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I am PMSing again.  Just when I thought I was going to be okay I started feeling depressed yesterday and having mood swings.  And it seems that nothing can bring me out of this low mood.

I haven't seen the new SG-1 episode yet but I've read spoilers and seen screen caps, and it just adds to my bad mood...

What I did like was that it seems like there were some good Jack/Daniel moments in it, which is good because I've missed that.  So I am looking forward to seeing that.  What bugs me is that there was apparently some cutesy D/V moment where Vala sits on Daniel's lap when he's strapped to the chair, and it looks like she is one of the people in the infirmary with him at the end. I think she, Cam and Teal'c are there (as well as Jack at some point?).  Sam is not.

All I've read so far makes me think that Daniel does not care about Sam, and TPTB are trying to portray, at least for part of the episode, that she doesn't care about him.  Which tells me how screwed up TPTB are getting.  I am on Gateworld and I'm getting so nauseous at all the squeeeing over the D/V stuff.  And what really bugs me is that I'm like the only person who is bugged by there not being any S/D moments in it.  I don't need them to declare their love for each other or anything, but no caring or concern or even shared dialogue. 

Sometimes I don't enjoy being at the Daniel/MS thread because there are so many D/V shippers who get up in arms at me if I ask if there were any S/D scenes... meanwhile they can talk all they want about the D/V interaction.  I love double standards sometimes...

I'm so glad this show is ending now... then maybe the squeeing will die down a bit.  I just hate feeling like I'm the only person who is disappointed/depressed/unhappy about something.  I feel like I'm one of a small, dying breed or something like that.

Sorry I've bugged you all.  It's so easy to sound incoherent or delusional when you're depressed or moody... I'm not usually this bad (I don't think).  I just needed to write and get these things off my chest.
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