before I went back up to the room to sleep.  I was beyond exhausted and I knew that we'd have to be up early for the breakfast.  I went up around 10 minutes after 12 midnight.  It was a nice party though.  There was a DJ there playing rock music.  I vaguely remember Richard Speight Jr. rocking out a little to Guns n Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine." *G*

So that's about it for Saturday.  Here are pictures.  Again these are previews (except the autographs).  You can find more of them here:

Saturday Q&A panels
Jason Manns concert and dessert party

Again, if you want to use these for anything, feel free.  Just let me know you're taking them and credit me. :)

Samantha Smith:

Jason Manns:

Charles Malik Whifield:

Chad Lindberg:

Chad and Mini-Ash, aka his nephew:

Aww, so cute :D

Don't remember what he was doing here, exactly... maybe going to show off one of his tattoos?

Jason Manns concert:

Dessert Party:

Gabe, Charlie and Jason (hidden)

The whole celeb gang (minus Jason, who was hiding from my camera I guess..*g*):  Chad, Richard, Gabe, Samantha and Charlie

My autographs:

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post my photo ops and autographs with Jared and Jensen.  Again, sorry I've taken so long with this!

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