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You didn't think I'd do it, did you?

I threatened that I would do this, and I usually make good on my threats, although some of them I don't actually follow through. However, when Sam Winchester and his Fluffy (Most of the Time) Follicles are concerned, there is no question that I would make good on it.

I've thought long and hard about this - probably more than most would consider healthy - and decided it was time for *drumroll* ....

Meta Discussion on Sam's Hair.

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Oh I've seen various picspams here and there on LJ, little discussions about it on a message board or two. But no actual *meta discussion*. Who knows, there might be some that I just haven't found (and if you know of any and could point them out to me, I'd be very grateful *g*). But I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and try it myself.

I don't know how good this is going to be. I'm not really a meta veteran here on LJ. I've done one meta for another fandom last year but that's it. This might not be as thorough and detailed as it could be. BUT it has visual aids!!! *bounces* And if you have anything to add, anything I've missed that you think should be brought up, let me know and I'll happily add it.

So thus beginneth the meta discussion ....

The Evolution of Sam WInchester's Hair Part 1, a mediocre meta on an exhaustively researched topic by Jess aka jessm78


(I'm going to skip mentioning Wee!Sam hair 'cause it's not really very important to the points I'm going to bring up. I'll just give a quick run down of it.... Wee!Sam when we first saw him with hair around age 7 or so had a dark, somewhat wavy mop of hair, which seemingly got lighter over the next couple of years until it was a more medium brown and looked straighter, with SammyBangs. So, yeah, that's about it)

Okay. Let's start with the Pilot. As you can see in the pic above, Sam's hair is pretty floppy and in a sort of "boy band" style with longish bangs parted in front and mainly off his face. It goes well with his college boy persona. The fairly normal life he's living going to school and being with his girlfriend. The similarities to Dean Forrester on Gilmore Girls are striking (well... probably because Jared had just finished up his stint on the show around this time *g* ... I think he'd filmed his final appearance not too long before they started shooting the SPN pilot). Anyway, the hair looks fairly well-kept and neat.

Even when he's in the middle of battling a psycho killer ghost.

But this changes a lot by the next episode.

It's still on the neat side even if differently styled at the beginning of Wendigo when Sam is at Jess' grave. Later on, though...

... His hair gets pretty wild and unruly, and his bangs are covering his forehead. Not only does this symbolize how things are starting to get messed up for him in terms of losing Jess and getting dragged into the hunting world, but it almost makes him look younger and more vulnerable (especially concerning the bangs). It's as if Sam is so lost and upset that he doesn't really care too much about keeping his hair neat, something which will be revisted later on. Although I have to wonder if, during the passage of time between filming the pilot and this episode, Jared did something different with his hair for which they had to compensate. *shrugs* Who knows...

Over the next few episodes, his hair doesn't change much aside from being maybe a bit shorter and kept a bit more neatly. It's as if he's trying to keep just a bit of semblance of order and perhaps trying to keep living as normal a life as possible, even given the fact that he and Dean are hunting all that which is evil. He's still not totally accepting that this is a huge part of his life is what I'm trying to say, I guess.

Again, his hair doesn't change too much (although it looks more unruly again in Hook Man, which I understand they started filming after Wendigo but a handful of reshoots made them push it back in the airing schedule). It gets slightly longer around Skin, especially the bangs and the flicky curls, but for the most part Sam keeps it pretty well-kept.

By Home, he seems to have cut it a bit (the bangs definitely appear to have been trimmed); again, probably trying to keep it up to keep some semblance of order and normalcy in his life, as if he's still not totally accepting that he's been thrown into this job full-time.

And you just KNOW I had to include this pic in here. What is *any* Sammy picspam without it? He's just so dang cute!!

*ahem* Anyway ....

And again the hair stays pretty much the same over the next few episodes, although the flicky bits seem to get a little longer and more... flicky...

Which brings us to something else ... There are two instances in this season, in back to back episodes, where Sam tries to make his hair appear even neater and more under control. He tries to smooth his hair down and back, and part his bangs to get them off his face. They occur when he and Dean are in disguise, of course (and with much relief... *g*). First instance is in Nightmare when they are posing as priests ...

And in The Benders when they are posing as sheriffs ...

The Benders is also where Sam's hair looks like it's starting to become more unruly.  His bangs are longer and his flicky bits stick out more ...

This is especially easy to see in the next episode, Shadow...


His hair pretty much stays this way through the next few episodes, although sometimes it looks longer and/or flatter than usual, I guess depending on how they style Jared's hair.

(here in Hell House, for example, his hair looks flatter and straighter in the second picture than it does in the first. I guess humidity wreaks havoc on Sammy's hair as well ... or maybe he was experimenting with a new shampoo.  Heh.)

It was mostly nice and bouncy in Something Wicked, but then in Provenance it's back to being rather long and flat most times

You can see above in Dead Man's Blood that although his hair is quite long it hasn't really gotten out of control.  But that starts to change in Salvation and Devil's Trap. Sam's hair gets quite unruly, sticking out and at times looking almost dirty.  His bangs are long, uneven and strewn about when they're not in his eyes...

