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Supernatural #4x14 Sex and Violence (episode review)

I actually managed to jot down a few notes here and there during the commercial breaks. *g*  What can I say, I didn't want to miss much, lol.  Anyway, here are my thoughts upon viewing this episode...

Okay, as soon as I saw the recap, I knew this was going to get into something heavy. Especially with the Sam/Ruby clips and Castiel telling Dean Sam is heading down a dangerous path. :/

Geez, that couple in the beginning... that guy was wigging out a little too much over his wife accepting a birthday party invitation.  Yeah, something supernatural just has to be involved.  Oh, and then he goes to town on her with a meat tenderizer (I knew as soon as I saw her using that thing in the beginning, it was gonna be a huge part in this episode... yep...).

Okay, and now for something completely shallow....  the boys are both very pretty in this ep! Again.  Wow, how can we possibly put up with so much prettiness?? At least 3 eps in a row now! Are we going to keep up this trend for the next episode? Psshht!!

But in all seriousness... Sammy was just beautiful in the beginning when he woke Dean up in the hotel room ("up and at 'em, kiddo"... hee, who's the older brother?), with that shirt and his hair all floppy and falling in his face... *happy sigh*  Then there's plenty of boys in suits.  Always nice. *nods*  And of course sleeping!Dean :D

Speaking of the beginning, when I saw Sam on the phone I thought, "oh, let me guess... he's talking to Ruby."  But no, it had to be Bobby.  Yes, it was Bobby.  Okay, I'm good...

So, Agent,Sam... and Agent Dean talk to the guy who murdered his wife in the teaser.  He admits he was in total control of what he was doing, but then breaks down a little and admits he loved his wife and they were happy.

Then we see Sam talking to the doctor.  Hmm, there's something up with her, especially from the way she flirts with Sam (not that I could blame her of course, but still...).  We'll come back to that later.

Hmm... Dean finds Sam's phone and Ruby's number on it.  He calls it and she answers, expecting to hear Sam.  Dean doesn't look all that happy.  Hmmm.... some kind of foreshadowing?

Bobby has lore on sirens ... the ones from Greek mythology.  That was kinda cool.  Not cool though how one of them gets that guy to kill his elderly infirmed mother, though. *shudders* They really are powerful buggers, aren't they?  And eeek, how ugly they looked in mirrors.  When I first saw that it instantly reminded me of The Kids Are Alright and the changeling kids (seeing their real appearance reflected in the mirror).

Ah, Dean and Sam in the strip club, trying to talk to each other over the loud music.  I loved Sam's reaction when Dean mentions hyacinths (I think that was what he said), and then Dean saying "what? I read!" Heh.  We know you do, Dean. :) I also love how excited Dean is that they're finally working a case that involves strippers.

Our intrepid agents visit the doctor once again, when, surprise, an *actual* FBI agent appears.  And he grills them on their names, badge numbers, and all that.  Oh, they were not expecting that.  I love how Dean put him in touch with Bobby though, who really gave it to that guy.  WTG, Bobby! Loved his collection of labeled phones with "FBI" etc. on them.  And of course Bobby muttering "idjits" when he hung up.

Sam goes back to see the doctor, hoping to get some of those blood samples (that are supposed to be contaminated with that chemical).  But the samples are gone.  Dean meets up with the FBI guy in the strip club.  Heh, gotta love them doing their rock and roll trivia!  But I dunno, something seems up with him too.  Will have to keep an eye on him...

FBI guy mentions that at the murder scenes, flowers were found... which end up to be hyacinths... which is exactly what is in the doctor's office.

Which is where Sammy is.  Oh, no.

There she is, coming on to Sam again.  Pouring him a drink.  Oh, Sam, really, you should have refused, sweetie. Then his phone rings and she purrs "do you have to get that?" Ugh, yeah, he's under her spell now.  *sigh* No, Sam!! Answer the phone......   yeah, like he'll hear me.... *tsk*

Oh, my... okay, I'm stuck between drooling and screaming in terror.  They strip and apparently do the deed.  Sam, you are gorgeous, but, oh, this isn't going to be good.

