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Supernatural #4x12 Criss Angel is a Douchebag (review)

Here are some of my thoughts upon the first viewing of this episode...

Okay, I'll get the shallow stuff out of the way first...

Both boys were so gorgeous tonight! Boys in Suits!!! Sam in his hoodie!! *squeee*

Barry Bostwick!! Wow, long time, no see.  I think the very last time I saw him in something was in one of the Leslie Nielsen movies. I want to say it was one of the Naked Gun movies, but maybe it was something done after that... maybe.... Spy Hard?  But of course I know him best from Rocky Horror Picture Show :D

*ahem* Anyway... 

Was that Alex Zahara as Vance, the magician who gets killed in the teaser? It sure looked like him.

This episode was pretty cool, I gotta say.  Sam was into magic as a kid! Awww :D Dean saying he had the hat and magic wand, Sam retorting "I was thirteen! It was a phase." Hee... so Wee!Sam liking magic is canon now. *smiles*

Funny to see the three curmudgeonly magicians sitting around watching Jed (or whatever his name was... the young magician) and saying "what a douchebag."  Then Dean and Sam see him doing his act out on the street, and Dean echoes "what a douchebag." Heh.

Okay, I have to say this about Ruby. I can't hold it in any longer.  I apologize in advance to any big Ruby fans.  I just can't get into her.  I think the actress might have something to do with it.  I liked her better last season, but this season... and especially this episode... she's kinda bugging me a little.  I can't warm up to her.  She was almost... I dunno... whining to Sam to stop farting around with this stupid case and go after Lilith since she's broken over half of the seals. 

And know he really is thinking seriously about ending Lilith.  Which totally makes sense, given what she did to Dean.  But please Ruby, you were a little too whiny for me in this ep.  I'm sorry, I want to like you.  But I just can't completely.  :/

Let's see, what else...  Oh..maybe I'm a little slow, but I thought it was pretty good how they sort of kept you guessing who really was behind the killings.  At first I really thought it was Jay (Bostwick's character).  Then I thought it was Charlie... he just didn't seem to be straight with Jay, like he was hiding something.  But then he supposedly gets killed, and they have us thinking it could be Vernon.

Until we find out it really WAS Charlie.  That threw me (but again, you know I could just be slow. *g*).  He used the tarot cards for immortality and he got young.  Huh.

Backtracking a little...  Maybe I'm totally sadistic, but I was actually *laughing* when they showed Jed hanging from the ceiling fan, spinning around ever so slowly with that loud punk music in the background.  I don't really know why but it just totally cracked me up. 

Love the boys' reacting to the magicians seeing through their act! And the way they tried to cover it up, saying they're aspiring magicians.  "It's kind of a brother act."  Hee.  Good one, boys. :)

After they think it could be one of the other guys (I'm totally blanking now... wish I could remember who), they search his room and Sam says it's almost like a magician's museum. Dean cracks "then you must be in heaven." Sam bitchfaces him!! I swear, he does.  Just for a second.  And I loved it.

Charlie wants Jay and Vernon to join him, and he tries to end Sam and Dean.  But looks like Jay has something up his sleeve and the trick is on Charlie.  Good on him for having the strength to end this (and free our boys in the process).  It was all pretty sad, though.  How these old magicians miss the days when they were in their prime, and their tricks are now old hat thanks to the newcomer "douchebags."  It was especially sad at the end, the way Jay told the boys that Charlie was his friend, and now Vernon wants nothing to do with him and he doesn't really have anything left to do.  His gift is gone.

The boys' talk before that was a bit heartbreaking, too.  Sam wonders if they'll still be doing this (hunting) when they're 60.  Dean saying he doesn't want to still be alive and doing this when he's old. He brings up Travis, for one.  Sam brings up Bobby and Dean scoffs.  Sam asks what if they can win.  You can see the gears turning in his head, and what Ruby had said influencing him.  Dean gets a little suspicious and Sam mentions chopping off the head of the snake (as Ruby had said earlier).  Dean tells him that there's something like 50 heads, that more of them keep coming after you chop off one.  You can tell Sam is frustrated.

And what Jay says at the end doesn't seem to be helping, so he leaves Dean and goes outside.  Into a car driven by Ruby.  She asks what made him change his mind and he says he doesn't want to be doing this when he's old.  I don't know, but that part made me sad.  Not only because he just up and left Dean (and I guess it makes sense in a way), but because if he's so driven to get Lilith, it makes me wonder if he'll do it the way Ruby wants.  In her earlier scene she was telling him to do it some way (I guess using his freaky powers?) and he kept insisting no.  I was wondering if what Uriel said had something to do with it, that if he keeps using his powers like that they'll destroy him.  Don't get me wrong; I love that he's so determined to stop her from carrying out her evil plan and to avenge Dean's death, but ... I still worry about the boy.

I don't know, maybe I'm getting it all mixed up.  But Sam seems more driven than ever to end Lilith. I just hope that he doesn't end up pissing off Uriel and Castiel (or just Uriel) and they try to kill him.  I think this is all setting up for something big.  I really hope our boys will come out of it on top and okay... even if I'm hoping against hope.

But still, I really did like this episode.  

Oh, and how could I forget ...  Dean and BDSM!!! LOL! Oh, his reaction to that guy was great. "I seem to have been had."  "Oh, no, you haven't been had until you've been had by the Chief!"  Heh.  Poor Dean. 

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