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Puppy!Sam Picspam #69 (Supernatural)

Not sure what the weather is like where you live, but here it's absolutely miserable and I need a puppy to put a smile on my face, so .....

Episode #4x09: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Surprisingly there weren't as many pics this time as last episode. I think it has to do with the fact that my caps came out looking like crap this time around. :P PowerDVD is not being kind to me. From now on I'll be capping episodes with the WinDVD that's on my laptop. I made caps of the season 1 and 2 DVD extras and they came out a lot better with that. Okay, enough babbling. At 95 pics it's still not dial-up friendly, and if there is anything you like please go ahead and take.

1. Hi, Puppy... oh, it's PoolShark!Puppy

2. Drunk!Puppy

3. Puppy goes "Grrr!"

4. Hee! It's Drunk!Wiseguy!Puppy

5. Aw, I think Puppy needs a nap

6. Puppy? Whatcha see, boy?

7. Oh, New!Stalker Fangirl is stalking Puppy gain. Dean disapproves.

8. But still Puppy listens to her attentively

9. Thoughtful!Puppy

10. Wow, look at those PuppyEyes™... even Dean is in awe at how well they work

11. Heh... SlightlyAmused!Puppy

12. DeepThoughts!Puppy
{cue flashback music}

13. Aw... Devastated!Puppy flashing some PuppyMop

14. ... And with the PuppyHoodie, it makes him Young!Vulnerable!Puppy. Awww :(

15. Mournful!Puppy howling at the moon to the Crossroads Demon

16. Poor Puppy :(

17. *gently kisses his five forehead*

18. Such a lost little Puppy.... *hugs him*

19. Oh look, now Puppy wants to play

20. Puppy's got a toy

21. Puppy isn't happy that the CRD doesn't want to play with him

22. And so it's bitchface time

23. AttackDog!Puppy

24. Look at Puppy snarl!

25. Awww, poor desperate Puppy :(

26. He's gonna cry! Mustn't let your guard down, Puppy...

27. Attaboy! Work that bitchface!

28. And back to the present ....   Aw, Puppy's tired... he wants a nappie

29. Agent Puppy is curious

30. He wants some more info about Anna... so he trains the famous
PuppyEyes™ on her

31. Heh... Nervous!Puppy doesn't feel quite right about breaking into Anna's house

32. What's this? Puppy's found a clue!

33. Puppy coaxes Anna to come out with the

34. Curious!Puppy

35. According to Anna, the angels don't seem to like Puppy much. This deserves a bitchface...

36. ... Although now Puppy's just disappointed... aw :(

37. Wow, Puppy is *majorly* confuzzled now... look at those Forehead Crinkles

38. Whoa, Forehead Crinkles and some major
PuppyEyes™ for Dean.  IToldYouSo!Puppy

39. OMG! New!Stalker Fangirl found Puppy! After he was so sure he'd lost her! Oh no! *volunteers to hide Puppy*

40. Yay! Distraction!

41. Huh... so, is Puppy going to defeat Alistair with the patented Sad Puppy Face?

42. He warms up the

43. ... and goes in for the kill

44. "Talk to the paw hand, Alistair! Talk to the ... huh?"

45. OMG! He's immune to the Puppy Power!

46. Yep, Puppy's terrified now! He tries the
PuppyEyes™ once more...

47. Puppy! Nooooo!! *makes soft landing spot for him*

48. When Puppies Attack!

49. Yeah!!  Get 'em, boy!!

50. Aw... Tired!Wounded!Puppy

51. Concerned!Puppy

52. FlorenceNightengale!Puppy

53. Aw, Puppy is in such pain.... *fixes his owwies*

54. Oooh... Pissy!Puppy doesn't like what Dean is getting at

55. Some desperate

56. And on this Sad!Puppy closeup, we cue another flashback...

57. Aww, look at that poor, wrecked Puppy... *pets him*

58. Noooo!!! Leave Puppy alone!!

59. Ooh, they've got a hand in the PuppyHair...

60. Aw, but it's hurting poor Puppy... let him go!!

61. Snarling, growling, Defiant!Puppy

62. Can't forget the bitchface...

63. Shocked!Puppy

64. Stalker Fangirl has been reincarnated?? Puppy just can't fathom it...

65. Heh... Puppy's already grown tired of her...

66. That poor, weary Puppy... *cuddles him*

67. Knock, knock, Puppy... wow, Stalker Fangirl really gets around, doesn't she.  Puppy looks suitably confuzzled

68. Normally I'd say Puppy is amusing when he's drunk... but the poor boy is so broken :(

69. Puppy *hates* the way she takes advantage of his grief and makes herself at home! Time for a bitchface!

70. Back to the present... look at those sad
PuppyEyes™ as Puppy recounts his tale of misery

71. *gives Puppy a hug and kissy... just 'cause*
{cue flashback music}

72. Apprentice!Puppy at work. "Puppy... Power!!! Gah, this is hard to do..."

73. Puppy gives the annoying New!Stalker Fangirl a piece of his mind

74. If Puppy was in a better frame of mind, I'd nibble his PuppyNeck and play with his PuppyHair.....  oh, maybe I'll do it anyway...

75. Gah! Begone, New!Stalker Fangirl! Puppy is ours!

76. Puppy is just *mortified* (and grossed out?) by her advances

77. Aw... are you scarred now, Puppy? *comforts him*

78. Noooo!!! *pretends it's me there instead of New!Stalker Fangirl* ... ah, okay, that's better...

79. *sight of PuppyBack* Incoming!!!!  *dies*

80. Puppy's pulled from his reverie by a disturbed Dean.  It's TMI!Puppy... heh

81. Puppy chastises Dean with the
PuppyEyes™ and ForeheadCrinkles. Silly Dean! You know Puppy likes to share and care!

82. As our story continues .... I think Puppy needs another hug...

83. Do NOT piss Puppy off

84. A bit o' bitchface
for New!Stalker Fangirl

85. Go away, stupid CW logo! Puppy's emoting and you're covering it up!

86. Stealthy!Puppy

87. Puppy! Noooo!

88. But Puppy gets the upper hand...  "Puppy... POWER!!"

89. *hands Puppy a tissue*

90. Puppy doesn't take kindly to motel maids sassing him around

91. Oh, it's just Stalker Fangirl messing with him. Hm.... I like this Stalker Fangirl incarnation better than the other one... *g*

92. Sympathetic!Puppy

93. Worried!Puppy

94. Oh noes! It's the angels who hate Puppy! Puppy feels threatened. *protects him*

95. ToBeContinued!Puppy

That's it for today.  I'm aiming to get the next one (Showdown!Puppy in #4x10 Heaven and Hell) posted sometime next week.  Hope you liked this one. :)  *fandom hugs*
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