While Dean is on the phone with Sam, it's easy to see that Sam is under her spell.  He insists that Karen (the doctor) isn't the siren because he has a hunch.  Dean naturally doesn't go for that and thinks that Sam slept with her.  "First Madison, then Ruby and now Karen.  What is it with you banging monsters?" Heh.  I'd laugh even more if it wasn't sad.  Sam insists he's not under her spell but Dean tells him he has to take care of this himself.  In a little fit of rage, Sam throws the phone down.

Okay, FBI guy is getting just a leeeettle bit too friendly with Dean for my comfort.  Something's definitely up.  And Dean just has to share his flask with the guy.  "You should have wiped off the lid." And we see his real self in the rear view mirror. 

AHA!! So this was the spoiler that was getting everyone up in arms!! FBIGuy!Siren telling Dean that he could be his little brother and trying to get him to kill Sam.  Nooooo!!! Don't do it, Dean!

So, we get FBIGuy!Siren pitting brother against brother.  Dean talks about how Sam has changed, how he's noticed the little things like the secrets Sam has been keeping and about Ruby.  Sam tells Dean that he's weak; that Sam is a better, stronger hunter than he is, and Dean is holding him back with the way he sits around feeling sorry for himself and all the souls he killed.  "Boo hoo."  Okay, maybe I'm nuts but the way he said "boo hoo" just about killed me.  Reminded me of Demon!Sam aka Meg!Sam from BUABS.  Ohhh, my.  *fans self*

Anyway, the boys have it out.  I got worried there when Dean grabbed Sam and stuck the knife to his neck.  Thankfully he didn't go farther than giving Sam a little cut... *whew*... and then of course FBIGuy!Siren turns Sam loose on Dean.

Bobby to the rescue! I was a little worried it would be Ruby since Genevieve's name was in the credits. And again I'm sorry to the big Ruby fans, but I would rather it be either Dean fighting the spell FBIGuy!Siren put on him and letting Sam go (but that would have been too easy, I guess...), or Bobby since he was featured in this ep anyway.  So Bobby basically ends FBIGuy!Siren the way they took out the Trickster (but did not kill him) in Tall Tales.

The boys are released from the control of the siren, and exchange a protracted stare.  They're relieved that they're both okay (at least physically), but I wonder if they're starting to think of all they'd said to each other before. 

Bobby asks if they're okay and reminds them of how powerful the sirens are.  We get a bit of brotherly bonding (always nice), where Sam asks Dean if they're good, even after all that happened.  They ride off into the late-day (I guess) sun, and that's it.

Boo, CW!! No previews for next episode! Yeah, I know it won't be until March 5th, but still...  *sigh*

Anyway, a few final thoughts: Seems like the boys may have had a little guilt at the end over what they'd said to each other.  I'm really wondering if some of their inner demons regarding each other were laid out in the open during this showdown.  It really seemed like it.  We know that Dean hasn't been happy about Sam dealing with Ruby, that he's been honing his powers and what Cas told him earlier is probably still ringing in his head.  Not sure about Sam, though.  I wonder if he could actually be getting fed up with Dean feeling sorry for himself over his time in Hell and thinking that Dean is holding him back from his ultimate mission.  If that's the case, then it shows just how much Sammy has changed, and that leaves me feeling a little sad. :(  *sniffle*  I know Jared has said he'd like to see Sam go darkside or at least close to it ... but, if he has to, I really hope he can be redeemed! *hopes beyond all hope*

It seems like this is setting us up for some brother-against-brother type of deal that could be shown later on.  In the end I really hope they can come back together, though.  I want these guys fighting on the same side again, eventually at least.  If Show doesn't end up going that way, I guess we'll have to turn to fanfic.

So, all in all, this episode wasn't half bad.  The fact that Ruby didn't appear in it (and *especially* didn't save the day) made it better for me.  The boys in all their shallow finery (though I'm not too crazy about seeing Sammy with his hair pushed back behind his ears so often like in the final scene... *shrugs* oh well, not much of a big deal) was a huge plus, too. And it was really nice seeing Bobby again. 

Only thing is I found it a little predictable.  Early on I knew something had to be up with the doctor and even the FBI guy (though I wasn't suspicious of him quite as early as I was with the doctor).  But still, I didn't hate this episode.

So, no new episodes until March 5. *pouts* Oh well, hopefully the time will go by quick.
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