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SPN Postcard Campaign?

I've posted about this in a few comms now, but never took the time to post about it in my own LJ. Tsk. Bad Jess :P lol

Jared recently (as in a few days ago) did an interview. He said he wasn't sure if the show was going to get a 5th season. For quite a while now, we've been hearing that Kripke has plans to do the show for 5 seasons. Then at the Chicago con, Jensen revealed that Kripke was going to stop at season 4 but then saw the ratings and thought they could go on for another season. But the way Jared was talking in this interview, it was as if they didn't know what they were going to do with this season - if they were going to try wrapping everything up at the end (for this to be the last season), or throw some kind of cliffhanger there at the end to head into another season.

Which brings me to my idea. A friend and I were talking the other day and saying that it's high time the CW renewed the show. I know most shows don't learn until around May if they're being renewed, but there have been early renewals. From what I've heard, filming is going to end around late March on this season. It would be nice if they knew before then whether the show would be renewed. The ratings this year have been great. It would be extremely stupid not to renew. We thought it would be a good idea for everyone to send in postcards to the CW in support of the show.

Then I got to thinking, maybe it would be great if we made it a campaign. Yes the ratings are great but that's no reason to get complacent. The CW have shown that they don't always make the wisest decisions. *cough*understatement*cough* I think some encouragement certainly wouldn't hurt, and would maybe help a little.

Here are my preliminary ideas:
  1. If they wish to get involved, people can send their postcards in support of the show/renewing it to me. I'll gather them all up into a package and send them to the CW (which would not be a problem for me postage-wise as I live here in the US). This plan looks quite good in terms of organization, IMHO. But it's totally up to you guys.
  2. People can send their postcards individually to the CW. I will provide you with the address. It might be easier for people, but not sure if it still carries on the appearance of one big campaign. Those are just my first thoughts, though.
  3. I can make up some postcard designs that people can print out and use if they like; or they could make their own or use any old postcard they like.
  4. If you're stuck on what to say, I can give you some hints/tips/ideas. And of course some basic rules of etiquette for writing to the network if it's the first time you're doing so.

I really want this to be a group effort, and want you guys to have as much input as possible. This will be all for you. So I have a couple of polls ...

Poll #1343402 SPN Postcard Campaign

How would you prefer to send these postcards?

to me (I live in NY, USA), and I will gather them all into one big package to send to the CW
individually to the CW network, but mention they are part of this campaign
Either one is fine (I'd like to have a choice)

I've got some ideas for the name of this campaign. Which do you like the best (if any)?

Unfinished Business
Rock the Salt (as a take-off on "Rock the Vote")
Neither, I have an idea I'd like to share (leave in a comment on this post)

I can either make up postcard designs for you to print out, you can make your own, or send any old postcard. Which do you prefer?

make (print) a postcard with your designs
make my own postcard with my own ideas
send any old postcard I can find
Any of the above (I'd like a choice)

If you'd rather not take the poll but want to share some thoughts, ideas, etc. with me, you can leave me some comments below. Either way, I'd appreciate as much input on this as possible. I really want the CW to know how we support this show, and, again, even though the ratings are great, we shouldn't take anything for granted. I'd also like the SPN crew to know we are doing this (I am debating over whether I should say something during EyeCon, at least to Jared, about it).

Thanks in advance, guys. :)
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