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Puppy!Sam Picspam #67 (Supernatural)

I know, I know, a Halloween related picspam right before Christmas... hee... but still...

Episode #4x07 It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Not as many pics as last time, but still not dial-up friendly. Someone has a little obsession with candy.  And Dean has once again managed to butt in a bit. *g* If you want to use any of these for anything, please take.

1. Hi again, Agent Puppy. *represses desire to mess up Puppy's hair*

2. Hee... Confused!Puppy

3. PuppyTongue!!

4. Facial Shrug alert!

5. Curious!Puppy with some nice ForeheadCrinkle action

6. Puppy studies the curly little herb with intense scrutiny

7. Heehee... Geek!Puppy and his arsenal of info

8. Aw, man, Dean's got candy... Puppy uses the PuppyEyes™ to help him get some

9. Puppy's attention for the moment is glued on the shiny object in his paw hand

10. Puppy wants some candy. Now.

11. Pleeeeeeeeze?

12. Agent Puppy wants to steal the kids' candy.  Agent Dean holds him back. No fair.

13. No candy for Puppy means bitchface is near

14. Yep, Puppy's now thinking up strategies to distract those kids from their precious Halloween candy...

15. Puppy searches the couch cushions for that elusive candy.   *plays with PuppyMop*

16. Aha! The search turned up some......  oh wait, it's a hex bag.  Sorry, Puppy.

17. Back at the motel, Puppy has encountered some more interesting tidbits of info! Look how excited he is!

18. Puppy? Why so tight-lipped?

19. Puppy still begs for candy with those pleading
PuppyEyes™ of his.

20. And doubles his efforts with the ForeheadCrinkles

21. "Come on, I know you have some, Dean..."

22. Puppy on the phone with Stakeout!Dean...  "Are you sitting there eating candy without me?"

23. No, Puppy was *not* laying here half hoping Dean was bluffing and returning with fistfuls of candy. Nope...

24. Puppy doesn't quite believe that Dean's eaten it all.   *still wants to mess up the PuppyHair*

25. Agents Puppy and Dean shopping for Halloween costumes

26. Freaky-Ass Masks amuse Puppy

27. Aw... Puppy pushes a wayward strand of PuppyMop out of his face

28. Agent Puppy's bitchface shows that he means business. *nods*

29. Thoughtful!Puppy

30. Puppy needs info from Professor Snape... thus he warms up the

31. Hmm... Puppy secretly wonders if the professor might have any candy hidden somewhere...

32. Aw... Puppy finds trick or treaters so cuuuute (and is envious that they can actually collect candy in an above board manner...)

33. Puppy wonders if he can distract the little astronaut long enough to reach in and swipe some of his candy... naughty Puppy!

34. Aw... Dean stops Puppy from becoming Badass!Puppy. Puppy protests this with the

35. Admonished!Puppy turns into Surprised!Puppy...

36. ... Who in turn becomes Fanboi!Puppy

37. "Castiel! You are, like, my IDOL!! *SQUEEEEEEE*"

38. Heh... Grateful!Puppy realizes he's coming on too strong and behaves like a more proper fan ... though he's still squeeeing inside...

39. Hm... What's this? Puppy's not too sure now if he should remain in the Cas Fan Club

40. Worried!Puppy ... yep, maybe he should return that badge and fan club kit he purchased

41. Puppy is dismayed by the MeanieAngel who doesn't seem to like him much...

42. Puppy uses the
PuppyEyes™ to get MeanieAngel to warm up to him, but it is no use...

43. Puppy doesn't like MeanieAngel much, either.  "Ugh! You, like, totally suck!"

44. Shocked!Puppy

45. Heehee.. shrugging DuckFace!Puppy

46. And a mini Facial Shrug!

47. Heh.. Puppy *so* knows that Dean is hiding the candy... and he's gonna get him good for it

48. Puppy's on the scent in Professor Snape's lab!

49. padlocks confound Puppy

50. Puppy gazes upon Demon!Jailbait with the
PuppyEyes™ of Shame

51. Is it me or does he look rather young here?

52. Ooh, yeah..Badass!Puppy decides he will end her

53. Puppy! Noooo!!

54. But wait... the struggling little Puppy gets an idea...

55. Silly Puppy... now is not the time for fingerpainting! And with Professor Snape's blood? Eww!

56. Hm... Puppy plays dead well...

57. ... and through it all, he still manages a bitchface

58. Pensive!Puppy

59. Uh oh... Thinky!Puppy is contemplating using his freaky powers!

60. Ooh...Growling!Puppy means business

61. SlightlyNervous!Puppy

62. Determined!Puppy confronts Demon!Snape

63. Noooo!!  ....  ooh, nice PuppyMop

64. Aw.... *helps Puppy up*

65. Aha... FreakyPowers!Puppy gets the upper hand

66. Aw... trying to end Demon!Snape is hard work...

67. Hang in there, Puppy!

68. BrainFreeze!Puppy .... er, BrainFry!Puppy?

69. *hands Puppy a tissue*  ... *Gasp* PuppyMop!!! :D

70. So that's the secret to getting the PuppyMop back? Using the Freaky Puppy Powers?

71. Aw, poor Puppy is just spent...  *hands him another tissue*  *fingers the pretty PuppyMop*

72. SlightyGuilty!Puppy looking like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar when big brother finds him...

73. Puppy's still sad that MeanieAngel doesn't like him

74. Cheer up, Puppy.. we love you!

75. A little bitchface for MeanieAngel

76. And a dose of the

77. Confused!Puppy

78. DeadlySerious!Puppy

79. And now MeanieAngel has left him all alone! Aw, poor Puppy, we'll keep you company! *hugs him*  *brings him leftover Halloween candy*

And that's the last picspam until after Christmas.  Afterwards we'll continue again with ThreeCoinsInTheFountain!Puppy for #4x08 Wishful Thinking. Until then I hope you all have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate. :)

(and I have decided that I will do meta on Sam's hair during this Christmas break. Yes, I have decided I am that obsessed. Hee)
Tags: picspam, supernatural: sam winchester

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