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2 Memes...

Blah, not feeling so great today... not sure if it's the weather or what, but I've had a headache ever since I woke up... took medicine, it went away, and now it's back... plus asthma bothering me on and off.  Ugh, I hope it goes away.

Anyhoo I was bored so decided to gak a couple of memes... first one is from suekay_87 and second one is from majorsamfan

1. Do you like Chinese food?
Yeah, sort of... lemon chicken, orange chicken, that kind of thing

2. How big is your bed?

3. Is your room clean?
depends on what you mean by "clean"... I guess it is, but still a bit disorganized

4. Laptop or Desktop computer?

5. Favorite comedian?
don't have one

6. Do you smoke?

7. Does anyone like you?
hope so

8. Whats the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?
Um...I'm a straight woman... so I really don't consider any women to be sexy, heh.... so can't answer...

What the hell happened to #9? Why is it whenever I go to do a quiz/meme thing a number is missing?

10. Sleep with or without clothes on?

11. Do long distance relationships work?
not sure

12. How many times have you been pulled over by the police?

13. Pancakes or French Toast?

14. Do you like coffee?
Nope, never really liked the smell of it... I'm more of a tea person :)

15. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My mom

16. Last person on your missed call list?
someone out of state looking for a donation... *rolls eyes*

17. McDonalds or Burger King?
don't really like either but McDonalds I guess

18. Number of pillows?

19. Last thing you ate?
turkey sandwich and cornbread from Boston Market

20. Last thing you bought?
Adobe PS Elements 4.0 disc for my work computer

21. What are you hearing right now?
second hand on the clock ticking (nice rhythm I have to admit)

22. Pick a lyric?
Don't speak

23. What kind of jam do you like in your sandwich?

24. Can you play pool?
not really

25. Do you know how to swim?

26. Favorite ice cream?
cookie dough

27. Do you like maps?
Yep... hey I worked with them for almost 4 years in my university library!

28. Tell me something about yourself:
I'm left-handed in everything except using a scissors or a computer mouse... yeah, not too interesting

29. Ever attend a theme party?
When I was a kid... my friend had a 1950's theme birthday party

30. Ever do a leg stand?

31. What is your favorite season?

32. What is the first music video you ever saw?
oh, gosh.... Every Breath You Take by The Police?

33. Where is your favorite hangout?
Right now, Argyle Lake, not far from where I work

34. Last time you laughed at something stupid?
A video about crazy cats and dogs that my mom forwarded to me

35. What time did you wake up this morning?
around 10 am... blame my headache

36. Best thing about winter?
Spring'll be here before you know it

37. Name a couple of your favorite colors:
turquoise blue, red

38. How old are you?

39. What month is your birthday in?

40. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated?
Have no idea

41. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one?)
None... don't really like that group

42. What are you doing this weekend?
bumming around, trying to get rid of this headache :p

[x ] You drink a lot of tea
[x] You know what a brolly is
[ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life
[ ] You wanted Ben to win X Factor
[ ] You use the word "bugger" or the phrase "bloody hell"
[x ] Fish and Chips are yummy..
[ ] you can eat a Full English Breakfast
[ ] you dislike EMOS! almost as much as you dislike chavs
[ ] its football...not soccer
total = 3

[ ] you wear flip flops all year
[ ] you call flip flops thongs not flip flops
[x] you love a backyard barbie
[x] you know a barbie is not just a doll
[x] you love the beach
[x] sometimes you swear without realizing
[ ] you're a sports fanatic
[ ] you are tanned
[ ] you're a bit of a bogan
[ ] you have an australian something (shirt, phone sock, etc.)
total = 4

[ ] The Sopranos is a great show.
[ ] your last name ends in a vowel.
[ ] your grandmother makes her own sauces.
[ ] you know how a real meatball tastes like.
[x] you know Italian songs.
[ ] you have dark hair and dark eye color.
[x] you speak some italian
[x] you are under 5'10''.
[x] pizza/spaghetti is the best food in the world.
[x] you talk with your hands
total = 5

[ ] you say member instead of Remember
[x] you speak spanish or some
[x] you like tacos
[ ] yoU TyPe lIkE ThIs On Da CoMpUtEr.
[ ] you are dark skinned
[ ] you know what a Puta is.
[x] you talk fast occasionally.
[ ] you have had highlights or dyed your hair.
[ ] you know what platanos are
total = 3

[ ] you say villian as: Vee-lon
[x] you get short tempered
[ ] you know of sombody named natasha
[x] you get cold easily
[ ] rain is fun for you
[ ] You get into contests all the time
[ ] You can easily make do with the cold weather
total = 2

[ ] you love to drink
[x] you have a bad temper.
[x] Your last name starts with a Mc OR Murph or O' or Fitz or ends with a ley,on,un,an,ins,ry, ly, y.
[x] you have blue or green eyes.
[x] you like the color green.
[x] you have been to a st. pattys day party.
[x] you have a family member from Ireland..
[ ] you have/had blonde hair
[x] you have/had freckles
[ ] your family get togethers always include drinking and/or singing (And let's not forget the drunked fighting and arrests, shall we?)
total = 7

African American
[ ] you say nigga/nukka casually
[ ] You have nappy hair
[ ] you like rap
[ ] You know how to shoot a gun
[ ] you think President George Walker Bush is racist
[x] you like chicken
[x] you like watermelon
[ ] you can dance (Well. I like to think I can but many will disagree.)
[x] you can ‘sing’ gospel
total = 3

[ ] you have slanty/small eyes
[ ] you like rice a lot
[ ] you are good at math
[x] you have played the piano
[ ] you have family from asia
[ ] you laugh sometimes covering your mouth
[ ] most people think you're chinese
[ ] you call hurricanes typhoons
[ ] you go to Baulko
total = 1

[x] you like bread
[x] you think American Chocolate is good.
[x] you Speak some German (Like, I can count to ten and swear.)
[x] you know what Schnitzel is
[ ] you hate it when stupid people call you a Nazi
[x] you went to Pre-school...
[ ] you're over 5'2"
total = 5

[x] you LIKE/play/played hockey
[ ] you love beer
[ ] You say eh
[ ] you know what poutine is
[ ] you speak some french
[ ] you love Tim Horton's
[ ] at one point you lived in a farm house
[ ] you watch/watched degrassi
total = 1

[ ] hate foreigners
[ ] hate non-Christians
[x] lazy
[ ] not cultured
[x] hate abortion
[ ] love the death penalty
[ ] don't read
[x] shop at walmart
[x] think this bulletin is rather biased
total = 4
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