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Stargate Atlantis #5.20 Series Finale (review and parting thoughts)

Just got done watching this, and ....



The concept was pretty good, but once again I wasn't too impressed by the execution.  If they had made this episode two parts and spent more time on all the problems encountered and by golly gee, how are we going to fix them, then maybe it would have been a little better.  A little better.  I dunno, everything just seemed too darned convenient and easy.

But first ...  Is it me or is Todd becoming a joke? Complaining to Shep about wearing "this riDIculous clothing" and the "you know me well, John Sheppard!! Giggle giggle giggle!!"

Great to see Carson again! I knew he'd be back since it's the finale, but still, I love seeing him every chance I get.  His interaction with Rodney was not as much as I'd hoped though. :/

Ah, so this is how last week's ep was supposed to tie into this? Rodney mentioning that they got the ZPM or code or whatever it was (I'm blanking now) from an alternate reality?

Some parts of this episode vaguely reminded me of parts of SG-1's The Lost City, especially how Carson started saving the day at the last minute by doing his thing in the chair.  And speaking of which, did it seem a little too convenient to have Atlantis suddenly show up just as things were getting really dire?

Rodney, Lorne, Teyla and Ronon on the hive ship.  Ronon getting killed.  Come on, I knew he wasn't going to stay dead.  They're supposed to be doing a movie for crying out loud.  Ronon can't stay dead here.  But Shep's reaction to his being revived and healed was kinda weird I thought.  Yeah, I got a little chuckle from the "how are you doing, Chewwie?" line, but I mean geez, the guy was just dead!!! Rodney's reaction was more believable with his "you were DEAD!!"

Good to see Sam and Major Davis again.  Ohhhhhh, they paid a little tribute to DSD by naming the ship after Hammond, losing him to a heart attack. :(  *sniffle* RIP DSD and Hammond.

So I have to wonder where the rest of SG-1 is while this is going on.  Sam's on base with other personnel. But where are Daniel, Teal'c, Cam and Vala? Offworld somewhere? Has SG-1 disbanded? I see Sam is now going to be on a new ship.  Hmm... maybe I shouldn't think too deeply about it.  I get headaches trying to fit SGA canon into SG-1 canon as it is. :P

Atlantis lands on Earth.  Fireball is reported in the sky.  Uh oh.  Sam can't get a hold of them.  Oh noes.

Oh, phew.  They're okay.  Like they were going to stay dead either?  Not a chance.

Keller's 10 second scene with Woolsey was odd IMHO. Though I liked Ronon and Teyla telling Woolsey that they weren't going anywhere.

The satellite imagery or whatever it is shows Atlantis landing quite close to Hawaii.  Yet while they're all out on the balcony, they're looking at the Golden Gate bridge.  Huh?  So, while they landed around the south Pacific, I guess we can assume that they just drifted up to California then?

Cute final scene there, but the McKeller stuff seemed a bit too sappy for me.  I guess they (as in Atlantis) are coming full circle now, having "come home." I'm remembering in Rising when Weir told them all in the gate room "we may never be able to return home."

So... *shrugs* I guess I didn't HATE it with every fiber of my being as I did SG-1's Unending, but I wasn't impressed very much.  My own opinion, of course. YMMV.

And now some final thoughts on the show... 

I was intrigued when I first heard about Atlantis.  I was curious when I heard that DH was going to be in it, reprising his role as Rodney McKay.  When I first watched it I was kinda "meh", especially since most of my attention was on SG-1, but I decided I would give it a chance.  I didn't become as fanatically devoted to it as I ever did to SG-1 but I fell in love with it.  It kept me engaged and coming back every week for more.

Sadly it seemed that around mid-season 4 or so, it started to suffer the same degenerating disease that plagued SG-1.  Still I kept watching.  IMHO this past season the quality has really suffered.  I ended up missing a few eps when I was out of town, and to be honest it didn't faze me much.  I wasn't all "oh I really need to find this ep again and tape it!"  It's sad, but there you have it.

Atlantis, I will miss you.  For much of your run, you did good.  I'll watch my season 1-3 DVDs fondly and remember how entertaining you once were to me.


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