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What a week....

What a week it's been.  Computer problems at work, computer problems at work, and even more computer problems at work.  The PC I use went on the fritz a year ago.  It's been pretty stable but it complains whenever I boot it up... "hard drive failure imminent" etc.  But it runs fine.  The boss man had acquired a new hard drive and wanted to install it, but many various things led him to put it off.  Still, computer basically ran okay except for the network acting up every so often. 

The other day, his computer started acting all funky - couldn't access internet, couldn't defragment, no disk cleanup, task bar vanished, antivirus software kaput...  Think he somehow got a virus on there.  We called a tech guy to come in and look at it, which he finally did yesterday.  Found some file that didn't belong there - so I guess it was a virus or some other weird thing.  Took that hard drive out, attached it to my computer so they could back up the files on it, and then he was going to wipe it clean and start over.  We asked while he was at it, if he could install the new hard drive on my PC.  Thought he was going to do that, but fixing the other computer's drive is taking a while, so he may do that this coming week.

Anyhoo... in backing up the contents of my hard drive, Windows Explorer decided to take a siesta and froze up the computer.  I had to shut it down manually.  Twice on two different days I could not back up my data *headdesk* Finally got to do that this morning in anticipation of new drive being installed.

One headache after another, aggravating and almost depressing ... which is why I'm SO glad this week is finally over.  Tomorrow I am going to visit a fellow Hussy from the Daniel/MS thread at GW to watch an interesting looking MS movie... she also picked up two Stargate action figures for me - Sam and Teal'c - and got money off on them, so that's really cool.  It's great having another fan who lives so close by. :)
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