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Puppy!Sam Picspam #70 (Supernatural)

Eek, sorry for all the spamming I'm doing today :P But hopefully you won't mind this too much ;)

Episode #4x10: Heaven and Hell

Over 70 pictures, so not dial-up friendly. Also most of the scenes in this one were dark, so if anything looks crppy it's my desperate attempt to adjust the lighting. *g* Still if you want to use any of these for anything, please take.

1. Previously on Puppy!Sam picspam...

2. ZOMG!Puppy

3. Incredulous!Puppy

4. Hmm, Puppy appears to be in great distress. Anyone wanna help me calm him down?

5. Puppy hopes he can use the magic of the PuppyEyes™ to make Cas like him

6. Aww.... poor Puppy just wants to be wuv'd!

7. Hee hee... Cas goes "doink!" to Puppy

8. Puppy! Nooooo!

9. *helps him up before New!Stalker Fangirl can get her meatsuit mitts on him*

10. Ah yes, Puppy is concerned. See him working the ForeheadCrinkles?

11. Oh, dear... looks like Puppy's got yet ANOTHER bothersome itch!

12. Yep, it's REALLY bothering him... anyone wanna volunteer to help soothe him?

13.Wow, you girls work quick... *g*

14. Research!Puppy presents his findings

15. Looks like Puppy has some major convincing to do... this is a job for the

16. Eureka! Puppy is hit with a jolt of inspiration!

17. *nibbles PuppyNeck*

18. Such a pretty puppy... *kicks CW logo*

19. Puppy is NOT amused that someone ate the last cookie... nosirreee.

20. They shall pay for this... with a double dose of the

21. Awwww, he really wanted that cookie... :(  *pets Puppy*  *gives him one of her cookies*

22. Grateful!Puppy... he's happy now. Yay!

23. Aw, the cute Puppy is happy to see Pamela again!

24. Even though she can't see, he still puts on the cute PuppyFace

25. Gah! Teh cute!!

26. Heh... Awkward!Puppy

27. Yep, Puppy's already tired of being the center of attention

28. The
PuppyEyes™ scream out a cry for help to Dean (who we just know is enjoying this...)

29. Hee hee hee..... goofy PuppyGrin as he humors her and tries to mask his mortification (sorry, it's showing, Puppy)

30. Oh, what's this now? Puppy wants a kissy!

31. Puppy's standing there with his tail between his legs...

32. Shocked!Puppy

33. Scared!Puppy  *whispers soothingly in his ear*

34. Look at those PuppyEars perking up in curiosity

35. Back to Concerned!Puppy

36. Ooh, extra ForeheadCrinkle'age

37. Puppy is soooooo not impressed with New!Stalker Fangirl's antics

38. Maybe he can use the
PuppyEyes™ to get her to back off for a while

39. Yep, Puppy is clearly not amused

40. See how clearly not amused Puppy is?

41. Aww... Worried!Puppy

42. Puppy is secretly amused that he interrupted Dean's heart-to-heart with Anna

43. Using the
PuppyEyes™ to convince everyone to go along with his plan.   *plays with piece of PuppyHair near his eye*

44. Puppy is in awe of the Grace!Tree

45. Oops... thinking about trees reminded Puppy that he's gotta look for one of his own... for more personal reasons...

46. Anna's getting freaked out, so Puppy decides to use the gentle Puppy Method of questioning on her

47. ... complete with endearing

48. Um... Puppy... the bitchface isn't included in this method...  might you be getting a little confused?

49. Ooh, Angry!Puppy snarls and bares his teeth!

50. *drowns in

51. Aw... Slumbering!Puppy

52. Puppy's somewhat nervous now

53. Aw, Protective!Puppy

54. Threatened!Puppy

55. Aw..... *pets Puppy*

56. Puppy unleashes a mighty PuppyGlare on Alistair

57. Oh noes! Puppy's feeling vulnerable again! *protects him*

58. Puppy! Noooo!!

59. CutelyConfused!Puppy

60. Aw.. still hoping that a cute Puppyface or two will get Cas to accept him

61. Heehee... DelightfullyRumpled!Puppy

62. *ruffles the PuppyHair*

63. Why yes, Puppy, the ruffled PuppyHair and
PuppyEyes™ combination DOES make you more endearing!

64. Perched on the hood of a car like only a puppy would be, Puppy enjoys a drinkie with big brother

65. Uh oh... don't tell me Dean spiked his beer with hot tabasco sauce again

66. You okay, Puppy? *brngs him ice water*

67. Now he brings out the
PuppyEyes™ to help coax Dean into sharing and caring

68. Aw, after all that's happened today, Puppy's tired... he needs a nappie...

69. Sympathetic!Puppy

70. Concerned!Puppy

71. DeepThoughts!Puppy

72. Sad!Puppy :(

73. *pets and hugs him*  *hugs Dean*

That's it for today.  Hopefully you will get to see PeopleUnderTheStairs!Puppy in 4x11 Family Remains next week.  I'm going to be a little with Comic Con being this weekend... but hopefully I will have the next one ready to share by next Friday at least.
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