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Appreciation for Amanda Project

Okay, I've done it (or maybe I should say "we've done it" since it's becoming a team effort... Go Team! :D).  We are going forward with this project.  Here is the lowdown:

I really liked Amanda's latest interview - she comes across as very genuine in speaking candidly about the show, good things as well as regrets. Even though I'm not happy about what was mentioned about Sam/Daniel interaction this season, I'm really glad that she is like some of us in wishing there was more ... that she sees Sam and Daniel's friendship as special.

I wish there was some way of expressing our appreciation, how glad we are that she feels the same way about something a lot of us have noticed, and how we appreciate what she's done in wanting to get more (what she brought up during Shore Leave last summer about talking to the producers and asking them to keep in the little looks, etc. between Sam and Daniel and Teal'c).

I know the show is over, but they're still doing the movies, and I think if we express our appreciation and encourage her to do what she can in support of the friendship, not just between her and Daniel but between the three of them, it might be a nice idea. I know that, in the end, TPTB do whatever the heck they want, but, in the least, this would show her that she is appreciated for her work on the show.

So, here is the deal. We'd like to get together a package to send to Amanda. It can be made up of letters, poems, fanfics (either S/D or team ones that showcase the Sam character), or artwork expressing appreciation for her, the character of Sam Carter and her relationship (aka friendship, interaction, whatever) with Daniel or relationship with Daniel and Teal'c. Right now, we're thinking of a deadline of February 14th. I hope that would be enough time for whomever is interested. If you've written
something or made artwork in the past, you can submit that - it doesn't have to be new, necessarily.

chris4short has volunteered to be the "post lady" for this project, so we will probably be sending all our goodies to her, and she'll gather them into a box to send to BC ("Virtual Hug in a Box" I think we're calling this... *grin*).

So if anyone's interested in participating, let either of us know.  :)  I've also started a thread for this on Gateworld: Appreciation for Amanda Project

(if the link doesn't work it means the mods may have moved it to another spot... just do a search under that title and it should come up)
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