It's easy to see that the way his hair looks is obviously not one of Sam's main concerns.  Basically he's now confirmed that the hunting life is his; he is totally immersed within it, and his hair reflects that.  It's no longer neat and well-kept because he is too busy hunting this demon that killed his mother and girlfriend to care much about what he looks like.  We leave season 1 with a cliffhanger, and when we pick up again the hair is kept pretty much the same in the next two episodes...


Interestingly in IMTOD, not only is Sam's hair still unruly and sticking out in clumps (like in the last 2 eps), but it also looks like it has blood caked in it, at least from the way it sticks out - which is understandable given the accident at the end of Devil's Trap.  But the funny thing is that Sam obviously changes out of the clothes he was wearing (the bloody shirt and jacket) into new ones.  You'd think he'd have showered (presumably at Bobby's place), but yet his hair still looks like it's caked with blood.  Guess Sammy was too distraught over Dean to wash his hair? lol

And if you thought it was messy in that episode, just wait until the next one...

Everybody Loves a Clown has got to be the gold standard of messy, flicky SamHair. *nods*  By this episode the hair was so long, sticking out, flopping in his eyes, taking on a life of its own (as in the third pic... heee.. sorry Sammy, you know I love your hair *g*).  I've heard people say that it reflected all he was going through at the time, all of his inner turmoil.  I can't help but agree.  He'd nearly lost Dean and on top of that, he's lost Dad.  He had to confront his own demons regarding John while at the same time, wanting Dean to come clean and get his feelings out.  He was lost and quite vulnerable.  It totally suited him in this episode, IMHO .. no matter how crazy it looked at times.  It also holds a special place in my heart as the last episode of The Bangs (or as I affectionately refer to them as the PuppyMop in my Puppy!Sam picspams). 

Speaking of which ...  The next episode may be thought of as the dawn of a new era (heh... I actually typed "error" at first... Freudian slip, anyone?) of SamHair.

For Bloodlust is the episode in which the bangs are forthwith banished and Sam's six  five forehead becomes a regular character.  Oh, The Bangs make a guest appearance in the final scene of the episode, but after that they go on a more or less permanent hiatus (although they do try to creep in here and there).  What could be the reason for this?  It could be that either Jared or the makeup/hair people got tired of maintaining The Bangs, or that it was done simply to make Sam look more mature.  I tend to think that had a large part in it.  Over the next few episodes we see Dean struggling with his emotions regarding John's death and Sam almost takes on the role of big brother to him, as if he's trying to keep Dean in check.  He could also be trying to move past his own grief and get some semblance of order back by taking better care of his hair and wearing it more neatly.

But still ....   *holds a moment of silence in remembrance of The Bangs*

Moving on... over the next handful of episodes, Sam's hair pretty much stays like this.  It's got all the body and length that it did earlier, but he's restrained the bangs for the most part and tried to keep it looking more orderly.  Only thing is that the front sometimes looks a bit greasy as if he's stuck a ton of product in it ...

And right around the time of Crossroad Blues, his hair starts looking a little less ... big (for lack of a better word).  It doesn't change much although some of the flickiness returns in Playthings.

Not much changes through Born Under a Bad Sign, except that maybe his hair tends to look a bit straighter at times.  And in BUABS we can see how long the bangs have gotten.  Yep, there's no going back now ...

Again, no earth-shattering changes from Tall Tales all the way up until the end of the season.  It's only around this time that his hair really starts getting very flicky, especially at the sides. Something we see even into most of the next season.  It's also on the long side again, but it's pretty well kept.

I really don't have much more to say on his hair, so I'll just finish with a few more visual aids.  He is looking quite pretty, so why not? *g*

That's about all I have.  I'm going to continue with seasons 3 and 4 in a new post.  This is already long enough.  I guess to sum up, Sam started out in the series with a neater, more clean-cut look but as he got dragged further into the world of hunting and wanting to avenge the death of his mother and girlfriend, he didn't care so much about keeping up appearances and thus his hair got wilder and more out of control.  He pretty much hit rock bottom in IMTOD and ELAC, but after that it was as if he wanted to be strong for his brother in helping him deal with Dad's death, so he cleaned up a little and took better care of his hair.  After a while I think he just got used to having that way (at least as far as parting the hair and having the bangs off his forehead).

I hope you enjoyed this little discussion and, again, if you have anything to add please let me know. 

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NEW (added 9/25/09): The Enigma of Sam Winchester's Hair

If you'd like to add tot this list, feel free.  I  also wish to give props to Supernatural-Fat-Cat and nig.honey from the forum for some of their random insight into the SamHair.
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  • Supernatural Finale 15x20 Carry On

    I didn't actually watch this one live - I DVRd it and watched it the next day... and finally got to write up some of my thoughts about it....…

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