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Supernatural #4x11 Family Remains (episode review)

My thoughts after viewing this ep for the first time...

Huh... okay I wasn't *extremely* impressed with this episode, but it had some interesting little twists in it.

Highlights, in no particular order..

Boys in suits again! Always yummy :D

Some brotherly banter as they're checking out the house.  Sam mentioning that there was probably a dumbwaiter against the wall because houses like that usually had one.  Dean muttering "know-it-all." Sam returning with "what did you say?" or something like that.  Tee hee.

The family.  Is it sad that the only one I really felt attached to was the dog? The uncle was kinda quirky, but overall.... they were pretty "meh" IMHO.

And of course it has to be the only one I felt attached to who kicks the bucket. :(  As soon as poor Buster disappeared I knew it wasn't looking good for him.  I was going "puppy!! Noooo!!!" And that was confirmed by the "too late" in blood ... and later doubly confirmed by Dean's sojourn into the basement and his "dog... it's what's for dinner" comment.  Oh, Dean, you're terrible!  Heh.  At least we still have one Puppy, though.

Is it just me, or did that girl remind anyone else of Bloody Mary when she appeared for the first time? Maybe a cross between Bloody Mary and Missy the daughter from The Benders.  Nice little twist in that she wasn't actually a ghost.  She stopped very briefly outside the salt circle, but I knew it wouldn't be that easy.  So she wasn't a ghost after all.  And what ends up saving the day (temporarily anyway)? I mean Sam... and his flashlight!

I didn't really believe that this girl was actually *the* girl who supposedly committed suicide.  Dean or Sam (can't remember) said she'd have to be 50 years old or something like that.  She didn't look that old to me.  Again interesting twist in that it was the daughter of the girl.  Though kinda squicky that her dad was also her granddad. :/  And she had a brother? Maybe I wasn't paying attention but I wasn't expecting that. The whole story was a bit sad, though... that the girl who killed herself holed her daughter up in the walls. 

So I'm guessing the reason she wanted the son Danny to stay and not the adults was because of some distrust of older people? Or.... something like that?  Ugh... she eats a rat... so glad we didn't get to see much of that :P

Uncle Ted calls Dean "Fonzie" before he kicks the bucket! Heh.

Okay maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I found the family, at least the parents, a bit on the slow side.  When Dean told them Uncle Ted was outside and he won't come in because Dean had to carry him out, and then he said "I'm sorry" to them .... well I would pretty much assume the guy is dead.  They're just totally in disbelief over all that's going on though, so I'll give them a pass.

I like Dean's dedication to finding Danny, insisting that he go in and find the boy and save him, if it's the last thing he'll do.  And then his talk with Sam at the end....  so, part of the reason he did this was because of his guilt over what he did in Hell? That he tortured or destroyed souls for all those years and he enjoyed it? Ouch.  Sam tries to offer some words of support but Dean says that he has a hole and however many lives he says can't change that.  Oh poor boy. :(  *hugs him*

So there were a few little twists in this episode but all in all I thought it wasn't very impressive.  Not that I hated it.  But it's not in my top 10 favorites.  Really looking forward to next week's episode.  Barry Bostwick as a magician. *g*  And what exactly was up with Sam at the end of that promo?

Also caught a fairly long ad for My Bloody Valentine during the first commercial break.  My mom saw it too and said she'd like to see it.
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