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Stargate Atlantis #5.19 Vegas (episode review, sorta)

Just watched SGA #5.19....

Wow, that was trippy...

Stargate meets CSI? And the Wraith dude with his punk music and dressing like a punk/goth joining a poker game with a couple of Sopranos actors at the table?  Whoa...

I wasn't paying much attention to the first few minutes 'cause I had a phone call, but I caught the shriveled guy who was Wraith food at the beginning... still not sure what was going on there.

I was a little confused as to what exactly was going on.  This was an alternate reality, wasn't it? How did Rodney know? He had knowledge of this, so I was assuming he was originally from our reality or one like it? Or had visited it?  I'm still scratching my head over that one.

Ah, Radek is all nice and tidy in this reality, and looking sharp in a suit.  And he and Rodney still dithering like a couple of science fair kids having a rivalry. *g*

Yay, Walter! :D

Ah, it's Todd the Poet. Heh.

Nice scene with Shep driving away to Johnny Cash's Solitary Man.  Although the little flashback scenes during that featuring Rodney alternating with Todd to the music make me think they're throwing a bone either to Shep/Rodney or Shep/Todd shippers.  Or both. *snarkety-snark*

Poor Shep.  What a way to go.  But looks like he may have saved the Pegasus galaxy there.

Can't believe next week is already the series finale. *sigh*  So Sam Carter is going to appear in it? Are there supposed to be any other SG-1 members showing up, or is it just her? Anyone know?

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