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MS Interview in TV Zone magazine

I read this out of morbid curiosity on Gateworld, and now I'm sorry that I did.  Follow the cut for details ... no spoilers...

There's a section in this interview, which is all about S10 basically, how Daniel's changed, etc, that I just don't get, even if it is just the actor's opinion.  He talks about CB and Vala, and says this:

"As far as Daniel's and Vala's relationship this year, the only thing I would have changed was to have them interact a bit more.  Claudia and I had the chance to work very closely together early on in Season Nine, and this time around we've had tidbits of our characters being in the same room at the same time during a lot of different urgent situations, but we haven't had that same one-on-one dynamic.  The writers have toned it down slightly, which in some ways is good because it's less antagonistic, for lack of a better word.  Eventually, though, Daniel and Vala had to loosen up around each other and show that side of them that's warm and friendly.  At the same time, Claudia and I have gotten to fire some great zingers at one another and have that kind of onscreen spark we both love."

To which I say... see my post's icon... WTF????  I'm thinking he got Vala mixed up with Sam or Teal'c when he mentioned Daniel and Vala just having little bits of their characters just being in the same room and not really interacting.  I mean, HELLO?? There was Flesh and Blood, Pegasus Project, 200, Counterstrike, Memento Mori, In the Company of Thieves, The Quest Part 2.... how on earth were Daniel and Vala not really interacting?!  As for wishing their interaction was like it was in early S9... um, they were linked together.  Of course they were going to be interacting a lot.  And besides, don't they interact about the same amount now as they did then?

I don't mean any offense against him - I know it's only his opinion and he's entitled to it, but I don't see how Daniel and Vala could possibly interact more than they already are, and how their interaction so far this season is any less than it was early S9.  I guess I'm watching a different show.  As someone from Gateworld suggested, maybe this is Bizarro Stargate. 

I know how his mind is working here, too... I mean, he liked early S9 because there was such a huge focus on his character.  He was more or less the star.  Who wouldn't want to be in a situation like that?  But still, I just find the whole idea that Daniel and Vala haven't interacted very much, pretty laughable.  Their interaction has been such a huge focus of the show.  Meanwhile, he acts like he hardly knows Teal'c and Sam.  If anything, he should be interacting more with THEM.  I just find it sad that he never mentions CJ/Teal'c and AT/Sam anymore... although I suppose the interviewers never bring them up. 

All the more reason I'm glad the show is ending (please don't stone me as a heretic!!).  I wonder if he'll be really put out if they don't have him interact much with Vala in the second movie, since the spoilers indicate that he'll be spending some time with Sam and Cam.  Again, I don't mean any offense against him... he's welcome to his opinion.  I just find it pretty laughable.

Thoughts, anyone?
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