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Memento Mori and what happens next

Okay, I could not come up with a better title for this, and I know the ep hasn't aired yet, but this is bugging me a bit and I just have to write about it.

In my last post I mentioned that little sneak preview that was up on AOL. I had such reservations about this episode and this scene, but I was so relieved because it didn't seem shippy at all, with Daniel acting uncomfortable and saying that he would not call it a date. Okay, great. Well, after a bunch of Daniel/Vala shippers spammed the Daniel/MS thread at Gateworld with all their "shippy" pics (*GAG*), one of them decides to make a post with a bunch of pics from another "vignette" from the ep, this scene looking like it was from the end. Here is a link to it. And I found the link to the actual video that the pics were capped from. I haven't watched it, as I don't think I can stomach it. If you think you might be able to, here it is.

I guess we can't say what's really going on from the pics, but it seems like Vala is aiming a gun at Daniel and he's trying to make her remember who she is. Then she comes running up to him and he hugs her, while the rest of SG-1 looks on. Then we see Landry with Vala in what looks like Daniel's office, and then a smile from Daniel (most likely at Vala). What does everyone think? Do the pics look shippy? I know Daniel is compassionate and concerned and all that, but to have two D/V eps back to back like this just turns my stomach. I keep thinking that for all the time Vala is gone, Daniel will be pining away for her and whining to his other teammates over it. "Oh, Vala is gone and it's all my fault." Actually yeah I guess I can see him saying that, makes sense, but if he harps on it, like "Oh, I never got to tell her how much I love her! Boo hoo hoo", I will actually start losing respect for him and I'd almost hope that Sam would smack him in the face.

Moving onto something else, has anyone seen the new issue of Stargate magazine? In one of the interviews (I think it's the MS one), there is a pic of Daniel lying unconscious on the ground, and Vala is holding him and appearing utterly despaired. I've been told that pic is from The Quest or The Quest Part 2. Which begs this question: Why does it have to be Vala that's holding him? Are TPTB trying to say that she is the only person who cares about him? I really hope not. It almost seems that way, though. There are some pics on the MS Online site that are from a tv interview he did about the cancellation, and it shows them filming scenes for an ep (Talion I think). Guess what? A pic shows Daniel on the ground and Vala is with him. This is more or less supposed to be a team ep (I could see Teal'c and Cam... maybe Sam also in the other pics), and it has to be Vala who rushes over to Daniel whenever something happens to him. You can see what I mean here.

Okay, so maybe I'm making a big thing out of nothing and being just plain nutty, and if you're still reading this then I thank you, but it does seem like TPTB are trying to pair Daniel and Vala up as often as they can. It's as if they're telling us that Daniel and Vala are meant to be, and that pairing Daniel up with anyone else (preferably female) in any episodes at all is a big no-no. I know she probably trusts Daniel the most since he is the only one who "believes" in her (*gag* again), but I don't think that means that she has to always be attached to him. Show her with some of the others for once! Geesh!
I don't mind if they are friends, but I do mind if the friendship is highlighted every single week so as to make us think that he is only friends with her and couldn't care less about anyone else - and if the friendship treads dangerously close to ship.

You may think this is blasphemous, but if the show is just going to continue in this direction, especially hitting us over the head every week saying "look! Daniel and Vala are THE pairing of the show! Like it or else!", then I'm not that broken up about the show being cancelled.

I am seriously going to write TPTB a letter. I'd like to request that, before the show ends, or maybe for the last episode, that they actually have some TEAM stuff going on and not have Vala attached to Daniel the whole time. Remember the Daniel/Vala scene at the end of Pegasus Project? Remember the Sam/Cam scene at the end of Insiders? Why can't Daniel and Sam have a scene like that? It doesn't have to be shippy (as the D/V or C/S scenes were not), but just a gentle reminder that they're still friends. I mean, from the eps that have aired so far, you'd think that they had a huge fight and don't want to be bothered with each other -- or more that Daniel doesn't want to be bothered with Sam. It's definitely not the show of old, when you had the team spending more quality time with each other. Maybe it's the fact that there's so many people on the show and they feel the need to pair everyone up. But the D/V pairing up thing gets so annoying and old after a while, IMHO.

Okay, I guess I have ranted enough, but I am seriously sick and tired of seeing these two always paired up. Yeah, I know Daniel is her babysitter. I know that Landry made him take charge of her and keep her out of trouble. But I am tired of seeing their friendship highlighted every single ep. I want a good break from that. I want to see more friendship moments between him and Sam, him and Teal'c, and the three of them. I'm going to write that letter. It will probably not do any good, but it will make me feel good to get it off my chest.
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